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Obviously it's a little early to make any final guesses on this subject Does anyone think Alan Bell might explore this in Season 3 or would you say the storyline has been following the books? I've read all the books and have seen every episode of True Blood, and though I think AB is obviously not following the books exactly, I do believe however that he will follow the main ideas and themes. That being said, throughout the novels Eric is everything to Sookie whether she admits it or not. So I believe that next season will be focus on Bill and Sookie breaking up and lots of revelations. I also think that we will start to see Eric's character evolve like most bad boys do when they meet the one women who "makes them melt" so to speak. I am totally team Eric he is sooo hott, but I hope we don't see a real sex scene because I think eric's character will need one more season to evolve into someone Sookie would be interested in.

Apologise, but, did tori and jordan hook up on the challenge topic sorry, that

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While she was runner-up on three different seasons, Laurel was the first-place female winner on Free Agents. While The Challenge has garnered a new generation of fans over the past 34 seasons, especially after bringing in a large group of U. Their union was unexpected, but also, not completely surprising. While The Challenge: Free Agents aired Spring of , the show had wrapped filming during the holidays in In March, it appeared their relationship was much more than a showmance. Laurel made a prodigal return to the show during Invasion of the Champions , where she came out as bisexual, and briefly dated Nicole Zanatta. This is either going to be our Christmas card or on our wedding invitation lol.

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