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Can't Decide? That's all right. Check out a story for some inspiration. Explore Stories. Explore our new favorite camp chairs, tables, and accessories, available now. My Airstream. Airstream Love.

I am also not the number one fan of my workspace in the Airstreamwhich is the nook at the moment. Next, there is very little external storagewhich is both good and bad.

But our Airstream trailer is even worse which can make the act of living in an RV difficult at times.

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These compartments are only accessible via the outside of the RV and offer a relatively large space to store stuff. We do have one externally-accessible storage area in the very back of the Airstream that also happens to be accessible by lifting up on the bed.

Things I don't like about living in our Airstream

Of course, this area is packed full of stuff all the time with items like my tripod, our winter clothes, extra toilet paper and paper towels, luggage, dog food and other larger things. It is also our main bulk-item storage area which in turn, makes it hard to search for the things we need throughout the year.

Aug 24,   The city water hookup is on the bottom. Twist off the cap and attach the potable water hose directly to the nozzle. The port has a built in regulator at 50 p.s.i. See more how-to videos and walkthroughs for both Airstream Travel Trailers and Touring Coaches. Click the button below to search the how-to archive. The volt system is powered by an RV electrical hookup plug or a generator, and it powers daily use items like kitchen appliances, your TV, and other large electrical appliances. RV Power Sources: The Low-Down on Batteries. Your RV's volt system needs to have a total of - you guessed it - 12 volts. Oct 15,   Like many people, our idea of "roughin' it" in the great outdoors now involves doing so in an air-conditioned Airstream with full hookups. Water & sewer hookups have never been an issue, but electrical power quality can be a problem especially if the weather is .

One good thing about our relative lack of full-time storage is, well, we cannot accumulate stuff and live in excess! We just gave ourselves an excellent reason to completely transform the way our family does gift-giving during the holiday time - at least to us. A simple happy holiday email now suffices on our end! There are no laundry facilitie s in our RV which makes one other ct of living on the road a bit tricky - staying clean.

This means we gotta travel to laundromats to do our laundry. We also get a little more creative with how many times we wear clothesit may sound disgusting, but stick with me for a second before you click away to another post out of sheer disgust.

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Of course, we never wear clothes that truly need washing. And to my surprise, a hell of a lot more articles of clothing are minty fresh enough for another round! Lastly, I miss my king sized bed. And before wrapping up the post, a quick note about the black water - yes, the black water tank is where our poop and pee live.

Water, along with any contents contained within, gets flushed from the toilet and held in the black water tank underneath the Airstream.

Airstream hookup

But honestly, it's really no sweat. In fact, I don't even need to move or touch the sewer hose at all during this process. All I do is pull the black water tank release handle and watch that beautiful brown poop water drain out of the tank, through the sewer hose and into the sewer. Then, I connect the fresh water hose a regular garden hose up to the "black water rinse" receiver line and wash out the black tank, as well as the sewer hose itself, with fresh H2O. When complete, I push the release handle back in and go on about my business.

I don't even need to wear gloves during this procedure.

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Hardly any smell emanates from the hose or sewer system. Though I felt compelled to mention this process, it is NOT one of my dislikes, actually.

It's all a part of the process of living in an RV that has toilet facilities. Campfire Essentials Perfect the art of the s'more with our favorite campfire gear. Inspired Travel.

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Come for one of our most unique National Parks. Stay for a desert oasis of art, culture, music, and food.

May 09,   Steve is a year-old early retiree who writes about the intersection of happiness and financial independence. Steve is a regular contributor to MarketWatch, CNBC, and The Ladders. He lives full-time in his 30' Airstream Classic and travels the country with his wife Courtney and two rescued dogs. An expert coffee blend from our friends at Honest Coffee Roasters, inspired by Airstream founder Wally Byam. The Perfect Cup. Brewing Essentials from ASC. The Airstream Grill. We teamed up with Weber to create the perfect gas grill that's compatible out-of-the . Mar 12,   The Best Spring Airstream Camping Join the Airstream family Sign up for Airstream monthly newsletters full of new product reveals, model ates, videos, blogs, and more.

More Round Trip Features. Hands down the easiest way to brew the best cup of coffee, the portable AeroPress Go is the perfect solution to great coffee anywhere. Add a touch of style to your drinkware with these eye-catching canteens from Corkcicle. Give your kitchen utensils an upgrade with these beautiful Airstream-engraved kitchen spoons and spatulas.

The downside of living in a sqft Airstream

Interstate Style Introducing our new line of sleek, stylish touring coach apparel and accessories. Shop Interstate Gear.

Jan 15,   This is just our story. It's not the "best" solution for everyone. All that matters is that you can use your Airstream the way you want to. If that means going to full hookup sites exclusively, running a generator, or using solar panels, it's all fine. Think about what you want to do and then you can decide the way you want to get there. For those who really want to use their rented Airstream to it's fullest potential and for those with a love of camping out in private, less-populated areas then dry-camping is for you. Dry-camping is when you park your Airstream in a place with no hook-ups (but usually a designated campsite).

Airstreamer-approved Gear. Stock up now on essential kitchen gear, check out our custom mattresses and bedding options, or add a touch of luxury to your lavatory with a custom teak shower mat.

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Enhance the look of your Airstream shower with these hand-crafted teak shower mats. Coffee Essentials. We love the AeroPress method for coffee.

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Add a bag of our custom Wally Byam Blend coffee from Honest Coffee and get your morning off on the good foot. The Perfect Cup. Shop Brewing Essentials.

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Shop Airstream. The Airstream Grill.

Airstream Camping Tips Part 8 - Hooking Up Your Trailer's Sewer System

Get Grillin'. The Airstream Experience Explore far and wide in the world's most iconic travel trailer.

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