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She is portrayed by Grace Saif. She forms close relationships with the main characters and narrates the season, delivering information to Deputy Standall about Bryce's murder. Ani was born in the Republic of Kenya, but moved with her mother to England, United Kingdom when she was four years old. She states that she frequently changed schools prior to the start of the season and is now a new student at Liberty High. She also has an unknown criminal history which was stated in the poster but was never explained in the third season. Her mother works for the Walker family as a nurse for Bryce's grandfather, who was slowly dying. She has a friendship and romantic relationship with Clay Jensen, who is one of her peers and a prime suspect in Bryce Walker's murder.

Tyler asked him if he wanted to know what real power felt like. Tyler then took him to a make shift shooting range-originally used by himself and Cyrus before Cyrus willingly drifted away from Tyler-got guns and used beer cans and glass bottles as targets to shoot. Clay complimented Tyler's shooting accuracy, Tyler then told him that it helped when he named the targets after people they don't like.

Clay then aimed at a target and hallucinated Hannah behind him, she said "Bryce Walker" and he shot at the target with perfect accuracy; Tyler then complimented the accuracy. Tyler and Clay then realized that they had no more bullets left, Tyler went to the guns on the ground to exchange the empty ones with full ones, but they heard a siren. Tyler urged Clay to give him the gun so they could run. Unknown to Tyler, Clay started to hallucinate Hannah reciting her words on the last tape she recorded which detailed Bryce raping her to him and therefore wasn't concentrating on Tyler.

As Tyler realized it was too late, he grabbed the guns and told Clay to ditch his and run and then left. Clay then stopped the hallucination and ran after he realized what was going on. Tyler holds his assault rifle up to Clay's neck in " Bye ". In the middle of the Spring Fling dance, Clay was warned by Cyrus that Tyler had something planned-Tyler warned Mackenzie via text message which is not shownMackenzie warned Cyrus and Cyrus warned Clay-they all panicked, and already had it implied in their heads what Tyler intended to do.

Tyler loaded up two handguns and placed them inside his tactical clutch belt. After Clay then went to find Tony for help, Tyler took another handgun out of his bag, closed the bag and then put it on his back. He then took out an assault rifle from the trunk of his car and closed the trunk and saw Clay run out of the building to meet him.

Clay asked Tyler what he was doing and Tyler told Clay to leave, he walked closer to Clay and Clay told him not to do anything. Clay and Tyler continuously fight, Justin and Jessica then ran out of the building terrified and shouted for Clay. Clay asked them to go back inside, they stood in shock looking at Clay and Tyler instead and Tyler raised his gun at them, as the situation escalated Clay became scared and strongly demanded they go back inside so they ran back into the building.

Clay becomes visibly scared as he tries to talk Tyler out of the school shooting attempt in " Bye ". Tony demands Tyler get in his car as he arrived to pick up Tyler in " Bye ". Tyler and Clay in his bedroom after they dropped him back home in " Yeah. Clay drove to the spot Tony dropped off Tyler, when he arrived, Clay asked Tyler if he should go home, Tyler then worryingly mentioned his parents, Tony and Clay asked why he was worried about his parents.

They then drove him back home and Mrs. Down told them that the school texted all the parents about an active shooter being at the school, Clay then texted his parents that he was okay. Clay saw Tyler go up to his bedroom and followed him, Tyler held a letter in his hands and asked him if they should tear it up, Clay became confused and held out his hand for the letter.

Tyler was hesitant at first but gave Clay the letter, Tyler then told him that he didn't know if he would see his Mom again. Clay then realized that it was Tyler's suicide note. While Tyler slept, Tony and Clay talk about what happened, Tyler's bruises and what they should do with him next.

The next day, Tony, Clay and Justin escorted him into school, Tyler saw Monty and started to have a panic attack, Clay tried to calm him but Tyler pushed him away, Tony then calmed him down, Alex came out of his class and Clay told Tyler what his schedule would be up until their lunch break; Alex and Tyler would have their first lesson together, Alex would escort Tyler to his second lesson and he and Tyler would meet at break. Clay asks Tyler if they could talk, Clay suggests talking to Dr.

Tyler approached Clay in the hallway and asked if they could talk, Clay told him that he should make an appointment to talk to Dr.

Singh, Tyler stressed that has the group to talk to and Clay affirmed that he did but she could probably help him more as she is a professional. Clay told Ani that looking back "it was a really bad choice" but that he would make it again, "exactly the same way". Later on, Clay, Ani and Tyler saw a movie, Clay and Ani argue over what the movie was about, Ani then asked Tyler for his opinion, he gave it and asked Ani if it was what she meant, she affirmed and kissed him on the cheek, he then excused himself to get more popcorn.

Clay and Tyler took a walk at night because they couldn't sleep. Tyler asked Clay why he couldn't sleep. Clay told him that he was having nightmares about the night of Spring Fling, in his nightmare Tyler ignored Clay and pulled the trigger; killing him. Tyler apologizes for the nightmares, being the reason for them. Clay hides from Tyler while following him in " Angry, Young and Man ". After Bryce die Tyler asked Clay if they could talk, Clay told him that they could talk later and asked if he could talk to Dr.

Singh about whatever he wanted to say. Tyler told him that he wanted to talk to Clay specifically. Clay concentrated on his phone and didn't respond to Tyler, Tyler then told him that it was important that he talked to him. Clay told him that they could talk at lunch.

Tyler affirmed and left. Clay watched Tyler excuse himself from the classroom to go to the bathroom, Clay also excused himself for the same reason and followed Tyler.

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He watched him go outside and caught up with him and realized that he was just going to pee outside, Clay lied and said that he followed him to talk to him. Tyler explained that he didn't feel comfortable using the bathroom, which Clay understood. Tyler asked him what he wanted to talk about, Clay told him that he wanted to know if the plan was still for Tyler to give Clay the gun so he could dump it, Tyler affirmed. Clay then asked him why he brought his bag out with him, Tyler told him that students steal stuff so he took it all with him, Clay agreed but still felt somewhat suspicious of him.

Clay looks through Tyler's bag in " Angry, Young and Man ". Clay believed that Tyler had no reason to kill Bryce, however Zach Dempsey informed Clay that he may have had one: Bryce knew about what happened at Spring Fling and could turn him into the police.

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With Clay, Ani, Justin and Zach talking to each other and assuming the worst in Tyler-which Tyler saw- Tyler caught onto them and walked fast taking short cuts into the photography and printing lab with his bag.

Clay ran, trying to catch up with him and followed him into the lab. Tyler waited for him with his bag, Clay walked into the room and Tyler gave him permission to look in it, already knowing that Clay suspected him. Clay checked his bag and found nothing, he was about to apologize when another student came in, he then watched Tyler move in front of a slightly open locker; almost as if to protect it and checked out what Tyler stood in front of.

Tyler asked if he was still coming over to his house; Clay affirmed and left. As Clay left Tyler moved to watch Clay leave and then closed the locker. Later Clay went over to Tyler's house, and they went up to his bedroom, Tyler's Mom asked him to do a chore and Tyler left his room to do it, Clay then searched his room and found dry mud on Tyler's laptop, he sat down at his laptop and opened it up, he opened up a photo app called "Celluloid LX" and immediately saw pictures of a dead person in water with a hole in their head, wearing the Hillcrest uniform and realized it was Bryce Walker.

Tyler walked back into the room and scared Tyler, Tyler stressed to Clay that he could explain it and that it wasn't what it looked like-which is that Tyler killed Bryce and took pictures-Clay became scared and asked him what he did.

Down interrupted and asked Tyler to keep his door open, and then asked Clay to join them for dinner. Clay then joined Tyler and his parents for dinner.

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Mr and Mrs. Down started to talk about Bryce's death and possible therapy for Tyler if need be, Tyler told them that everyone was still trying to figure out how they felt. While he stared at Tyler, Clay added that people are also trying to figure out what is true and what isn't while he stared at Tyler. Down asked if the school knew if he was murdered, Clay then told her that the newspapers said he was shot, Tyler added that what the papers said didn't prove anything, and added the possibility that Bryce shot himself.

Down comments that Bryce was a troubled kid. Clay had a flashback to when he told Tyler about his nightmare of Tyler at the Spring Fling. Tyler's parents finish eating and thank Clay for taking care of him since the night of Spring Fling.

Porter came back to help stop the police from building a case against Clay, he talked to Clay in Monet's about Tyler and said that Tyler seemed to have been through trauma possibly to do with Montgomery de la Cruz. He then and asked Clay to look out for him and Clay promised he would.

Later, Clay confronted Tyler about speaking to the police, Tyler told him that he told them the truth-that Clay is a good person-Clay then apologized for not being there as much.

Clay then asked Tyler if something happened with Monty before the Spring Fling. Tyler stuttered and became emotional before he revealed that Monty had raped him with the end of a mop in the bathroom.

Clay then comforted Tyler and Tyler cried and broke down in his arms. Clay then went to get him water and asked him if he had told anyone else, Tyler stated that he had told Bryce, and Bryce wanted to help and actually cared, Bryce then left a voicemail for him telling him that things were taken care of.

Clay realized that if Bryce confronted Monty, Monty could have hurt him. He told Tyler that they needed to tell an adult but Tyler became scared and Clay backtracked and told Tyler that he didn't need to tell anyone until he was ready.

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Clay then told Tyler to promise that he would make sure to ask for help if he ever needed it, which Tyler promised he would. Skye and Clay were close friends in Junior High. Clay was taken aback by her radical change in appearance at the start of high school, however, and couldn't bring himself to approach her, which Skye took to mean an end to their friendship.

Clay is generally tentative around Skye, while Skye acted defensive around him. He lashed out at her, when she insulted Hannah after her suicide, but later reached out to her. Skye and Clay kiss in " The First Polaroid ". In the beginning of the second season, Clay and Skye are dating. Things didn't last because Clay still had Hannah on his mind, his hallucinations of Hannah and the fact that he still had feelings for-in Skye's words- "a fucking dead girl"ended up bringing turbulence to their relationship.

When Clay admitted that he wasn't over Hannah, Skye freaked out at him and ran out of the house. Skye ended up in the hospital, where she broke up with Clay. Clay kept trying to contact Skye after this, leaving her voicemails. She finally responded, and Clay went to visit her in a mental health facility.

Skye told Clay here that she won't come back to Crestmont, and said goodbye. Clay tutoring Jeff in " Tape 3, Side B ". Jeff and Clay were good friends, with Clay being Jeff's tutor. Where Clay would mentor Jeff on his studied, Jeff would mentor Clay on his approach to girls, particularly Hannah. Jeff took an active interest in Clay's progress in his relationship with Hannah, he encouraged Clay to dance with her at the Winter Formal and to spend time with her at Jessica's party.

Jeff's death had a profound effect on Clay, who was the first passerby to find his body at the scene of the car accident. He was initially angry as he believed Jeff was drunk-driving, but still mourned his loss.

When he believed that Jeff was not drunk, he told Jeff's parents the true story of what happened that night to give them some closure, but also possibly to get the weight off of his chest. Sheri and Clay kissing in " Tape 3, Side B ". Clay and Sheri have been friends for awhile. In the first season, Sheri had a crush on Clay.

When doing homework together, Sheri started kissing Clay. Sheri told him that she hoped Clay wouldn't hate her for what she did after listening to her tape, shocking Clay because he didn't know she was on the tapes. In the second season, Sheri helped Clay with detoxifying Justin. She also helped him get the box of Polaroids from the Clubhouse by convincing some jocks to bring her there. When Clay's mother mentioned that she was happy she and Clay were friends again, Sheri told her that she thinks Clay is still trying to forgive her.

Lainie informs Clay that the school emailed parents again in " Tape 1, Side A ". As Clay listened to the start of the first tape, Lainie interrupted him by asking what he was doing, which scared Clay. Clay reminded her about helicopter parenting, Lainie then told him that she didn't intend to scare him. Lainie asked what he was listening to and Clay lied about a history project. He ejected the tape and she grabbed it and asked if she could listen to it.

Clay panicked and told her she couldn't because it was just a dumb project. He took it back and told he was going to his room to do homework. She informed him that the school emailed again. Clay commented that it explained why his father showed interest in his life, and told her that they were both dangerous when they coordinate as parents. Lainie told him that she didn't like being the parent who asked if he wanted to talk about anything, and then proceeded to ask. Clay then lied and said he didn't know Hannah, Lainie mentioned that he worked with her at The CrestmontClay lied and said that he worked with her but didn't know her very well.

He then left to go to his room. Later he came down and told her he was going to Tony's because Tony needed one of the tapes to do his work because they were working together on the project. She notified him that dinner would be ready in 30 minutes and Clay asked her to make a plate for him later.

Lainie told him to text her if he was going to be coming home later. Clay then left after he told her he would. He then came back late at night and rummaged through his bedroom, Lainie asked if he was okay and Clay stressed that he forgot something, Lainie saw a big cut on his forehead and panicked. She asked if he fell off his bike and he affirmed but lied about how. She told him she would get the first aid kit but Clay declined it, Lainie then stressed that with how big and open the wound was he needed medical attention.

Clay looked at his cut in the mirror and told her he was fine, she asked what happened again and recalled the same lie. He started to leave to meet Tony but Lainie stopped him and gave him his helmet. Clay then left with his helmet.

Lainie checking in on Clay in the morning in " Tape 1, Side B ". Lainie knocked on his door in the morning and told him she made breakfast and that they were all going to have breakfast.

He questioned it and she asked if he was awake, she opened the door and asked if he was alive. Clay became agitated at her opening the door and asked her to close it. She told him that she needed to be able to see him to know he was still alive, he told her that she heard his voice, she told him that she heard indistinct mumbles, he told her "We take what we can get in this life".

She reminded him to take a shower and then eat breakfast. Later he came down to join his parents for breakfast, Lainie asked about his project and he expanded his lie.

He noticed medication on the table and she explained, he told her that he stopped taking the medication two years ago, she told him that the doctor said that they would be available if Clay ever needed them again. Clay protested to taking the medication again and added that they have probably expired, Lainie added that it was a new prescription. Clay expressed his disbelief with facial expressions and then excused himself from breakfast to go to school, Lainie reminded him about his lunch and he picked it up and left.

Lainie confronts Clay in " Tape 2, Side A ". Clay returned home late and apologized for being late and told them that he got distracted. Lainie asked him where he was, he lied and said that he was with a friend who was in trouble, he didn't believe them but he checked on them and found out they were in trouble.

Lainie noticed different mannerisms in Clay and asked if he was drunk, Clay admitted to it and Lainie lectured him, he apologized and Matt asked him how much he drank, he admitted to drinking one beer. Lainie then grounded him and told him that for the next two weeks he would have to come home straight away after school, Matt interrupted her and stressed that they should all eat and talk first but Clay stated that he wasn't hungry and then threw up on the table.

Clay apologized and his parents looked at him in shock and disbelief. Clay and Tony had a riff before Clay returned home and so during dinner they tried to subtly-without letting Clay's parents know-talk about the tapes and fought over what Clay would decide to do with them.

Lainie and Clay talking about his laundry in " Tape 3, Side A ". Clay woke up from a bad dream, sweating, he changed the sheets and came down to put them in the laundry, Lainie saw felt the bedsheet and asked him if he had an accident, he told her that he wasn't seven and that he just got hot last night and started to sweat. Lainie then took the laundry from him and told him she would do it because she hadn't seen him do it in a long time.

They then had breakfast and Lainie tried to talk with him but he excused himself to meet a friend at Monet's, Matt then finally admitted that he had started to see something off with Clay.

Late at night, Clay came home and listened to music, Lainie came in and asked what he was listening to, he told her that it was one of Tony's mix tapes, she asked if he was okay and he affirmed he was fine. She told him that she needed to talk to him and asked if any kids were being bullied at his school, he asked if someone had called her and she denied it and reiterated that she was actually asking whether or not he knew if Hannah was bullied.

He asked why she had asked about Hannah specifically and she revealed that her firm had been hired as the school's lawyers because Hannah's mother had filed a lawsuit against Liberty High. Clay asked if the school had their own lawyers, Lainie affirmed that they did but for a lawsuit they needed litigators, and she is one. Clay then asked if she was going up against the Bakers', Lainie re-phrased him and said that she was defending the school, Clay reminded her that she is a parent of a kid going to the school, she then told him that she believed it was one of the reason why they asked her to take the case.

Clay then clarified that she was going to try and prove that Hannah wasn't bullied. Lainie informed Clay that the school's position is that they didn't know about any bullying and would have stopped it if they did. Clay asked her if she believed them and she clarified that she believed that they'd find out if they knew. Lainie asked him if he was okay with it and he lied. She then asked about bullying again and then asked about Hannah Baker, he lied once more and told her that he didn't really know her.

Lainie confronts Clay about his feelings in " Tape 3, Side B ". Clay brought Sheri Holland over and notified Lainie that they would be in his bedroom doing work. She reminded him to keep the door open, and Clay became slightly embarrassed. Later Sheri left and then Lainie came into his room, she asked if he was okay and he lied, but this time she picked it up and confronted him about it.

Clay asked her why she was taking the case and she asked him if it was the reason he was upset and then asked if he was being bullied.

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Clay started to chuckle at her question and asked her what if he was the bully, she told him that he would never do that and he asked how she knows he wouldn't. Lainie told him he was a good person and Clay told her that maybe there aren't any good kids, he then implied she should leave his room so he could get ready for bed. She left the room but then told him that if the case was going to hurt him she would drop out but only if he told her why. He walked up to her and told her that she wouldn't be able to help him no matter what was going on and closed the door.

Lainie reiterated that she didn't just die, she slit her wrists and bled out in a bathtub. Unfortunately, Clay had been stood there in shock because he heard her say it. He then excused himself to go to school, Lainie told him that she hadn't made his packed lunch yet, Clay then told her that he would buy lunch and left. Matt and Lainie then discuss why he would have done it, they come to a decision of grounding him for two weeks.

Matt then hugged him and Lainie told him that next time he needs to text them before he goes somewhere not on the way home from it. Lainie and Clay talk about legality of a hypothetical situation in " Tape 5, Side A ". After someone planted drugs in Clay's bag, Lainie had to go down to the school to pick him up after being called about it, Clay asked his mom to take him to the police station so he could sign up for a programme, Lainie told him that he could sign up anytime in a week, Clay then told her that he needed to get it out of the way.

Lainie then drove him to the station to sign up. They arrived and Lainie said she would wait for him outside on a bench. However Clay walked back over to Lainie and asked if he could ask her a question about legality.

He described a situation where someone gets assaulted but the victim refuses to come forward, the witness moved away and there's no evidence that it happened, and asked if the perpetrator could still be prosecuted.

She told him that it sounded like a tough case to prosecute, because the victim and the witness won't talk and there's no evidence to prove it happened. Clay then realized that there would be no case and no one would be able to press charges and whispers profanity under his breath. Lainie then realized that the situation was not hypothetical and forced him to tell her the truth. He ultimately told her that he knew Hannah and they were good friends and he was really upset about her death and it was effecting him in a bad way.

Lainie reassured him that he is a good person and told him that Hannah was lucky to have him as a friend but Clay protested her statement. Lainie then questioned him about the assault and asked him if it had to do with Hannah. She then told him that even though a crime can't be prosecuted it shouldn't stay a secret. Clay realized something and then told her that he had to leave and promised her that he would be home later.

Later Lainie told Matt what Clay said and started to wonder what Clay and Hannah's relationship was like and then wondered whether or not he had a part in something that led to her suicide, however Matt defended Clay. Lainie calls Clay to let him know that she will be home late in " Tape 6, Side A ".

Just before Clay listened to his own tape, his Mom called to say that she would be home later and that she would talk about why later. She informed him that there was food in the fridge. They returned home at almost the same time and Lainie talked to him about the case: she told him that the school issued a settlement but the Bakers' turned it down and their lawyers would issue subpoenas out to kids in the school.

Jun 10,   Dylan Minnette and Kerris Dorsey. Dylan plays the role of Clay Jensen in the series and he's been dating Kerris for several years now. The lovebirds first met in on the set of the movie Author: Alex Riccardi. Read dating clay jensen; from the story 13 reasons why gif imagines by jihyosuwu (c) with 10, reads. imagines, jeffatkins, scottreed. clay always surpr Reviews:

She then told him that she got a copy of the list of names to get subpoenas and a number of his classmates were on the list, including Clay himself. Lainie informed him that he would be interviewed and she would prepare him for it. The doorbell rang and an officer handed Lainie Clay's subpoena. Late at night, Lainie woke up and went into Clay's room to discover that he never came home and didn't text. Lainie called his name and he promised that they would talk soon.

Later on, during Tyler Down's deposition, Tyler mentioned the tapes existence and that Clay Jensen last had them in his possession, Lainie was shocked to hear this as she hadn't know that Clay had tapes the entire time. It's five months later, and Clay returned home to be told by Lainie that Hannah's trial had moved forward and would start tomorrow because the Bakers' rejected the districts final settlement at the last minute.

Lainie told Clay that he was not on either sides witness list, Clay became angry because the people managing the case heard the tapes and seemed to have not done anything about Bryce after they listened to Bryce's confession that Clay recorded. He became angry at her because she heard the tapes and dropped out of the case, she then told him that she dropped out of the case because Clay's involvement in Hannah's story became a conflict of interest for her. Clay then told her that she could get back on the case considering that he was no longer involved because he was not on either witness list.

Lainie told him that if they knew who the sexual assault victim that Hannah talked about on the tapes was they could bring it forward but Clay refused to say who it was and said that it wasn't his place to say who they were. He became angry because he felt like the tapes coming out did nothing for Hannah and Jessica.

Lainie told him that she was worried about his anger, he calmed down and told her that he wasn't angry and that he would be fine because he hasn't thought about Hannah in months. However he then went to his bedroom and started to hallucinate her outside through his window. The next day, Lainie woke Clay up and she asked him if things were okay which he affirmed, she then asked him court was, and before he answered he asked her the same question she told him that she was there for paperwork and he told her that he was just curious.

She told him that she was worried that he still thought about Hannah and cared about her, Clay excused himself to get ready for school. Later at night, Clay's parents invited Skye, Clay's girlfriend, over for dinner, they talked about the mural that Clay and Skye were making and Skye tried to signal to Clay that she wanted to go up to his bedroom to have sex by inappropriately touching him under the dinner table.

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Clay excused them and they went upstairs. Clay then told them a bunch of things that he had been keeping from them and asked if knowing it made it better or worse.

Lainie told him that their agreement was that they would talk about things, Clay then asked her "When the house is on fire, do you discuss the fire or do you get out of the goddamn house? Later, Lainie told him that she and Matt wanted to talk about something outside, he came out and they presented him a new car, on the condition that he would be honest and authentic with them and involve them in his life when it's appropriate to, he agreed to this. Clay hid Justin in his room-unknown to Matt and Lainie-and came down to wash his stuff, Lainie asked him about the smell of the clothes, Clay lied and said that accidentally wet them.

Lainie informed him that it was just her and Clay for breakfast. Clay told them he had no other option, Matt told him that he had an option of taking to him and Lainie. Justin took over and revealed why Clay hid him. Lainie and Mat let him stay but Lainie told Justin and Clay that she had no choice but to inform the court of Justin's situation. After Clay's testimony revealed some things his parents didn't know, Lainie and Matt argued about the serious things he did that he kept them from knowing.

He came in and sarcastically commented on how they looked. Later on Lainie told him that he could keep going with his silent treatment as she understood why he wasn't talking to them, but that Justin would need his support the next day. Matt and Lainie became mad at Clay again because he hadn't told them that Justin was on drugs when he brought him here, Matt asked if they should call social services, Lainie told him that if social services was called Justin would disappear into the system and would not testify, Matt became angry and asked Lainie if that's all she cared about, Lainie told him that she cared about keeping the kids safe which was hard to do when they were working against them.

Clay asked how he was working against her and Lainie told him that she was aware that he used his computer to leak the audio of the tapes because the files were watermarked.

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Lainie told him that he endangered her career and their livelihood, Clay then told her that she ruined his life. Matt silenced both Lainie and Clay from fighting further and told Clay to go to his room.

Justin and Clay came down in the morning and Lainie noticed bruises on both of their face and asked what happened. They both lied but Lainie didn't believe them and told them that if someone was hurting them they needed to tell her and Matt.

Clay then asked what his mother was doing back home considering she was staying at her sisters house. She apologized for an argument between her and Matt having an impact on the family and Justin and said that it was fair for them. Justin told them that he felt like when he came into the house he messed things up for their family; Matt, Lainie and Clay protest his statement. Clay asked Lainie if she was back at home for good and she affirmed, and added that she needed to talk to Justin privately about legality and couldn't tell Clay why but if Justin decided to tell Clay afterwards that would be up to Justin.

After the jury gave their verdict on Hannah's case. Clay and his friends watched Justin get arrested after testifying that he knew Jessica was raped by Bryce but didn't alert police and in fact tried to hide that it happened. Clay stressed to his mother about Justin's arrest but Lainie told him that Justin knew it would happen-which would be one of the legal things she and Justin spoke about-but she would try her best to get him out.

Later on, Lainie and Clay attended Hannah's wake after they attended her funeral, Lainie implied to Clay that he should talk to Justin, Clay then told Justin that he and his parents wanted to adopt him into their family.

Lainie has breakfast while the family talk about the events of Spring Fling in " Yeah. The day after the events of Spring FlingClay, Lainie, Matt and Justin had breakfast and they talked about the what happened at Spring Fling- an active shooter was reported to be in the building but turned out to be a false alarm-Lainie told the boys "At least you're all safe".

Matt expressed that he believed that calling the police sounded like it was an over-reaction. Clay makes eye contact with Justin knowing that they are the only ones in the room that know what actually happened. Matt them moved on to wanting to clear out the workshop, Lainie asked if it would be for Justin, commenting "So we bring him into the house and then send him to a different building? Lainie told him that they didn't need their space as they manage "all kinds of miscreant behavior without either of us knowing" she tried to affirm with Clay but Clay seemed distant, she called out his name and he affirmed her statement.

Lainie and Matt decorated the house appropriately, Clay came into the kitchen and Matt asked if he was ready, Clay asked what he would be ready for and Lainie reminded him of Justin's social worker's visit. Clay asked if he needed to be there for it and Lainie reminded him that they needed to let the social worker know that they could provide Justin with a happy and healthy environment.

Clay then told them that he had something to do but he would figure out how he could be at home to talk to the social worker and do what he needed to do. Lainie and Matt gave each other a worried look and Clay reassured them that he understood the situation and left. She told him that she didn't know and asked him why, he asked about the fight they had went she went over to his house, Lainie told him that Nora Walker played the mediator and calmed things down, she added that she believed that Barry was "mostly talk", Clay then asked if she knew that Barry abandoned Bryce before his death.

Lainie denied knowing of it but commented that she was not surprised. Matt told her to hold back because it's Barry's son funeral, however Lainie told him that it wasn't clear that his son had died from seeing the way he behaved at the funeral. Later, after Clay learned of the reason why Tony's family was deported and understood that deportation was a thing that he would never experience and never want to experience, he came home in a positive and loving attitude and hugged Lainie and Matt and told them he loved them, he then suggested that the family should have Justin's picture added to their family photos and Lainie told him that they would take pictures at some point with Justin as a family.

After Clay was seen on the Walkers' home security camera pointing a gun at Bryce before his death, Lainie became mad that he didn't tell her about it and that he talked to the cops without a lawyer.

Matt tried to calm the situation but Lainie stressed that it didn't look good that Clay had a gun pointed at Bryce just before he died. Clay told her that it was nothing and Lainie questioned him about where he got the gun and where it was left, Clay stayed silent.

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Lainie asked him "What the fuck were you thinking? Lainie stressed that he didn't understand the gravity of the situation. Clay told her that he didn't kill Bryce and Lainie told him that the police believe he did and that the court system isn't perfect and it didn't matter if he didn't do it; it looked strongly like he could have.

He asked her rhetorically if she believed him and if she believed that he killed Bryce. He became angry and stood up from his seat.

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At some point they clash; Ani sleeps with Jessica's rapist and when Jessica sees Ani interact with Bryce on the football field, she gets angry and pushes her. After Bryce's murder, Ani asks her questions about where she and Justin were at the homecoming night, and if she thinks Clay is capable of murdering Bryce. Jessica tells Ani about Hannah Baker and the trial.

Aug 23,   As for Minette's current girlfriend, Night, the two have more similarities than might meet the eye. The 13 Reasons Why star might be best known as an actor, but he is also a musician who plays in Author: Jake Viswanath. Aug 24,   We were pretty heartbroken when we found out Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen) has a girlfriend, but there are some cast members who are single and ready to mingle. Related: Netflix FINALLY Reveals the Home Country: US. Dating Clay Jensen would include: You helping him to tutor Jeff after school-After school Monet's dates together-Him always passing you cute, cheesy notes/pick up lines in class-You always putting them in your pocket to take home and .

Near the end of Season 3, after Clay's arrest, Ani tells Jessica that the worst thing she's ever done was sleeping with Jessica's rapist, Bryce, and asks what's the worst thing Jessica has ever done. Ani is the first person Jessica admits to what happened to Bryce and Ani helps covering it up so Jessica and Alex wouldn't get in trouble.

Ani and Alex are not seen together much before Bryce's murder. Mostly, she and Jessica discussed about her relationship with Alex. After the murder, Ani talks to him multiple times, asking questions about Jessica and the murder.

Later, she and Clay ask him about it. She comforts him when he expresses his insecurities about his body, to which Alex sarcastically replies that she was the only girl in the whole county who'd go for a 'skinny sad kid' like him, but she has already gone for Clay. He claims that he didn't keep buying steroids. Ani doesn't quite believe him. Clay distracts him at the gym and Ani unlocks his phone and finds proof that he lied.

Clay and Ani interrogate him again. This time, when Clay asks if he's clean now, and Alex replies, " Nobody's clean.

At the end of the third season, when Jessica confesses to Ani that Alex killed Bryce, Ani plans to frame Monty to protect him. As she needs time with Deputy Standall to do that, Clay tells Alex he thinks Ani killed Bryce and he wouldn't cover for her anymore to pass time, Alex looks guilty because he doesn't want anything to happen to her, and that's the point when he confesses to Clay about the murder. Clay introduces Ani to Justin at lunch on the first day of school.

When Ani makes a joke that brothers should take care of each other the same thing Clay told Luke Holliday that morning to save faceClay gets up to get some ketchup, embarrassed. Justin then tells her Clay can seem like an uptight asshole for a while, but she should give him some time because he's worth it. She jokingly asks how much time he'll need, to which Justin replies it took eight years in his case.

Justin and Ani seem to get along after that. They joke about Ani and Clay's conversation in Swahili. Justin gives Clay advice about dating Ani. Ani often acknowledges that Clay and Justin has a great bond, and is the first person to know about Jessica and Justin's relationship. After Bryce's murder, it is clear that Justin is annoyed with Ani because she lied about sleeping with Bryce and doesn't believe Clay, as he tells her "You know what, Ani?

Fuck off. After knowing Monty is dead, Justin tells her and helps her to frame Monty for the murder. Suspicious that Monty's hiding something related to steroids, Ani and Clay go to his car to look. Bryce and Monty used this information to blackmail Winston. Then he reveals that at a Hillcrest summer party, he hooked up with Monty and Monty beat him up because of his internalized homophobia.

Amara and Ani moved to the United Kingdom when Ani was only 4 years old. A decade later, they moved to America. She's a very strict mother to Ani, always telling her to focus on studies and to stay out of trouble.

Ani and her mother live in the Chatham house when her mother is assigned as a nurse for Harrison Chatham. Nora looks out for Ani as she knows her son is a rapist, and at one point, bans Bryce from seeing Ani.

Ani and Bryce don't seem to care about the ban, and she's always trying to comfort Bryce about his mother and know about the Walker family secrets. After Bryce's death, Nora asks Amara if Ani was in homecoming, which Amara unknowingly replies in the negative.

Eventually Ani frames Monty for the murder, which is unknown to Nora. At the end of the third season, Clay comes to Chatham house to meet Ani's mother, and Nora greets her saying Ani told her that Clay is a great person.

Ani : "Before we begin, if you're expecting that I'm gonna prove Clay Jensen guilty, you'll be disappointed. Because I don't believe he is. Do you still want to talk? And why you're here.

Who is clay jensen dating

You can call me "Ani". I'm a senior at Liberty High School It's an interesting place Violence begets violence, it just doesn't always look the same. Everyone was there. Everyone had their reasons for wanting to kill Bryce. At the end of the night one of them would've followed through.

Clay Jensen had been broken by Bryce more than once. Bryce had threaten to ruin Monty's life. Jessica Davis was on fire with the cause, with anger at Bryce.

He was previously rumored to be gay by other classmates at Liberty High School but these rumors appear to have died down before the events of "13 Reasons Why". Due to Clay's introverted character, he is known to not attend parties. At Hannah's House party, Kat tells Hannah that the last time she saw Clay at a party was at her birthday party in the 4th grade, actually betting against Clay attending the party.

Clay may also have a history of depression or anxiety as his parents offer him Duloxetine in Tape 1, Side B which he has taken before for an unknown reason. Duloxetine is an antidepressant used to treat people who suffer from depression or general anxiety disorder which suggests Clay may have been in a bad state previously.

Minnette said in an interview about Clay's role in season two "When season two starts, we find Clay trying to move on with his life.

He's trying to be happy and he's trying live a normal life, but I think he realises pretty quickly that that is not possible. He still has to live with the memory of Hannah, which is very personal to him, and it takes him down some pretty dark roads. He tries to fight it, but he knows he can't. The Express said that the actor had won "legions of fans in the role of Clay". A Daily Mirror article expressed disappointment when it came to Clay's tape in the series by saying "It turns out Clay's 'reason' isn't even a reason why, and in so many ways that makes it even more devastating.

It feels like that's the end. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Deadline Hollywood. Penske Media Corporation. Retrieved June 2,

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