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Post a Comment. No comments:. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments Atom. UK Jung. As you know, the program is about male and female stars who entered their imaginary married life.

Are yo Working as a Korean entertainment journalist, I can hear rumors about Kpop stars from the people involved in Korean music scene. Of course, You have to compete with so many other girl groups who made comeback this summer. How do you feel?

10 Strict Rules Kpop Artists Must Follow - ????

Sowon: I'm just happy I can a The drama stars Kim Hee Ae, Kim Kpop Stars' Sasaeng Fans: They even enter into prostitution. Big Bang's G-Dragon went crook at his Sasaeng fans. How to become a k-pop idol. Powered by Blogger. K-pop Secret Full Edition is released!

Ex SM trainee, feel free to ask questions ?? ??? ? ?? ????????? Hello everyone, my name is park mina and i am an ex kpop trainee from sm ent. This post is so that anyone who is curious about being a trainee can ask question and i will dutifully answer. I'm sure you're very curious about k-pop trainee's daily schedule. Well, it differs from case to case, but let me explain about the general case. If you become a k-pop . Ikon Member Dating Sm Trainee, love is blind dating site, together dating service san antonio, what is the most commonly used isotopes in radiometric dating Age: 21 Height:

G-Dragon: The King of K-pop. IU: The Queen of K-pop. Sorry if list is short. Sungmin: rumored to be suitor of Miss A Suzy back in obviously false because he got married to Sa Eun that same year.

Kpop Idol Dating Rumors

Taeyeon: "TvXq" Junsu :heart: ? Kangin pre-debut?

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I remember she kept talking about how lonely she was during that same year. Maybe it's because she was single?

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Yoona: "SuJu" Donghae ? Saesangs say they met back in but it was just a flingLee Seung Gi ?

Sm trainee dating

Tiffany: "2pm" Nichkyun C Although it is said they started dating years beforeGray Hyoyeon: Kim Joon Hyung C? Many think it's Simon D.

Jaehyo: He was in a serious relationship with an ex-gf rumored to be named "K. Victoria: Caught kissing backstage after performance by an insider at an SMTown concert fans suspecting Changmin.

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He had his first kiss with her. HyunA- "Beast" Hyunseung during "troublemaker" the 2 became close according to rumors"Beast" Junhyung rumors say they dated during "change" but he cheated on her with Hara.

Junhyung also gave them their group name "troublemaker". Maybe this is hinting at something? Suzy: "Shinee" Minho lucifer eraLee Minho ?

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Fans speculate this bcuz she fits his ideal typePark Sewon She's 1 year older than him. Her friend tweeted her "so it's true?

The current SM groups didn't really stop by in the whole 2 years i was there. I was a trainee while Yeri from Red Velvet was a trainee too, the talk around was that she was really stressed out before debuting with RV. I saw all the members of RV in real life, i never talked to them tho. Is confirmed by SM to be false), Shin Se Kyung (C) 3. Key: "Kara" Nicole, Hyeongseop (him and key took a lot of photos together and hung out a lot so a lot of people were suspicious of them dating. May 04,   So, the conclusion is they can't debut until they meet SM standard, which means the longer being trainee is not something to be proud of, it simply means they are lack in raw tallent, unlike the faster one. Probably this is also the reason why most sm visual had long trainee time.

I'm so happy. I'll make sure to show you the two-shot". I have a Kpop idol boyfriend, he's a rapper and he's amazing! Jackson he's very open about his dating life : older woman after he came to Korea Cgirlfriend in China before coming to Korea C. I have to say that out of all of these dating rumors. Ukiss Eli has to take the cake. I mean, this boy secretly dated for 5 years and got married during one of those years!

I'm curious on how he did it without anyone finding out.

Sep 15,   Thus, company's dating banning is not rational and unjustifiable. Must Read: YG's 6 Prohibit List On BLACKPINK: Alcohol, Smoking, Plastic Surgery And etc. Here are all about the dating ban. From A to Z of idols' dating ban, each company's rule and idols' tips to hide it from company and fans! Jun HyoSung "This isn't about me. Jul 22,   I don't think they are different from other companies. And I only know two rules kekekkeke: YG: * Strict no dating policy- this is YG'S STRICT RULE. If you heard the issue about (G)Idle's Miyeon, she's one of the original line-up of pink punk (or. I guess I'm answering this because I personally am not really satisfied with the only answer written thus far. It does have some good points that I will repeat, however. We know quite a bit more about YG and JYP's trainee lives than that of SM's.

Seriously, This guy is a professional. Also, Kpop isn't what it seems. I believe it's a lot more shady than what we think.

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I also believe that there is a lot of secretly dating going on, group members not that close irl Believe what you will. Reminder: these are just RUMORS, meaning they could be made up by fans but I do believe the ones I put :heart: next to could be true, but that's just my opinion.

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