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How to Date a Seth Thomas Mantel Clock

These were cased in pillar and scroll cases untilwhen the bronze looking glass and other styles became popular. Inbrass movements were introduced, and first cased in the popular O.

Atkins and Downs. Atkins and Porter. Atkins Clock Co. Bradley and Hubbard. Brewster and Ingraham. M. W. Atkins and Co. William S. Johnson. Seth Thomas c. paper label. #N#Seth Thomas c. paper label. #N#Seth Thomas c. paper label. #N#Seth Thomas c. paper label. #N#Seth Thomas c. paper label. 1, Antique Seth Thomas Clocks: Color Photos and Descriptions The following is a list of most of the clock models produced by Seth Thomas. Model names shown . Dec 17,   Famous American clockmaker Seth Thomas began his career as an apprentice to renowned clockmaker Eli Terry in , but by , he had .

Wood movements were phased out in Seth Thomas home purchased innow a museum. The Seth Thomas Clock Company was organized as a joint stock corporation on May 3, to succeed the earlier clockmaking operation of the founder. Seth Thomas had been manufacturing clocks at the site since Seth's first wife was Philinda Tuttle; they married in the early s and had a daughter, Philinda.

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His second wife was Laura A. Seth Jr. At that time, Aaron became President and began to add new products. Aboutthe firm purchased the patent rights of Wait T.

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The earliest of the clocks indicate only three patent dates on the dials, September 19,November 17, and January 31, The fourth and final patent of March 1, is carried on most of their calendar clocks manufactured until or On February 15, Randall T. Andrews, Jr.


This was put into production and utilized on all later perpetual calendar clocks until the last model was dropped in Movement Dept - Thomaston CT.

Regulator clocks were introduced in The patterns and machinery for these had been purchased in from the creditors of bankrupt clockmaker Silas B.

Seth Thomas Clock Labels Please note: the dating of clocks by labels alone can sometimes be misleading. Using the chart below, the only thing you can tell for sure (if the label is genuine and original to the clock) is that the clock was not made BEFORE the change in labeling. Dating Seth Thomas Clocks Some early Seth Thomas clocks can be dated by the address of the printer (Elihu Geer) who printed the labels found inside. If your label is still intact, the printer's name and address can be found in small print at the bottom of the label. Mar 22,   Sight unseen, March could be correct. Tambours were popular in the 's and 's. A picture of the clock may enable us to help you more. FWIW, Tran Duy Ly's book on Seth Thomas clocks has a mention of the 89M from the catalogue. It is .

Spring driven clocks were introduced ca. Perpetual calendar clocks were made from ca. Some of the most popular later types include walnut kitchen clocks, made from -; marble clocks, -ca. They also became a major manufacturer of tower and street clocks after and in between were manufacturers of jeweled watches.

Clocks built through had no name on the dial, but during the years to ; through ; and forward, his name often appeared on the dial.

Seth thomas clock dating

Before buying an antique or vintage clock of high value, ask for an official appraisal of the clock's value. Use the appraisal to negotiate a fair price.

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Seth Thomas died inafter which his son ran the company under his name. The company continued making clocks until when it went out of business.

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As a native Californian, artist, journalist and published author, Laurie Brenner began writing professionally in She has written for newspapers, magazines, online publications and sites.

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From the late s through the early s, the Seth Thomas Clock Co. dated its clocks with a unique system. The company lettered the months with the first 12 letters of the alphabet and stamped the year backward. For example, a clock that was manufactured in July would bear a stamp that looks like this: G. Manufacture Dates of Seth Thomas Adamantine Antique Mantel Clocks. The movement provides a guide to the date of an Adamantine clock. At first, most Adamantine clocks used a modified shelf clock movement (called the "hip" movement because of its shape) with the escapement outside the back plate. DATING EARLY SETH THOMAS CLOCKS Some early Seth Thomas Clocks can be dated by the address of the printer (Elihu Geer) that printed the clock information labels found inside many of their clocks. If your label is still intact the printer's name and address can be found in .

Tip Before buying an antique or vintage clock of high value, ask for an official appraisal of the clock's value. Warning Don't buy a vintage clock from an online auction site unless you are sure of its authenticity.

Many ST's of that period were dated on the bottom of the clock,normally a four digit number sometimes in reverse order like the German clocks.

Dating a Seth Thomas wall clock is a lesson in time itself. Examine the clock for signatures and/or dates on the dial or workings. The back of the clock may be removable. If so, use the magnifying glass to look over the inner movements, also.

The number on the bottom is My customer grew up in Iowa City, Iowa. Very faintly, in pencil is another date and the letters P-GOX. Any ideas what these might mean other than service dates?

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Yeah,those are definitely service dates. Many clockmakers penciled in there service dates.

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Fred, a picture would help. I've found a modelon page of Tran's Seth Thomas book, under Plymouth clocks. The catalog picture has a date of Hour and half hour chord strike on double rods.

Not sure Jay, there isn't anything mentioned.

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But most bottom or back stamped date codes were simply backwards with a letter for the month, such as E would be May Willie X Registered User. Feb 9, 12, Actually, I was thinking about embelishing the facts about this clock just to increase the sentimental value.

He might keep it running that way.


As it was, he had the clock sitting on the mantle collecting dust. When I get done, the movement will look and run as good as it was when new.

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It would take a while but the date marked cases could easily be associated with a range of dates that the movement was used. If these ranges were known the clock case could be quickly dated aproximately by the movement stamp. Any of you moderators up for a new data base? Yes, I know that I have mentioned this a while back.

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