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Someone entirely unrelated to their caper catches the eye of Constance Awkwafina. Rihanna, in the background, pointedly says nothing. I, in my seat, started sweating. At face value, this seems like a normal, run-of-the-mill joke to make about a celebrity. So why include such a random joke?

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This was a big day for the three of us:. Do I think that Rihanna hates Leo? Do I think that Leo is in love with Rihanna?

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So why does she keep curving him? End of evidence.

I also just love an underdog story, and Leo, in this case, is definitely the underdog. Does the Pussy Posse group text buzz with notifications when Rihanna is on the cover of another magazine? Did he, like the rest of Americaskip the unfairly maligned Valerian?

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Instead I have a very dumb, long-running joke that makes me laugh. Thank you for your time, and continue leaving men on read. Already a subscriber?

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The most abundant is 16 O, with a small percentage of 18 O and an even smaller percentage of 17 O. Oxygen isotope analysis considers only the ratio of 18 O to 16 O present in a sample.

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The calculated ratio of the masses of each present in the sample is then compared to a standard, which can yield information about the temperature at which the sample was formed - see Proxy climate for details. The addition of more energy is required to vaporize H 2 18 O than H 2 16 O, and H 2 18 O liberates more energy when it condenses.

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In addition, H 2 16 O tends to diffuse more rapidly. Because H 2 16 O requires less energy to vaporize, and is more likely to diffuse to the liquid phase, the first water vapor formed during evaporation of liquid water is enriched in H 2 16 O, and the residual liquid is enriched in H 2 18 O. When water vapor condenses into liquid, H 2 18 O preferentially enters the liquid, while H 2 16 O is concentrated in the remaining vapor.

Oxygen isotope ratio cycle

As an air mass moves from a warm region to a cold region, water vapor condenses and is removed as precipitation. The precipitation removes H 2 18 O, leaving progressively more H 2 16 O-rich water vapor.

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Additional factors can affect the efficiency of the distillation, such as the direct precipitation of ice crystals, rather than liquid water, at low temperatures. The subsequent uptake of hurricane rainfall in trees, creates a record of the passing of hurricanes that can be used to create a historical record in the absence of human records.

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As colder temperatures spread toward the equator, water vapor rich in 18 O preferentially rains out at lower latitudes. The remaining water vapor that condenses over higher latitudes is subsequently rich in 16 O.

Hidden inside Ocean's 8 is one split-second joke that panders very specifically to a bit that I have dedicated my life to: The rumored romance between Rihanna and Leonardo DiCaprio. How long ago did oceans begin to form? What does the geologic time scale confirm about the Cretaceous period? It ended during the Mesozoic era. You just studied 10 terms! Now up your . MatchOcean is a Completely Free dating website in the USA to meet local singles online, Join our Free Hookup site today to find your perfect match, meet new people and make new friends for .

Since large amounts of 16 O water are being stored as glacial ice, the 18 O content of oceanic water is high. A plot of ancient water temperature over time indicates that climate has varied cyclically, with large cycles and harmonicsor smaller cycles, superimposed on the large ones.

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This technique has been especially valuable for identifying glacial maxima and minima in the Pleistocene. Limestone is deposited from the calcite shells of microorganisms. Calcite, or calcium carbonatechemical formula CaCO 3is formed from waterH 2 O, and carbon dioxideCO 2dissolved in the water.

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The carbon dioxide provides two of the oxygen atoms in the calcite. The calcium must rob the third from the water. The isotope ratio in the calcite is therefore the same, after compensation, as the ratio in the water from which the microorganisms of a given layer extracted the material of the shell.

A higher abundance of 18 O in calcite is indicative of colder water temperatures, since the lighter isotopes are all stored in the glacial ice. The microorganism most frequently referenced is foraminifera.

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