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I work with women who are fed up with dating. Well, love, there is nothing wrong with you and yes, there are many amazing guys out there waiting for you. When I was in my 20s I had my first self-love breakthrough. I looked for self-worth through dating, working, and staying constantly busy. Somewhere along the way I got burnt out.

I had lost the confidence and care-free feeling I used to have and I no longer really knew what I wanted. After some soul searching I enrolled in and successfully completed a graduate program at Harvard University, practiced deep self-love, and figured out what the f-ck I even wanted with my life and with another human being. In a shorter time than expected, everything fell into place. In a few months I met my amazing husband Peter and we got married in the Greek Islands. I am a Dating and Relationship Coach for women looking for love.

I am committed to helping you find your personal love story and lasting happiness. We worked through some insecurities I had with dating, she helped me to get over my past relationship which was emotionally abusive, and I am now getting married to an amazing man! With easy to follow steps, Alexis helped me to put my goals down on paper and, after 3 months, I could see that my dreams were attainable long-term goals that were absolutely going to come to fruition.

I practiced greater self-love and developed a stronger social network while dating. So what the fuck? I am able to catch any unhealthy habits before they become a problem. Alexis helped me turn that around and I am so happy now! I was going on dates but nothing seemed to click.

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I was romantically MIA for years. Two years, to be exact. Frankly, sometimes I'm still nowhere to be found. But I'm getting ahead of myself.

At the beginning, when the first winds of romance were just starting to blow, I was in love with her, and my soul was in love with her soul, and her soul and my soul and she and I double-dated while sailing off the coast of San Diego.

We were, I thought, perfect for each other, and quickly we went from being too nervous to hold each other's hand to being willing to pop the most disgusting pimple on each other's forehead. Our love went from clammy to grotesque, as true love so often does. One beautiful Saturday morning, after setting our course offshore, we hung a hammock from the mast, and as we lay nestled within it, gently buffeted by the rolling Pacific, I had never felt closer to a woman in my life.

Our bodies just. The way the bodies of soul mates should.

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Sure, it may have had more to do with the fact that her long legs made up the difference in our heights once I even wore her leather pants for a Halloween partybut at the time I preferred to chalk it up to something greater than anatomy. Katrina and I simply.

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Within months, we had already discussed marriage and children and who to invite to the wedding and where to live in retirement. Then, feeling flirty one morning, I snuck into her shower naked and began soaping her back.

But instead of luxuriating in my touch, she screamed and punched my head into the shower caddy. Uh-oh, I thought. My soul mate wouldn't do that. My soul mate wouldn't respond to my caress with a roundhouse to my temple. Would she? Oh, she apologized for hurting me.

And I apologized for surprising her. So after the stitches came out, I didn't lose the faith. I still clung to the belief that Katrina was my soul mate. After all, there was the hammock, the leather pants, the apology. Then my soul mate embarrassed me in front of my boss. I had brought my soul mate to an office Christmas party and my soul mate told the guy who signs my paychecks that she didn't think he, as the host of a television show, treated his female guests fairly.

Uh-oh, I thought again.

Hi! I'm Alexis. It's nice to meet you. I am here to help you find the loving relationship you truly desire and deserve. I work with women who are fed up with dating. They don't understand why dating has become so hard and frustrating when it used to. All you need is a destination Meet travel dream live! Nice to meet you is here to help discover your destiny partner and make your dreams true. All you need is a destination Meet travel dream live! Instagram post _ Instagram post _ Nov 04,   Nice to meet ya. (I got love for you) (I got love for you) One minute, you're there, the next one, you're gone. Been waiting for you all night, so come on. You know what I .

Soul mates don't get you fired, do they? I hadn't had a soul mate before, so I wasn't entirely sure, but I suspected that my soul mate wouldn't endanger my livelihood.

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Plus, my soul mate started making demands of me. Then my soul mate broke up with me.

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Soul mates don't break up with you, do they? Three weeks later, after we got back together we were soul mates, after allmy soul mate asked me if it would be all right if she stayed registered with the dating service she had joined during our time apart.

Somewhere we can sit and have a nice chat, that would be lovely. Disclaimer: Free basic membership allows you to browse the site, view profiles, send flirts and modify your profile. Charges will accrue if you purchase a premium membership . First and foremost, to even enter a relationship, you have to meet people. The trouble for a lot of people is that meeting someone isn't as easy as simply stepping outside and running into the "one". If you're just getting out of your shell, visiting new places (having a friend or two along is optional) can be a scary thing, so take it slow if you need to! Nice To Meet You Recommendations. Edit Information. Primary Details Cover Image Related Titles Cast Crew Genres Tags Release Information Production Information Report. Your Rating: 0/ Ratings: /10 from users. # of Watchers: 2, Reviews: 16 users. Popularity # An aspiring designer almost loses everything due to a scheme /

She had spent a lot of money on it, she pointed out, and it would be "a waste" to just stop showing up. I said no.

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Screw sociology. As the days wore on, sometimes my soul mate seemed like my soul mate, other times she seemed to not even like me that much. I feared that the part of my soul mate who was my soul mate was just one of her many personalities, a few of which flew over the cuckoo's nest.

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Oh, I wanted it to work, but before I could convene a meeting of her personalities and find a way we could all get along, they apparently assembled without me, took a vote, and the majority ruled that the best plan of action was to break up with me.

A year later, after my soul mate had become engaged and gotten married to someone else, moved to Dublin, gotten pregnant, and delivered twins, I started to lose hope. That's not what soul mates do, I thought.

Haha nice man! I mean 9 times out of 10 'it was nice meeting you' normally does mean that was a nice experience meeting you but they have no wish to proceed with the relationship. But you should also employ common sense and not just listen to advice on the Internet. If it works it works. Nice to meet you Dating, Den Haag. likes. Uw reisspecialist op het gebied van tickets, georganiseerde tours, privereizen, bedrijfsuitjes, marionfoaleyarn.comers: May 30,   I LOVE YOU, NICE TO MEET YOU, on the other hand, is absolutely unique - it's both memoir (of the authors' own dating experiences) and fresh cultural critique. It also has some poignant, tear-jerking stories that we can all relate to (especially in the parts about breaking up) and deals with topics we're all familiar with, but that nobody else /5(9).

They don't run off, meet a new guy, and start a family within a year of breaking your heart, do they? I considered whether they had a point. Soul mates aren't bullets to be dodged, are they? At the very least, if Katrina was my one true soul mate, then my soul was a masochist. It's tempting to conclude that I was mistaken, and that Katrina wasn't my soul mate after all.

That when it comes to soul mates, either love is blind, or my soul needed Lasik. Yet, there's no denying that I was deeply in love with her, so looking back, I've come to the albeit convenient conclusion that Katrina was, in fact, my soul mate, but that there would be others as well.

It may be delusional thinking, but it's necessary for our sanity and therefore, just a little genius. After all, we hamstring ourselves when we believe we'll only be happy with our perfect match and conclude there's no point in bothering with anyone who doesn't measure up.

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That the more we keep our mind open, be open to new soul mates, and bounce around the Whitman's Sampler of love, the more likely we'll find something that satisfies. Try as we might to guarantee we won't be disappointed by what we find, there's no way of knowing if it's what we were hoping for until we take a bite. After all, I doubt when Alfred Stieglitz fell in love with Georgia O'Keefe, he thought, "Gee, I'm really into southwestern artists with Irish names who paint vaginal flowers.

Something like Katrina. She Said. I know women who believe in a soul mate but not in God. Never mind that saying "I want to find my soul mate" is a bit like saying, "I want to find my fairy godmother.

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But from our very first princess-finds-her-prince story, women-Catholics, Protestants, Jews, and Buddhists alike-are brainwashed to believe that soul mates exist. God, we're not so sure about. After all, if there were a God, wouldn't He have sent us our soul mate by now? Well, where's the evidence that soul mates exist? We see people get married, divorced, and married again and againeach time to the "love of their life.

We've spent most of our adult lives sleeping next to men we say are our soul mates but who can't even begin to fathom our souls. And still, we're looking in bars, on the Internet, at parties-we're even scoping guys out at the office's sexual harassment seminar-in hopes of finding our "one true love. An interior designer friend was sure that she hadn't met her soul mate because everyone in her field was female or gay.

Hallelujah, sister! I believe! Another friend was convinced that geography separated her and her soul mate. She even turned down Yale Medical School for a less prestigious one because, she told me, "I don't think my soul mate is in a tiny town in Connecticut. And now she's got her M. Oddly, she started going back to temple.

The other day, I was flipping through my college alumni magazine and every person who announced their marriage wrote, "I finally found my soul mate! Someone who met her husband online gushed, "It's magical that we finally found each other! Sadly, my soul mate wasn't on Match. Oh, several guys claimed to be my soul mate. But apparently my soul mates aren't very photogenic and can't spell. In the real world, when I'm attracted to someone, there's an intensity between us that can mean only one of two things: either we'll become soul mates except there's no such thing-se Read more.

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Nice to meet you.

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Like a good date, this book is packed with wit, humor, irresistibility, and, charm. And, like a good relationship, this book offers heart-felt truths, wisdom, and insights if you're ready for them. Kevin and Lori "the guy and the girl" share their personal experiences, perspectives, and humor on "coupling up," falling down, and getting back up again. It seems quite obvious that every word the authors write reflects the experiences they've really encountered, survived, and learned or are still learning from.

If you're currently dating, pondering dating, sworn off dating againor, uh, just human, this book is likely to offer so much more than just a good time. Just like a good date I have such a crush for this book!

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It's a comedy filled dating book with very accurate information. I just looove it. This book was in excellent condition and I'm very happy with the purchase! I'll be back for more soon!

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