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A lot of relationships have ended this year, but as we say goodbye to the past year, let's look back to one of the couples who had made several headlines this They said that they have received this information from a source in the music industry. They reported that the two idol singers have met as a junior and senior in the industry, then gradually became friends and started dating. Another source at that time revealed, " Daisy and Yunhyeong's relationship is widely accepted by everyone in the entertainment world. They rarely meet each other because of their tough and busy schedules but they respect each other's time.

Vlive - Nayun and Hyebin likes to stay up all night talking to each other. Vlive - She is the middle mom of the group. Vlive - She usually talks on the phone for h. Pops on Seoul - Nayun and Hyebin share a room.

On July 1st, it was announced that she will go on a temporary hiatus in order to focus on her health. Momoland Solo Interviews - Her dream is to become a superstar.

Celuv TV Interview - She has a puppy. Pops in Seoul - She studied in China for 3 years. Pops in Seoul - She is the biggest eater of the group.

Pops in Soul - Since she was a child, she was an actress and model. FB live - Her favorite foods are foods with cheese and mint chocolate flavor.

Feb 14,   On February 14, an exclusive report from Sports Seoul stated that iKON's Yunhyeong and MOMOLAND's Daisy are currently in a relationship. The sources from the music industry revealed, "Song.

Daisy Facts: - Daisy has an older sister named Lily. Pops in Seoul - Her specialties are ballet and speaking English. Pops in Seoul - Yeonwoo has an older sister. Vlive - She good at sexy dancing. We may have a different opinion on the positions but we are respecting the publicly announced positions. If you use info from our profile, please kindly put a link to this post. Thanks a lot!

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It can help new fans find more info about them. Daisy was added just later on, and being busy with so many things, we forgot to add her to the initial poll.

Thanks a lot for the heads up. Its totally the same. As soon as I saw a girl the same height as Jeonghwa I had to find out what her profile height was.

Dec 31,   Another dating scandal will just hurt momoland's reputation. So, thats why they need to kick her. And also theres a fight between her and the rest of momoland member because for them, yeonwoo. Apr 08,   iKON's Yunhyeong and Momoland's Daisy are Reported to be Dating! iKON's Song Yun-hyeong and Momoland's Daisy are rumored to be dating! On February 14th, an exclusive report from Sports Seoul stated that iKON's Yunhyeong and Momoland's Daisy are currently in a Alvilia. MOMOLAND Members Profile: MOMOLAND Facts MOMOLAND (????) currently consists of 6 members: Hyebin, Jane, Nayun, JooE, Ahin, and Nancy. The band debuted on November 10, , under MLD Entertainment. On November 29, it has been announced that Yeonwoo and Taeha left the group. MOMOLAND Fandom Name: Merry-Go-Round MOMOLAND Official .

Yeonwoo and Jeonghwa are such cute tall MCs. Her side profile also looks like Liza Soberano. Illegirl Dimples!!!! I think jane should be the main vocalist instead of ahin because she did a high note in bboom bboom and she also should be a lead dancer and i think that jooe should be the main dancer and she should also be a rapper and ahin should be a lead vocalist and i think nancy should be a dancer. I will call her bestfriend! Um no they all have those particular positions for a reason.

Why should JooE be the main dancer while Jane doesnt get a chance to prove her dancing? Ahin has a cute voice doesnt mean she cant be a main vocalist. Nayun is just a sub-vocalist obviously her voice is the weakest in Momoland and JooE is lead vocalist.

And maybe JooE is a Lead Dancer, cause she was in the center of the dance in most parts, and she danced with Daisy in the rap part. Btw, thank you for ating the photos.

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My bias is definitely daisy. She looks like park Hye Soo and rose when she smiles. I love her big elf ears. Thats why she speak slowly but tries to speak more calmly. Jungkook is the Main Vocalist and can hit high notes and Jimin is the Lead vocalist but Jimin can hit high notes better than Jungkook. Its nancy becuz she appeared in many variety shows and hosting addition that my first impression to her is the face cuz she is everywere in the mvs since there 1st song. Hyebin -Leader,Lead Rapper,Vocalist stay still xd 2.

Yeonwoo -Main Rapper,Vocalist,Visual she really stuns 3. Jane -Main Dancer,Lead Vocalist stay still 4.

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Taeha -Main Vocalist stay still 5. Nayun -Lead Vocalist,Rapper she can rap 6. Daisy -Main rapper,Main dancer,Sub vocals she can dance well, there is a covered vid of her and jane the black suit i think 7. Jooe -Lead Dancer,Vocalist,Center i think that she must not be face cuz she just h Got popular this year and nancy is the original face. Ahin -Main Vocalist stay still 9. The rest is accurate. Btw plss tell me who is yur bias and bias wrecker lolz xd tnx.

I thought Nancy is the leader of the group. But regardless she is one of the beautiful faces in Kpop History. Omg, before this momoland never attract me but when i first saw nancy, i fall in love with her. Btw im once. Nancy body is not joke and when i know her born in i become blur. She 1 year younger than me! Am I the only one who thinks Ahin looks like Nam Ji Hyun, especially pre-debut when she had long hair.!! Jooe was supposed to be in the Vocal Line but everything changed as new members were added.

But if we go with the regular definition of a Lead Vocalist so focus on technique, not lines they are both Sub-Vocalists. The Rap Line now consists of Daisy and Jooe. Nayun could also be called a Sub-Rapper or something because of the type of lines she gets. Under the graduation video dublekick posted on yt was a comment, that says Daisy went to Jamil High School. Yeonwoo -Vocalist, Rapper, Visual As i said eventhough there were members added, yeonwoo can still rap. Nayun -Vocalist, Rapper She is really good on rapping 4.

Can you change it to their positions to this? She did the high notes Nancy -She did high notes in Jjang koong kwang,Freeze,Wonderful Love and can vocalize extremely well -Her specialty is dancing and has sharp dancing moves -She is the center in i think all their mvs but in bboom bboom JooE and Nancy are the centers -She usually starts the song and is the center in the start of the song. Stop being biased omg. Joo E is also known as Tropicana Girl because of her ad.

Joo E admitted having nose fillers? Yeonwoo is known for her beautiful eyes. Ahin is fluent in English. Aint gonna lie but I really thought that Jane was a Main Vocal coz dang her vocals are that of a main one. Taeha is from Jeonju, her hobby is trying an assortment of different foods, she is known for her hard slap, she cries easily and she is good at making her brain fade.

I am trying my best to like nancy but she is just so unlikeable and is ruining the momoland experience for me. Why she is ruining momoland? I think she raise the group alongside with jooe, nancy become popular not only in korea but in the other counrty like in the phillipines were her looks resembles to a filipino actress. She do her best to represent their group by her visuals eventhough she a little bit problematic LOLz. What cant you understand about what i said? And if thats what youre believing in then go.

I dont care about your opinion which is the truth and you dont care about my opinion. FOR ME. Joo E admitted that she had a nose surgery done in her first year of high school. Momoland Solo Interviews Her dream is to become a superstar! Momoland Solo Interviews. Nayun said that she is a good listener and likes counseling people. She likes jjangu,so some call her Hyeb Jjangu. Jane is another main vocal. She shared lines with Taeha, another main vocalist, in Bboom Bboom and shared lines with Ahin, other main vocal, in Freeze.

Stop being biased please. But Nancy was literally said to have so many lines because she was popular and not because she was a main vocalist lol. But Who said she was Popular so she had many lines? You can look it up, she got lots of lines and screentime because momoland used to be like Nancyland ft. Jooe and friends. People say JooE was prettier before bebut. I think JooE is good for the face of the group since I think people notice her and know her. Korea, a. Nancy And JooE share a room.

Hyebin And Nayun share a room. Yeonwoo has a room for herself.

very grateful you

Daisy,Ahin,Jane, and Taeha share a room. Source:Celuv TV Interview. Everyone else does. I think its sad that she gets body shamed even though she works just as hard as her teammates, or even harder.

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I think Nayun is a lead rapper. No she is not. She can be a rapper but not a lead.

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Her line in Bboom Bboom isnt really a rap that suits a lead rapper. And Yeonwoo rapped in many songs. So stop being biased please. The picture are just too big. But thanks for the wiki.

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Nancy was the former Face of the Group, sometimes hosting for shows. But since JooE has been making a name for herself, being featured in the ever loving Tropicana CFs and many variety shows and bring publicity for the group, she is now considered as the new Face of the Group.

Nah, kpop industry value pure korean more than halfie. Daisy says that Ahin and Jane are the messiest members. Taeha -She has 3 dimples 2 are on her cheeks and one between her eyes and cheeks -Charm Point:Dimples -She likes dramas and movies more than animations. Face of the group a. The company usually throws projects to the face or gives them very noticeable positions in their songs.

The company also markets this member a lot and the faces are also often seen as one of the more popular members of their groups. They are usually the first names people say or think of when it comes to mentioning the group that they are in. This fits more to Jooe than Nancy. The Immigration.

These are the most accurate I feel! But for now these above are the most accurate!!! Center and face of the group are two different positions.

It is common that usually if a member is one they are the other but a member can be one and not the other. She rapped in way more songs than that try listening to it lol and what are you saying that they dont have a Rapper before Daisy?

momoland 23 Last active: 28 Mar None momoland 23 I'm here to meet guys 27 to 50 years old for dating, friendship and serious relationship. About me I'm simple, In my free time i like watching tv or listening to music. Jun 12,   Momoland's Nancy ated fans on how she's been doing since dating rumors involving The Boyz' Q broke out. On June 12, Momoland shared the below photos of Nancy on Instagram with the message. Daisy form MOMOLAND and Yunhyeong from iKON are reportedly in a relationship! "Song Yunhyeong and Daisy are dating," Sports Seoul reported on .

Nancy said, burgundy is not her favorite anymore. Her new favorite is blue. Hope it helps. Nancy is my crush right now.

Please bring Momoland in the Philippines. Nancy has male idol friends. Daisy and Pentagon Yuto are also friends.

Charm Points : - Whisker-like Dimples especially when laughing - Adorably large and round eyes - Plump cheeks. I think there must be a change in there positions. Yeonwoo must be a lead dancer bcuz she has a solo dance cover and her technique in dancing is good and in the mv she did not only show her visuals but also her sexy dancing skills lastly is she is not a face of the group bcuz she did not mc yet and she has a least amount in appearing in vareity shows.

Daisy must be a main dancer becuz she really is good in dancing in the mv she did not only show her rap skills but also in dancing alongside with jooe whos a lead dancer.

Jooe must be a lead vocalist bcuz she has a good tone of voice, sometimes in there side tracks she sing in chorus and not only that she also appeard in king of mask singer which the the audeince where shook by her voice, next is she must not be a lead rapper for now maybe rapper, she didnt rap at all she just rap a ittle and just say boom boom it dosent mean that she is a lead rap becuz she just partnered daisy, i think thats not it ,she just partnered her in dancing addition she didt rap at all in there side tracks.

Lastly nancyshe must be also the FOTG bcuz she is now popular in phillippines bcuz of her looklikes of a filipina actress and not only that she also been a mc many times and appeared also in many shows so i think she is the second FOTG. I love Nancy because she is Cute and Pretty my countrymen says she look like our actress liza soberano.

I fell love at first sight with Yeonwoo! Yeonwoo is an FOTG. She is the 2nd one with the most appearances in variety shows First is JooE and third is Nancy. And she appeared in Weekly Idol and Hello Counselor. And Yeonwoo isnt a Dancer. There isnt a Statement saying she is part of the Dance Line. We can say she is part of the dance line if at least there is a statement saying that her specialty is dancing. Also Daisy isnt a Main Dancer.

Jane is the only main dancer announced so far. And also JooE can be counted as a Lead Vocal. But the Group has a really strong Vocal Line. And also just because of the type of lines she gets doesnt mean that she is a lead vocal. Btw all the girls have images on their instagram to do with their comeback so you could upload it. ated Teaser Photos for their comeback! Daisy have an older sister named Lily,i just watched it from their fb live in cafe in YouTube. Facebook live from November 2, Ahin also reveals that she has an older sister named Sophie.

Vlive -She is the middle mom of the group. So Yeonwoo is the centre now? Jjan koong kwang, there she rap. Some people just assume her not as a lead rapper because maybe they havent heard their past songs and maybe focused on their hit song, bboom bboom.

And maybe its because daisy is better known to rap. In the past two comebacks she has had the high notes along with Taeha. ate please!

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Nancy is popular in our country, Philippines. And she looks like one of our actress named, Liza Soberano. Please ate! And Jane wasnt really known to be this good in singing until Bboom Bboom. Maybe MLD Ent. Same with Taeha and Taeha was a new member. And maybe they wanted to give Ahin a break or something and give the Vocal Spotlight to Jane and Taeha. Considering the group has many members.

We should wait for announcements or ates about their positions made officially or announced ny the company or the group. If a member has most lines that doesnt make her a Main Vocalist. And please just stop making the positions yourselves. Wait for further announcements about the positions. Stop giving them positions that arent given to them. She isnt. There isnt a statement saying she is a dancer. We can consider her as a dancer if at least she said her specialty is dancing.

And please provide a source or proof to make your statement applicable.

think, that

Lol, when you search for nancy in google, they say she is 53 Like, what drugs are you on Google? I just saw it. Nancy should be also a face of the group alongside with jooe and yeonwoo becuz she is also popular member in the group and always accompanied by the 2 in variety showswell nancy is the representative of the group before jooe and yeonwoo become popular. And isnt even part of a Vocal Line. And she has biggest amount of line distributions in many songs.

And Seola and Dayoung also does High Notes. Even Yeoreum. And Cheng Xiao does Falsettos. And also about the group not announcing positions? Kpop Idol Groups announce their positions days or hours or weeks after they debut. Sometimes intoduced on Naver or Namu or Showcases And if they havent ated their positions for a long time doesnt give us fans the right to change their positions. Jane already provided the source Thanks btw.

And because they dont ate their positions doesnt give us the right to decide or make up their positions. Momoland has a Profile in Namu. And there you can find their positions.

This member has hidden his or her profile

And what ae you even trying to say? That because they never specified theit positions we should be the one who should make it up?

Search for details about it before making such statements. And before you say things sbout their positions provide an official source. The FOTG isnt the most popular member. Please provide a source or statement where all the variety shows nancy has gone to, to make your statement valid.

She is the representative for i am an actor show, she is a guest for king of mask singer as a judge i thinkand as i said she is the known member before jooe and yeonwoo become popular and i she appeeared in kakao tv alongside with jooe.

FOTG kind of means the representation of the group. List down the variety shows and events where the top three main representatives JooE, Nancy and Yeonwoo represented the group on so we can see who represents the group most or more. I feel like Jane is a Main Vocalist. She also did Ad-libs which is a major case for Main Vocalists. I actually agree and a lot of the fanbase do also.

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Basically the better or best singer. I do think Jane has the better tone and overall voice from Momoland. Mains do most of the work within Kpop usually having to do the majority of overall harmony and doubles during choruses. I feel Yoohyeon should be a main singer shared with Siyeon in Dreamcatcher also.

She also has a better tone and actually better technique than Siyeon, Siyeon is simply a powerhouse though at the end of the day and suits the rock feel. I what world Yeonwoo is the main rapper? Yeonwoo raps in past mvs when daisy still wasnt in the group and other tracks in albums.

Sometimes along JooE and Nancy and sometimes alone. And just because she is the center in the latest comeback, doesnt mean she is another center. Also Nayun is considered as the Lead Rapper now. I dont know why are people being biased on JooE being a Lead Rapper:. She also rapped in I Like It and she also has adlibs that are rapped. She also rapped Baam. And the issue is same with the center.

MOMOLAND (????) Members Profile & Facts (Birth Names, Positions etc..) [Get To Know K-Pop]

Maybe all three or doesnt have a clear one. Jooe is a lead vocalistit is stated in the namu. Ummmkindly change the lead dancer in daisy position, she is the 2nd main dancer of the group and also jooe is a lead vocalistall of this is stated in their korean wikipedia.

But the other sites that i look are just the same as the korean wikipedia like the namu wikipediathe position are same. She was one of the contestants of Finding Momoland who did not qualify, but was later added on March 28th, They met as seniors and juniors in the music industry, became friends and began dating about three to four months ago.

They like to date whenever they have free time just like other couples. Both of them rarely meet because of their busy schedules, but they respect each other.

The report states that the two of them started dating three to four months ago. Dating news involving Korean idols are always a hot topic of conversation. Although they admitted Daisy and Yunhyeong know each other, YG Entertainment did not declare the two idols dating. One of the answers is correct.

Meanwhile, the romance of Yunhyeong and Daisy first emerged from the expression of a person in the K-Pop entertainment industry. Sources said that the two idols met as seniors and juniors, then became friends who then developed feelings for each other and started dating about three months ago. Like other couples, Yunhyeong and Daisy often spend time together even though their schedules are very busy. Even this relationship has been widely known to people in the K-Pop industry.

Another dating scandal will just hurt momoland's reputation. Sothats why they need to kick her. And also theres a fight between her and the rest of momoland member because for themyeonwoo dont prioritize momoland first and betrayed them. Btwits not impossible if yeonwoo is dating with a famous boygroup membershes pretty and hot. Lucky guy, could they have not found her a smaller pair of shorts those seem to be only one size too small. Is she supposed to be the 1st January couple?

Yeah whatever she thinks the best for her.

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