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With the difficulties we have staying employed and keeping long-time friends, many chronic migraineurs believe dating is simply out of the question. You can enjoy the occasional night out while having migraine disease. You can even gasp! You just have to know how to handle it. No, not even if a bad attack makes you reschedule said date. You do, however, need to bring it up if and when you feel the relationship changing from casual to semi-serious. If you feel really strongly about having them - one way or the other - you should mention it before things get too intense.

My hope is that one day I can go on a first date and talk about my migraines as a thing of the past.

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For more information on how to manage migraine, reach out to your doctor or healthcare team. Love and Pain: Dating with Migraine Reading time 3 mins.

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Sharing a little This approach allows me to ease into the conversation and provide a high-level look at the issue without getting into the weeds. Sharing everything Sharing everything allows me to put all the information out on the table so that there are no surprises down the road.

The bad: If I share everything, I run the risk of having someone run away. When I read articles about people who have to maintain their lives with husbands and kids I am jealous they at least get to have that. I will not get to have that.

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I am too old for kids and there is no man that is going to want to date me. If there were I would be to physically incapacitated to be present for it. Despite my Best intentions I wind up either having to go buy groceries for myself, shampoo my hair, or some other sort of basic necessity I better do during my window of non-migraine time before the next one strikes. How do I not be a downer And tell the truth?

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I am not stronger than the migraines. So, how about a date?


Thank you for this article! I was actually just thinking about this today when I got home from work and was so grateful for my quiet, dark house.

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One great date: a movie but not 3D. Also with anybody here not have children knowing you were carrying migraines?

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I can usually handle movies, though not always at the theater. We often have a date-night-in, watching movies in bed. You just have to find what works for you.

I have to admit, Not Carly Simon, that passing on migraine disease is something I really worried about with my son. It was definitely a consideration. Ultimately, though, my husband and I decided to go ahead. It is, however, something each migraineur has to consider for themselves.

Migraine headaches may be aggravated by light, sneezing, straining, constant motion, moving the head rapidly, or physical activity. Many people try to get relief by lying down in a darkened, quiet room. In .

So they would know quite soon that something is wrong with me. Better for me to be upfront before accepting.

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Pursue your own Migraine plan as aggressively as you pursue your partner. Re-commit to that plan every day. Again, having a Migraine plan in marriage can give your spouse the stamina to stand by your side on more difficult days.

Your life is better alone than carrying along the dead weight of constant disapproval.

Nov 26,   Dating with migraine isn't all bad. There's actually a certain beauty in this dilemma. I see it when I share this vulnerable, private side to myself and the person across the dinner table genuinely . We don't often discuss how migraine impacts marriage. Both people in the relationship are affected by the toll it takes on the person living with migraine. Migraine has a way of wearing a person down. Migraine is an episodic disorder, the centerpiece of which is a severe headache generally associated with nausea and/or light and sound sensitivity. It is one of the most common complaints encountered by .

Life is too short to stick around with someone who does not understand you and love you. We are not doctors and cannot give personal medical advice.

6 Rules of Love, Sex and Dating with Migraine

Advertising helps us continue to publish trustworthy, relevant content each week, and to employ people with migraine on our team. In addition to hosting the Migraine Again Podcast and producing the Migraine World Summit, Paula is a frequent speaker at industry, health care and public policy events.

Follow her on LinkedIn or Facebook. Table of Contents hide. Do you have any tips for relationships and dating with Migraine?

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