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Have you committed to pre-marriage mentoring, but are unsure of next steps? Enroll in a mentoring program with a pre-marriage mentor couple. It is one of the most widely used programs for premarital counseling and premarital education. It is also used for marriage counseling, marriage enrichment, and dating couples considering engagement. Over the last 30 years, the Prepare-Enrich relationship assessment has empowered and energized more than 3 million couples. An important strength of the Prepare-Enrich Inventory is their strong psychometric properties.

Some churches offer training through mentoring programs or through curriculum see resources below.

3. Enroll in a mentoring program with a pre-marriage mentor couple. To help you make an informed decision, please consider Jim and Sheri Mueller are the co-founders of the marriage ministry, Growthtrac Ministries. The Marriagetrac ministry was birthed out of the needs of our mentor James Mueller. Passionate Lola Mentoring Dating Couples is sweet & very steamy entertainer whose seduction and energy will impress you. She is a true lady, loves to tease and flirt, and has an incredible / A mentoring Couple has experience in building a life-long partnership and are willing to share their efforts. They are not couples who are professional counselors or marriage experts. Mentor Couples are warm, genuine, approachable, and empathetic.

Some train their mentors to administer a premarital inventory and to discuss the results with their assigned couple s. Others train mentor couples to specialize in ministries with those in later stages of marriage and with those with special needs, such as new parents, parents of teens, or couples facing retirement. Some churches train mentors who have come through a crisis, such as infidelity or addiction, to work with couples facing similar challenges.

Mentor couples do not function as counselors or therapists. They offer peer-level caring and sharing, alongside services provided by a pastor or pastoral counselor. Mentor couples work with engaged and newlywed couples to explore a variety of issues: marriage goals and expectations, communication, conflict resolution, financial planning, household roles, faith issues, and spiritual practices.

They reinforce the strengths of the couples with whom they work, while modeling and teaching the communication skills needed for enduring, fulfilling relationships.

A mentor couple usually meets privately with the engaged or newlywed couple assigned to them, but may also participate in planning and leading group sessions, such as seminars on communication, conflict-management, or financial planning. They also participate in regular team meetings for ongoing training and support.

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The planning team usually recommends a minimum number of sessions and specific procedures for mentoring, including a premarital inventory or other curriculum to guide the process. Some materials are as simple as Dr. Some established program developers provide complete packets with video-based training sessions and workbooks for participants.

Mentors often attend the weddings of their mentees and develop an ongoing, supportive relationship with them.

To help you make an informed decision, please consider .

Whether clergy- or lay-initiated, a marriage-mentoring ministry needs a leadership team to plan, implement, and supervise the program. To provide maximum support to the mentor couples, the team might include a trained pastoral counselor who can assist with the planning and training and offer ongoing consultation as needed.

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The program will require a budget of several hundred dollars for training, resource materials, and other incidental expenses. Invite couples who demonstrate a strong faith, who have been married for at least five years, and who appear to have a healthy, growing relationship to participate in this unique and richly rewarding ministry. If possible, recruit a variety of couple types, in terms of age, years married, with and without children, in second marriages, and from different backgrounds.

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You might want to establish this ministry in cooperation with other local churches in order to provide a wider range of mentors to choose from for particular situations. Describe clearly both expectations and the support that will be provided.

Mentoring Approach

Mentor couples need solid training in the use of appropriate materials, as well as in the interpersonal skills they will demonstrate and teach. Training can be offered as a series of weekly evening sessions or for longer blocks of time on weekends. Trainees should commit to attend all sessions, with the understanding that each person may miss no more than a limited number of sessions.

Training classes with at least four and up to ten mentor couples provide the best group dynamics.

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Coach Couples are caring people and your uneasy feeling will fade quickly. Mentoring Couples Places of meeting are determined by mutual discussion. It could be a home, apartment, restaurant, the church or any other location suitable to significant conversation. Coach Couples Places of meeting are determined by mutual discussion.

Mentoring Couples Mentors share from their real life experience what has worked and what has not in their own marriage.

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The mentor's marriage is still growing. Mentors may direct mentorees to helpful resources when needed or desired.

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Mentors provide accountability by discussing some of the homework the couple has completed. Mentors lessen a mentorees's anxiety by normalizing experiences.

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Coach Couples facilitate the dialogue between the mentorees. For example "John, tell Linda what your thoughts were when you answered question 7. Mentoring Couples A mentor is not a mother or a father. This is not a counseling session. This is not a teaching session. This is not a long-term relationship. It may go beyond the three sessions by mutual agreement.

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A mentor does not give advice unless asked. Coach Couples A mentor is not a mother or a father. A Coach Couple does not give advice unless asked. Mentoring Couples During the class you will put your name and phone number on a 3' x 5' card and write "Mentoring Couple" at the top.

Mentoring dating couples

They did this with help from Eric and Jennifer Garcia. They give these insights that you may find helpful:. Just click onto the link below to read:.

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Cindy Wright of Marriage Missions International wrote this article. They give these insights that you may find helpful: Who are Marriage Mentors?

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Mentoring Couples The purpose of Mentoring Couples is to help prepare engaged couples and newly married couples for marriage by providing a relational "forum" for open discussion and interaction and offering the encouragement and insight of practical experience. Marriage Mentoring: Twelve Conversations by Dr. Edward A Gray, LMFT. Dr. Gray has created a unique "12 Conversations" model for marriage mentoring, which pairs a younger couple with a more mature couple in a healthy relationship. Couples meet once a month for a year, developing friendship through guided conversations about marriage, sharing. Based upon the popular story telling model of Marriage Mentoring: 12 Conversations, Mentoring for Dating Couples nurtures the relationships of seriously dating couples or those couples who are engaged to be married. Coauthors, Dr. Edward Gray of Harding University and Susan Giboney of Pepperdine University, developed this resource to help couples grow solid, lasting relationships.

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