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She was a hungry, ambitious year-old who had studied music and won an amateur singing contest in Detroit; he was an unkempt ex-boxer who was struggling to make it as a record producer. It was an offbeat match from the first, but it lasted long enough for Motown czar Berry Gordy Jr. A late-summer day in L. It is here that she worked on the just published Berry, Me, and Motown-her take-no-prisoners memoir about her partnership with Gordy-and where she exorcised the demons that have been haunting her for decades. Buoyant, compact, she has the air of a woman who has been relieved of an enormous burden.

The son of a successful businessman, Gordy was a hardworking sort who, in addition to boxing, had run a record store and labored on the Ford assembly line before turning his hand to producing records. Impressed with the shapely Raynoma, Gordy brought her into the business.

With perfect pitch and a strong background in arranging, she had the skills he needed to develop local acts like the Miracles and the Satintones. She also was willing to let Gordy dominate her life. When she sensed that his sisters were weary of hosting Berry and his musicians, she offered the cramped apartment she shared with her toddler son, Cliff, the product of a teenage marriage.

There, she and Gordy began Rayber Music, a shoestring operation that helped aspiring artists launch their songs. Although Raynoma was wildly infatuated with Berry, who was married and had three children, the two slept in the same bed for weeks before partnership blossomed into romance.

Raynoma was shocked to think of her beloved acting as a pimp, but soon afterward, frantic for money for bills, she allowed a woman who lived across the hall to set her up with a client. A Berry spokesman says her name was never on the papers. Only when their son, Kerry, was nearly a year old did Berry agree to divorce his first wife and marry Raynoma.

Wedlock, however, did nothing to heighten her sense of security. After the ceremony the groom spent the night away from home-with another woman, she claims. Berry denied being unfaithful and managed to calm her, but the nightmare continued.

Soon she was receiving dead-of-night phone calls from his lover, who taunted her by saying that Gordy had just left her bed. Still Raynoma stood by her man. It was the company, and not the marriage, that survived. The FBI found out and arrested her. She and Singleton moved to Washington, D. Still susceptible to the allure of Gordy and his company, Raynoma went back to work at Motown headquarters in I would rather want to point out one thing rarely discuss here: the political implication of this drama as a whole.

No matter how unrealistic the plot goes, the portrait about North Korea is so accurate several YouTubers including one on a Yonhap affiliated channel focusing on North Korean News talked about it.

As well the existence of Ju-mok character as a "translator" of South Korean culture and K-drama plots. The screenwriter is obvious to know her drama will be watched by North Koreans, and using this chance to show them the "superiority" of South Korea Constant electricity, lots of cars and rice, to spill out several examples. They were really happy to see her recovered. Those two are selfish and probably a bit stupid, but they are not bad and they care in their way about her.

One of the Kdrama tropes I've come to expect in every drama is the stupid cop. And not just one, but nearly every police officer, with the exception of the very occasional detective who also happens to have a starring role appear to have the training, stamina, and insight of retarded cub scouts.

I wonder if the writers and directors, themselves, universally have had bad experiences with law enforcement. So, I see the NIS guy in the same light. Irrespective of his formal role, this nasty couple should have been detained, while other local authorities were called. Oh well, he's just another stupid Kdrama cop. I'm annoyed with this because I worked in a DA's office in California just after I graduated law school and, also, because I've been to Korea and met a few policemen, all of whom were very sharp and very dedicated.

I wish I had asked them if they felt as I did about these insulting depictions. Oh well. I so love the ducklings pokes fun of k-drama and keeps bringing up common tropes throughout this series, like thinking the rich mother throw water or give Jung-Hyuk money.

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I agree, the Stepmom storyline is a bit messed up. I wonder if somehow Seri grew up with her own mom and was adopted into the family later on, like not long before stepmom abandoned her on the beach?

curious question regret

Speaking of, stepmom had a whole night to go back, and regrets that she waited until morning? And was still horrible to Seri pretty much up until ep Yeah I don't feel bad for her 'regret', only that Seri had to suffer without a mom her whole life. I agree with you, and this is probably a spoiler : everyone don't mind I say: the Mom-daughter line is way under-development. I can guess all kinds of reason to have this relationship look like this, but at least the screenwriter should writer more, way more to explain it.

Definitely don't agree with the step-mother's explanation for her hatred of Se-ri.

are right

I can't imagine having to grow up with a 'parent' like that because she never acted like one. Was addressed with much amusement in the Legend of the Blue Sea, too I disagree about stepmom being horrible to Seri until ep She definitely felt terrible for abandoning Seri.

Moment Lucu dan romantis Married Not Datting

Now she tries to protect her in her own way. I agree stepmom-daughter relationship is not that horrible, but obviously they are not close and obviously Se-ri dislike her mom, if not hate herand the screenwriter has a responsibility to explain why, and how they get better in later episodes.

abstract thinking

That's why up there I said the relationship is way under-developed. Story-wise, this is not forgivable. The writer did explain why, but in a very simplistic and straightforward way. No, bkbeing "very simplistic and straightforward way" is still unforgivable.

Feb 18,   Time is running short and lives are increasingly at risk as the authorities bear down on our hero and his nemesis. Love is a powerful force, but it can't protect one's loved ones from harm if someone is determined to hurt them. Luckily, our tsundere soldier is surrounded by friends, who are willing to give Continue reading "Crash Landing on You: Episode 14"/5.

My reasoning: Se-ri having such traumatic experience because that day her step-mom abandoned her on that beach. That causes her want to die 7 years ago in Switzerland, that causes her great fear in that market of North Korea Ep.

Jung-hyuk even worry about her after he left for North Korea. This is HUGH, and if she want to forgive her step-mom, we need to forgive with her, otherwise that would become a big plot hole shaping Se-ri character arc.

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The audience, as a result, need a scene, to say the least, to solve this, either a scene describe further about Stepmom's will to commit suicide that day a parallel to Se-ri's in Switzerlan or a scene Se-ri physically forgive her stepmom in the hospital. The screenwriter has time minutes of them, in fact to settle the ending, why not giving minutes to do just that? When is "very simplistic and straightforward way" is toleratable? When we just need to make a point but not overwhelming the whole main story.

Although Chan-sung is one of the main characters, but his function in the story is a witness for the audience to have a point of view, to the hotel operationand her mom is just a guest in the hotel, so we don't want their story to distract the main focus, which is Jang Man-wol.

This is why the screenwriter should take more time to deal with her relationship with her stepmom. I don't think the mother was depicted as irredeemable and thought that her speech to the unconscious Seri was a step in the right direction.

I know someone not me!! Abandoning Seri was definitely punishable by law and I don't know how that part was resolved in a way that she wasn't jailed - the father could've tried to cover it up. So Seri was traumatised, but deep down, she still wanted to be loved by her mother figure. As much as you want to build a fence around you, the moment the person you've been wanting to love you starts to show that love you want, you're gonna set aside every bit of pride you have.

There's no room for self-respect or pride when it comes to true forgiveness. That's what I saw with Seri. I agree. The writer has done such a good job of poisoning step-mom's image, her remediation doesn't quite work.

What's more, her story about her trip to the beach with little Se-ri has a few too many holes to be believable. I love the scene stealing ducklings and the meta-drama tropes. I suppose it's great, and pretty funny to boot, that the writer laughs at the common themes of the art form.

Marriage not dating bed scene ep 14

I expected some major third-wheeling and hospital hijinks knowing this writer, no comedic time to waste even when your sick right? Seung Joon just made me melt with every compliment he threw out to Dan, major swoooon!!! He can be a realer charmer, haha! Maybe it's from his background as a conman?

He seems to read people better than others or Dan at least. Part ofThe magic of dramabeans is being part of a live thriving community.

It was dramabeans' episode recaps that allowed me to "watch" kdramas all these years. I really appreciate it being recapped by the episode. I'm glad someone else was irritated by Jung-hyuk's overprotectiveness. This and one other time annoyed me about his character when he got jealous that Se-ri was hugging the ducklings after they first met in South Korea. Not really for me - I pretty much expected it.

I can agree with that. It still just felt too much for me. But overall, this is just a small, nitpicky thing for me.

me, please

That is an interesting comment. When I was watching it and I have rewatched this series many times cos it's so good and the wait in between releases was so long lolI asked myself why there are other scenes where he is clearly protective of her and it sits right and hit that sweet spot and right note of emotional resonance and swoon factor, and why certain other scenes borders on cheese or feels grating.

Anyone has any takes? In the beginning, it was delegated protectiveness - at least on 2 occasions, his men told Seri "oh our Captain told us to protect you" when Seri simpering and giddy with the attention lol. As his feelings grow, you can feel his compelling and restless need that he can't even fully grasp to always keep her within his sight "so that you can be safe. Then by mid-point in their relationship, it was double protection with the convoy riding for back-up plan in case of ambush.

By the time it was full-blown mutual love he cannot tolerate any situation where she can remotely be put in the way of harm. On one hand it may look overly-protective, but when you take it in the context of his emotionally scarred history and his vow to "never lose anyone again in my life" it made sense. The whole time he was treating her like a little child and not allowing her to strain herself at all in the hospital it didn't feel mushy or lovey-dovey, it feels like he is over-compensating for the tremendous guilt and horror that she took this bullet for him.

I seriously believe this man may literally kill himself if he lost her to that gunshot wound. This is quite a good analysis! I would definitely agree that it's in line with his personality, and then his guilt over Se-ri experiencing all that she has is only going to make it extreme. Also, now that you mention it, he probably wouldn't have handled it very well at all if she hadn't made it.

Honestly, his lack of self-preservation is Because even at the beginning of the drama, he was willing to risk his life, his parents lives, and his soldiers lives for someone who was still basically a stranger. And there I go reading too much into a drama that is quite unrealistic in its whole general plot.

You are right, empressgirl. In fact he did point his gun to himself one time when he feel disappointed to his loved one in a future episode you know where, if you have watched it.

On the other hand, nightmoon : No, she is not a stranger to him. Remember the bridge scene last episode? He told her he met her on that Swiss bridge, and he kept on thinking of her from time to time? That camera is another hint, which involve a scene on Ep. I don't talk further at this point, and you probably know what I am talking about.

Just that he met a woman in Switzerland who he was obviously curious about. If this is the case, then she still was basically a stranger to him.

And, he actually has a photo of her, shot as it shown in Epilogue of Ep.

are absolutely right

How can he not forgetting her face? He did remember her specifically, nightmoonand that involved that scene on Ep. That's all I can say. You are right, that would make sense for him to be overcompensating.

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I think the idea was good but the execution was lacking. Thank you so much for the recap! Even though I've already watched the finale, this still makes me want to go back and watch some parts of this episode again.

After Decades of Silence, Raynoma Singleton Is Singing the Blues About Her Ex-Husband Berry Gordy this link is to an external site that may or may not meet accessibility guidelines. Romantic Doctor, Teacher Kim 2. Episodes Drama Festa: Hi, Dracula. Episodes 2. Episodes Down the Flower Path. Episodes Gracious Revenge. Episodes The Return Of Superman. Episodes + Someday or One Day. Episodes How Do You Play? Episodes + Episode + Handsome Tigers. The absolute top secret love story of a chaebol heiress who made an emergency landing in North Korea because of a paragliding accident and a North Korean special officer who falls in love with her and who is hiding and protecting her.

Which I'm getting ready to do in fact! This episode really nailed the perfect balance between heavy and emotional and humorous moments. The wiretapping scene was hilarious, and I'm so glad that the spotlight was shown on Man-bok for once. Honestly, without the ducklings, this episode would've been kind of a drag and taken forever for me to have finished.

Also, that kiss between Dan and Seung-joon totally shocked me though it was a pleasant surprise. I've really grown to like Seung-joon as a character and have definitely wished the writer spent more time on him in general and developed more of a relationship between him and Dan.

I am not sure if I read the subtitles correctly, but it seemed like the stepmother was there at the beach to commit suicide too? And she brought Seri along. When she couldn't do it and regretted, she went back to find Seri and it was too late. So her explanation for hating herself seems plausible. While she was cruel to Seri as a child, she was also dealing with her own demons and relationship issues that was not fully fleshed out. Not that it excuses her behaviour in any way.

I also read that she was on we way to commit suicide. What wasn't clearly explained was why take your step child and leave her our in the cold while you are planning to end your life. That one reeks of plot contrivance. However having once let the child almost die ,we can understand how she then felt undeserving if the love that the child still had for her. The rest of her behaviour when seen from that POV makes sense albeit in a messed up way.

She knew that Se-Ri loved her but tried to be outwardly cold to her in the hope that Se-Ri would give up on her.

that can not

Atleast that's what I hav decided to go with. I read it as step mom abandoning Seri because she was upset with her husband's affair and subsequent criminal activity. It was funny and light and it showed us how much they care for her.

with you agree

I believe that after she came back for her, she realized what she had done and took that defensive attitude to protect herself, hurting both of them in the way. I mean, they are stupid and selfish, but they are not bad. And they are funny, and harmless in comparison with the other brother.

I discovered her in People with Flaws. Dan and SeungJung are still my favorites Oh I had the same read on Mom's attitude and just commented above. Nice info about the elder hyunsung-nim. I am also impressed with the actress and was about to look up her other works. I read it later!! My exact thoughts about mum. It reminded me of SeRi in Switzerland, not knowing what to do, but even worse because she put in danger her daughter and never could find a way to deal with it, until she almost lost her.

I said in previous recaps that SeRi and mum needed this because SeRi would need her so much in the future which proved right. Honestly, I wanted a better reason to explain the behavior of Seri's mum.

What she's done was really bad. She took Seri to commit suicide. But why? Why only Seri and not her sons? She should have felt guilty and gave love to Seri after that, she saw how Seri was affected by that she went to Switzerland to die All this part of the story was pretty disapointing.

I think the adage rings true in her case: "Hurt people hurt other people, rejected people reject other people. It's probably displacement too - the person she really blamed is probably her own husband, but since she can't get back at him, she can only displaced that bitterness and suffering to the nearest available target. A lot of times - the rejection isn't personal, more than anything the mother is wrestling with her inner demons.

The wire-tapping story-beat by the ducklings was brilliant comedy and a great use of his expertise finally! Kuramait is simple: she actually love Seri most. There are way too many examples on news to show us that moms and dads always take their love ones to commit suicide.

This is absolutely not right, though. After watching this episode, one thing that cross my mind. I love that movie because at that time I'm so in love with Jet Lee. I can't remember the actress but she's beautiful. I love this movie way more than Whitney Houston "Bodyguard". Any way, Jet Lee in here playing as a special force from China who is paid to be the girl bodyguard by the girl fiance. The girl is a witness of a Hongkong mafia crime so she needs to be protected before the trial.

As a bodyguard, Jet Lee is extremely protective and annoying which makes the girl hates him. In the end Jet Lee takes a bullet from her and badly injured.

Since he came from China Hongkong is not part of China at the time the movie is produced and a military man so his higher ups takes him back to China. I'm still remember the girl chase after him until the border and can only see the car that takes him. And I'm so frustrated by the ending!!! Man-bok is the hero of the episode! It was hilarious to see him sneak into the hospital room while the doc reassured SR's mom about how secure the place is.

The ducklings listening in was hilarious!

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