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In the episode " Blood Moon Ball ", Star and Marco's souls were joined under the light of the Blood Moon, which, according to demon lore, "selects two lucky souls, binding them together for eternity in its hypnotic, ruby brodum. Episodes " Sleepover " , and " Bon Bon the Birthday Clown " , both confirmed that Star has a crush on Marco, but Marco doesn't seem to reciprocate her feelings. Additionally, Star became extremely jealous when Marco and Jackie went on a date in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" to the point where her spells went out of control, further showing Star's true feelings for Marco. He goes to Mewni to find Star as she went back to Mewni and he helps in the battle against Toffee. After that, Marco returns to Earth as he and Star part ways. In the following episodes, Marco comes to live on Mewni after not being able to adjust to life back on Earth and let Star go.

They sit in silence before joking about how their guts feel, and Marco admits he feels better having talked about it. With the money they have left, Marco says he knows what kind of photo the booth wants. In the final reel, Marco turns to look at Star, she returns his gaze, and they kiss, meaning that Star has cheated on Tom.

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At the end of the episode Star is shown quickly grabbing the reel of photos which shows Star and Marco's cheeks are glowing. As the episode ends the Blood Moon is shown in the sky symbolising their bonding of their souls. Towards the end of Season 4, Star and Marco's relationship is taken to a whole new level as they face new challenges in the face of both of them being aware of their feelings for each other.

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After "Curse of the Blood Moon", Star realizes that her feelings for Marco weren't caused because of the Blood Moon Cure but instead were her own true feelings. After Star and Tom break up Star takes up an opportunity to be open with her future relationship with Marco in the episode "Here to Help".

Star remembers Marco's confession of love to her when they were in the Realm of Magic and brings it up, which opens up the conversation to which Marco reveals he has been in love with Star since they first met. After they each confess their love for each other, they share their first genuine kiss since "Booth Buddies" and become a couple for the first time in the show's history.

These moments include some subtle moments such as hugs and compliments but can be interpreted as romantic interest:. Star and Marco are caught in the blood moon's hypnotic, ruby brodum, binding their souls together for eternity.

Star using the "all seeing eye" spell to spy on Marco whilst Jackie teaches him how to skateboard. She is then seen to have a jealous expression and uses magic uncontrollably to make them fall.

Star starts crying after confessing to Marco, who initially had no reaction to it.

Star and Marco hugging just before carrying out their plans to stop Meteora and save Queen Moon. In " Starcrushed ", the two share some casual boyfriend-girlfriend interaction, hanging out together and feeding each other pizza nuggets.

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At one point, Jackie asks Marco to try and read her mind, and she rewards his guess with a kiss on the cheek. In " Sophomore Slump ", Marco's adventures on Mewni distance him from his friends and family on Earth, and Jackie breaks off their relationship before it causes them long-term misery.

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In " Britta's Tacos ", Marco and Jackie meet up again after some time since their breakup. Marco previously had been anxious about meeting Jackie, believing she would be bitter over their relationship and breakup. However, the two agree they weren't right for each other, and decide to start over as good friends. In " Cleaved ", Jackie lends Marco her skateboard so that he can reunite with Star.

Later on, he still holds unfavorable feelings towards Pony Head, but begrudgingly joins Star in breaking her out of St. Olga's for her birthday.

After they manage to escape, Pony Head congratulates Marco for inciting a riot amongst the other princesseswith Marco accepting the compliment. In all future encounters, the two are far more civil with each other, their initial animosity all but forgotten. However, Pony Head's wild, reckless behavior still irritates Marco on occasion. In " Pizza Thing ", Marco begrudgingly includes Pony Head in his and Star's tradition of "Friendship Thursday", but his strait-laced personality clashes with her spontaneity and partying lifestyle.

After receiving some words of wisdom from a little boy, however, the two manage to put aside their differences and declare a truce.

Marco and Jackie Reunite - Star vs. the Forces of Evil - Disney Channel

In " The Bounce Lounge ", he expresses disinterest when Pony Head arrives at the Diaz Household in tears, believing she is crying over something trivial, and he gets annoyed when she praises Milly Sparkles for repeating his words of wisdom.

In " The Ponyhead Show! In " All Belts are Off ", Marco is upset when his sensei picks Jeremy Birnbaum to represent his dojo instead of him, but he is later pleased to learn that his sensei considers him a friend and "dojo bro". In " Sophomore Slump ", Marco accidentally upsets him by suggesting he's earned more than his sensei has, but they reconcile shortly before Marco returns to Mewni.

In " Friendenemies ", Tom invites Marco to hang out with him. Over the course of the night, Marco bonds with Tom, mostly over their shared love of the band Love Sentence. When Marco learns that Tom was only hanging out with him to complete his anger management course, he leaves in disgust. Tom makes him a peace offering by resurrecting deceased martial artist Mackie Han and they watch him beat up some movie ushers together, though they end the episode stating they still do not like each other.

Read Star vs The Forces Of Evil/ Starco/ Jealousy + Flirty from the story Disney Channel One Shots by feistyprincess1 (* insert joke here*) with 3, reads. d Reviews: Throughout the whole summer, Star watched Marco go in and out of the house to go places with Jackie. By now she had finally come to peace with Marco and Jackie dating but she still knew there were feelings deep down. When school finally came back on the first day she could see that Jackie had not gotten over what happened at the party.

Despite this, they have hung out semi-regularly since then, as Tom says in " Naysaya ". In " Lint Catcher ", they are happy to see each other when Marco returns to Mewni. Their fight escalates when Marco accuses Tom of being a bad boyfriend to Star, but they eventually reconcile.

In " Is Another Mystery ", Marco fakes losing Glossaryck so that Tom can go investigate Buff Frog's disappearance with Star instead of him, showing that, despite any feelings he may be harboring for Star, Marco was willing to give up time with her for Tom.

Is marco dating jackie

Marco and Tom work together a great deal in " Divide " and " Conquer ". When the original plan to trap Meteora fails, Tom stands up for Marco, stating that he believes in his value as a leader and appreciates his stubborn nature. When only the two of them remain, Marco admits that he kissed Star in a last ditch attempt to have Tom retreat and save himself and Star.

Tom originally believes it to be a bluff and appears relatively unfazed at first, leading Marco to have to tell him it actually happened. Nonetheless, they are both willing to give their lives for each other, showing how much their bond has grown.

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In " Swim Suit ", they work together to make a beach day for Star after she is forced to deal with a conflict between Rhombulus and Eclipsa. In " Jannanigans ", Tom gives Marco his blessing to pursue a relationship with Star after they break up in " Sad Teen Hotline ", showing how much he's grown to respect Marco and his friendship with Star.

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In " Cleaved ", Marco refuses to give up on saving Tom from the purple unicorn and restoring his memories. In " Night Life ", Marco helps Hekapoo deal with rogue interdimensional portals.

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When she finds out that they were being created by Star in her sleep, Hekapoo becomes angry with Marco for not telling her. While she agrees not to tell the rest of the Magic High Commissionshe says that they are done working together.

Despite this, he still includes her as part of his "Marc-nificent Seven" in " Divide " and " Conquer ". In " Cleaved ", Marco expresses concern for Hekapoo after realizing that destroying magic will cause her to disappear. However, Hekapoo reassures Marco that she always felt magic needed to be erased, giving him one last slap before he departs, and he admits he's going to miss her.

In " Lava Lake Beach ", Marco comforts Kelly after her most recent breakup with her boyfriend Ta and she likewise helps him through the heartache of seeing Star and Tom together.

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As they watch the Underworld Soulrise together, Marco offers Kelly his hoodie to keep warm, and she wishes him a happy birthday.

In " Monster Bash ", Marco is annoyed when the party guests imitate his karate poses as dance moves until Kelly asks to dance with him.

They also dance together at the end of " Stump Day " and attend Ruberiot and Foolduke's wedding together in " Booth Buddies ". In " Kelly's World ", Marco visits Kelly's dimension for the first time and tells her he has fun whenever he's with her. After teaming up against a ruthless librarian, Marco reveals that he wishes he didn't have feelings for Star because they're getting in the way of the feelings he's starting to have for Kelly. The two agree to be "break-up buddies" to help each other get over their old feelings and move on, and Kelly kisses Marco on the cheek.

In " Cornball! Though Kelly claims it was all on Marco and that only he was happy with the situation, they still seem to be on good terms. Like Star, Marco has a closer friendship with River, to the point of being one of the few people to call River by his first name on a regular basis.

Marco Diaz

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Contents [ show ]. Jackie in Season 4 17 messages. Anonymius wrote:Seriously?

The fact that they were holding hands wasn't a hint? Along with Star's line about Chloe being so c Also, as a side note, while I love Starco Star x MarcoI think the writers should've had Marco get with Jackie and stay with her since Walt Disney, Jr. Daron Nefcy already deconfirmed this.

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