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An INTJ in love is a wonderful thing. Although INTJs are known for keeping people at a distance, they are nonetheless capable of forming friendships and falling in love. A study also found that minus a few exceptions such as the ENTJ and ESTP , all types tend to marry similar rather than dissimilar types to that of their own. A shared perceiving preference as the dominant or auxiliary function according to Keirsey, ensured better understanding and communication in the relationship. Aside from that, having opposite preferences in every other respect would supposedly contribute in making each partner interesting to one another. INTJs, in addition to reporting the lowest satisfaction in relationships, also rate them as being the least in importance of all the types.

I wish I had been tested many years ago. My mother would look at me with a bewildered look on her face unable to understand and I was not able to explain. I learned skills out of my default zone to fit in. Thank you for articulating our differences so well and so accurately.

authoritative message :)

I just love him even more. He is the perfect man for me. This is spot on. I especially appreciated 3 because regardless of what others may think, INTJs do have deep emotions for those they care about. Thank you for a fantastic article.

Thank you for such an in depth analysis. The key verbage was in the differences of how we respond when we are wrong and how vulnerability makes me respond. Wonderful article! I just want to say thank you, feels so strange and warm, im almost crying.

Just discovered that personality type models weeks ago. Thanks for these words of understanding. Thank you for all your work in this area, Antonia! I tested as INTJ about 1. I feel that I could go on and on and on, but I really just want to say that my boyfriend tested as ENTP, and while he thought the test was a waste of time, I surprised him with the test a month later, and sure enough, he was ENTP again.

With time and experience predicting the emotional response or at least understanding it even in the moment serves to further inform the perspective of the INTJ.

Is this off base with your research or could you expound upon it? Great article. As I reflect on the changes, I think in reality I was probably always an I, but was fooled by my what I wanted to believe about myself at the time. Regarding the swap from the J to the P, I believe this is a softening or breaking down of the rules.

Either take me as I am or not. When I was younger and you had asked me the Falling Tree Question I would have said we would have needed to set up test to prove it one way or another. Now I say, how do you know the tree fell? Maybe it was placed there? Maybe it was sucked out by a tornado and landed in such a way that the tornado made the sound. How do we know there is even a tree out there? I just test as INTP again and went searching for more information.

I came across your blog and was sucking up every word. I also will go out in public in sweats and my unbrushed hair in a hat. Of your final 5 I am very big on perspectives.

I even did a blog entry today on how our experiences paint our world. I was and still am a big strategist for avoiding vulnerability I am very in control of my emotions usually and very aware of where they come from. Especially once I faced a major tragedy and the grief that has followed. Then I jump to the other side I do not play into social games, I make my own rules for how I present myself.

I understand dressing the part is an advantage but I am not willing to sell myself to that game. I think I am big on intellectual integrity but I often get in trouble for my blunt honesty. All of that aside, I really enjoyed this blog. I think I may go look at some of your other entries.

ENFP and INTP personalities are Intuitive and Perceptive; they focus on the future, think abstractly, and avoid confining themselves to a rigid schedule. Understanding commonalities can help them empathize with one another. INTJ relationships can be complicated. Here is a look at how each Myers Briggs type gets along romantically with the INTJ personality type. This section INTJ - INTP relationship is about how these two personality types come together in a relationship. Specifically, we will be looking at the joys of this relationship as well as the struggles this relationship may have. The INTJ - INTP relationship has 3 preference similarities and .

Got a best knowledge about INTJ personality. There characters are different and open minded peoples. And makes a lot of sense to me as I look at my own life. Thanks for the article! For example, in your article you talk about how introverted feeling manifests in INTJs as more self-awareness of their mental state and patterns. A bit of rambling, but I hope it makes sense. Love your stuff, Antonia! Keep it up! Also wondering if traumatic childhoods or neglict affect or skew personality types?

Truly believe it is good for everybody to learn and understand their personality types so that they may personally grow and think you guys are doing a wonderful job at this.

I started this personality studying last year with a Real Estate coach. All the tests pointed towards natural talent at analyzing, building, developing, and making systems. Anyways, recently looked in MBTI again at 16personalities. All the insecurities of INFJ I had growing up, especially trying to be a people pleaser and let others take advantage. Emotions seem to get in the way. With regard to emotions, I remember an elder telling me that I give no reaction despite being scolded.

As I recalled a particular moment when I got scolded, I remember thinking back then how to improve things that I just dismissed reacting for getting scolded. I was, as told by this elder, showed no reaction at all.

Intp vs intj dating

Yes, I had no emotional reaction because my mind was busy trying to figure out how to fix or correct my mistake. For me it was far more important to avoid repetition of the same mistake than looking sorry.

But of course, other people would see that as arrogance. This elder thought I was being arrogant. Although I am seen as someone without emotions, which is very impossible, I feel strongly for some events and situations WHICH emphasis intended do not include me.

The genocide in Sudan got me even years before. I felt terrible for those people who have become victims of the apartheid. Of course, I was so and very, very happy when my own country Philippines wins its first Olympic medal in 20 years, courtesy of a female weight lifter. However, when emotions are pretty exaggerated, I detach and could not appreciate. Such actually annoy me. I find them unnecessary unless they change things and events, for I see a lot of emotional people but are stuck in the status quo.

Sometimes though I go through something that technically speaking calls for a strong emotional reaction. When I tried to put myself in the picture, I still go clueless albeit with my tears still flowing. Of course, I experience anger which is actually the pretty dominant emotion I know.

For who would not get angry with people oppressing helpless people, taking advantage of others? When it comes to hygiene, I was not without care at least when it came to the basics.

INTJ vs INTP - 10 Vital Differences You Need to Know Mar 2, Mar 27, by Brandon Gaille People often feel there are so many similarities between the INTJ and INTP personalities; both personalities are commonly referred to as "masterminds" because of the logical thought process that also seems to limit them socially. INTP vs INTJ: 5 Ways to Truly Tell Them Apart By Antonia Dodge I have a working theory that every type in the Myers-Briggs system is integral to social ecology. It doesn't matter if a specific type drives you crazy, they are necessary to keep us balanced as humans. 6 Reasons Why INTJ and INTP Fall In Love The INTP INTJ relationship is likely to make for a very smart couple. David Keirsey, author of " Please Understand Me " observed that INTJs are highly selective of their romantic partners and perhaps the most systematic of all the MBTI types in .

Back then, I was very much happy to be out of place. I still prefer to keep everything au naturel. There are INTP traits that used to apply to me but have now become very rare. I am aware that there are people who really get lost in their world, but I it actually makes me wonder why some people would not leave at least a window for their supervisor in case he raises a concern.

Over-emotionalism as you describe when people could actually do something about it, makes me annoyed, also. I do remember feeling like correction was a slight against my very being. Like they were taking away my space in the world. Most of the time, I would purposely go out of my way to ensure that whatever I was being corrected about would never happen againunless I was daydreaming and I lost track of time.

This was amazingly helpful. But reading this has pointed fairly solidly at me being an INTJ. While knowing that those expectations are useless, which is infuriating. Debunking those stereotypes seems to be critical when trying to differentiate types. I think that of all things it was the bite-sized bit about Tesla vs. Einstein that clicked the difference into place for me.

Thank you so much.

final, sorry, but

As a footnote, I know a lot of people are interested in the types and romance. I got very lucky to find someone I clicked with that early on. Truly a wonderful bonding activity. This is a fantastic article. I took the test twice, once 20 years ago and then last year - hardcore INTJ.

My day is ordered and structured from the time that I wake up to the time that I wake up the next day. I know exactly what I want to do and within what time frame. I maintain and endless checklist of necessary items because everything on said list is necessary and purposed. Annoying people that I have to deal with are subject to a maximum of 20 minutes before I find an excuse to leave their presence.

Too much interaction with others is exhausting like going to dinner in a noisy restaurant and staying after the food has been consumed for idle chatter. I have no use for idle chatter. Cooking takes up way too much time and is one of those annoying necessities that comes along with being human like sleep, which also takes up too much time yet is necessary.

I hate shopping. However, when I have to look the part, I have an executive wardrobe arsenal. I have no aspirations to lead nor any to follow. Hell, my processes highlight gaps within myself but THEY will never know what those are!

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LOL and I do laugh at myself frequently. I find myself in an arena dominated by men and I have their respect because I can hold my own. Women, on the other hand, often see me as a threat. I am correct whether intuitively or through analysis; I am correct. I have no problems admitting ignorance on any topic nor recognizing the superiority of others who are experts in their fields. I stay in my lane. Intimate relationships with the opposite sex are tenuous. I have discovered that there are not too many men who can handle being with an extreme INTJ woman.

Quite frankly, I like being alone. I hate cleaning. As a result, my home is usually spotless. And for when a mess is created, like when I do cook, there is an immediate, efficient, and systematic process for handling such annoyances. All in the life of this INTJ woman. Great article! Though mildly irritating. Hello Antonia, this is Enrico from Italy. Wow, this is a wonderful post! I enjoyed it so much. I had several tests and always got an INTP.

So I start to find patterns to understand why those people feel in that way. This is an interesting article! But also true with INTJ where I will ignore the mess around me until someone comes and clean for me but at the same time. Only hoped for. What I understand, given the evidence from information technology available to us today, is that perception is a process co-dependent on both reality and learned abilities to direct and focus the senses, with automated refocus recalling familiar patterns by remembering the positioning of sensory muscles.

The world is bigger than what I see on my screen. Go look at it and keep learning for yourself! Excellent article. I think I probably went that side of the fence with the realisation that focus on accuracy can be counter-productive if one is looking at the wrong thing, as is undoubtedly the case in economics and politics today. The point being, intuition using the visual rather than aural facilities of the brain, where she has to know where to look to literally see where a book is, I can imagine a book and kinetically feel where it is located.

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A few years ago, i found that I was reliably testing as an intj, but the percentage between judging and perceiving was always small. Recently though, some of my friends got into mbti and i retook the 16 personalities test and found myself placed as an intp.

I definitely lead my thinking process with accuracy rather than perspectives and i have always hated to be wrong, but that may just be a fault born of my own arrogance. However, I was never easily emotionally triggered and always found social games to be rather fun. Working through social circles was more a test of how well I could play the social chameleon and fit the role needed.

However, what little pride i did take may well just be due to some rather deeply ingrained gender roles.

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Its funny actually and enlightening to see the differences listed here, thank you. I am more prone to emotional outbursts, and I can see all these little differences and nuances between the two types based on my close ties and experiences with my sister. I am also more prone to emotional outbursts, and I can see over time she is more beaten down and quiet about her past and being hurt.

I am more deflective, and can shrug off these feelings better than her. Now I am totally confused which, I believe, is maddening uncomfortable for either type. This explains a lot.

INTJ - INTP Relationship

Though I am a bit perplexed, I didnt know that this personality existed in Ghana, Africa. My classmates find me very wierd but sometimes we do have a lot of fun. Right now Im trying to raise money to got a private sigh school because our public school is wack. But then no one will donate. I feel so sad because everyone keeps on saying that ill enjoy it but i know i wont.

You see im very picky about the people i associate with and i get very fustrated when no one understands me. To top it all off, I went to a school where corporal punishment reigns. I was depressed for like two years. I remember the time i received more than eight lashes on my back and shoulder because I hadnt rewritten my essay on foolscape paper.

Im dreading going back to a high school like that. I always had been like that but when I came from Nigeria I was so caught up in my theories because of the kind of association here. I really dont want to go to a public school where teachers are too busy on their farm to come to class and teach. I feel so out of place here. Maybe if i go to a private school I can get a proper science lab to work on my theories.

I am not the suicidal type but I can be quite depressed. Any thoughts? Should I go to a public school where I can forget my dreams of being like Albert Einstein or should I still try? Take whatever money you did save up and research some good online courses you can take to learn stuff.

This article is amazing insightful and accurate. Thank you SO much for this analysis and break down of the two types. Which helped me A LOT. Thank you and keep up the good work! I have no idea how you know what you know, but thank you for knowing and articulating it. It sounds like you understand at least part of how my mind works, or at least minds of the same type as mine. Sure, given the individuality of minds and variations in their set up, nothing will ever be a perfect fit, but you hit lots of points dead-on, and your article was both really cool, and informative.

It was really interesting to learn more about each type and its workings and differences than that, and it was really interesting how you tied it all in or maybe used it to explain? No place better for the brutal honest truth. Thanks so much Antonia, loved seeing the different expression of each personality type.

As an INTP it is fascinating to know how and why something comes about. And yes, exploration is the situation we must will ourselves towards. The Einstein versus Tesla comparison was a really good way to show that we have to develop true judgment if we want to create effective change in our world. Thank you for the article, Antonia. Could you please explain the 10 year old process Memory and how it fits in the car model?

I have to think really hard and try to reinsert myself mentally into a situation in order to remember it in any great detail. I feel like I would be able to handle life much better if my memory was better. This article has been interesting to read. And it has helped me define where I lie in the personality spectrum. The accuracy of this article is almost startling at places, but I think human nature is far too diverse to be classified as a certain type, really.

The driver processes part has proved most integral to differentiate between both, so INTP it is, in my case. Only after reading this, did I realize that I use people according to the accuracy of the information they provide, not as their usefulness as a whole.

So, different people are inquired for different kinds of information. Might sound cold, using people so, but I hardly commit, and the truthfulness of a statement is most important. Thats why I occupy my time finding number patterns, or simply memorizing the citizenship numbers and phone numbers of friends and family.

My room is absolutely organized, not even a speck of dust anywhere. I often make a mess of my room, but organize it back again cause messes are annoying. Though its partly to do with my thought process too. I reorganize my bookshelf every month no one gets my filing system. I can solve a question without even writing the working through, and can never explain how I got from point A to point B. Damned if I can ever explain to you.

In terms of decision making, I suck. Thanks for this. I think it comes down to seeing some of the traits of the INTP as the ideal, but not behaving that way in practice.

Things like desk clutter sure do make me look like an INTP, but I just work better with the things I was just using nearby. Love this, especially the part about personal hygiene. We always got along really well until high school, when I started analyzing social interactions. I realized that if I ever wanted anyone to take me seriously or listen to what I had to say, I needed to play the game a little.

I started dressing nicer, wearing makeup, smiling at people, etc. He went the complete opposite direction and decided not to waste his precious mental resources on shaving or cutting his hair all through grad school. One day he came to visit me and expressed that his life was really pretty good, except that he wished he could find a girlfriend. I offered to cut his waist-long hair for him. All that to say, I think we both now have a greater appreciation for aesthetics and subjectivity, and the people who think in those terms.

That was a wonderful article. I think you did a great job and show a remarkable knowledge of these typesThank-you. Great read. I do have a question though. Is it possible to change personality types or possibly have traits from both sides even though they are contradictory?

I took the test for it a long time ago and the outcome was intp. But because of recent events in my life Ive changed quite a bit. I retook the test multiple times over a few months and each outcome was intj. I know it sounds weird but i was convinced I thought like both when I got to the tie breaker at the end.

I have to agree with a lot about what you said, about INTPs and emotions especially. I also want to know why others have a hard time understanding how I can do complicated equations in my head, is it really that hard to do? Why am I asking you this question? Oh well, I need to find something to do for the next few hours. Check out this book, it helps one to understand the selfhood on a whole new level, not by giving you ready answers, but by helping you to find those answers from where they are at.

This article does a good job of explaining why I can get either one. I have had two careers, textile designer and cost accountant.

I easily fluctuate between how I approach data. Reading about the other passengers in the car was helpful. It highlights how the J is probably the dominant trait for me. This is a little late, but I just wanted to say thank you for providing some nuanced insight into these types.

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I always test as an INTJ, but I never really bought into it because so many people misunderstand and explain INTJs as misanthropic jerks who are insufferably objective and abbrasive.

I like that you distinguish between mature and immature types. This really helps me understand in more detail the things I went through as a child, and also the transformations Ive undergone as an adult. I love people very much, but sometimes I think they believe dumb things, and while Im committed, as you say, to never bullshit myself seriously my biggest thingI usually dont think believing those other things makes people uncredible in all cts of life. People arent forever, and when youve lost people that you were FINALLY, after many years of friendship trying and willing to open yourself up to, you realize how important love is and how vulnerability is the key to that closeness and happiness.

You are awesome for pointing this out. Ive never heard anything like this before from an article about INTJs. To be fair, I reeeeeallllyyy love clean spaces, I just cant do the work. Sorry for the scattered response, just wanted to give a magnanimous squee for your care. Very validating and nice to not be called an asshole. Thanks for the comment, Michelle! My husband INTJ is cleaner than I, but he only cleans when he gets tired of things looking a certain way.

Effectiveness users like to create systems that can function on their own, with little to no supervision. One thing about cleaning, it always needs to be done - and then done again. I would think most Effectiveness users who have the disposable income likely have someone else do their cleaning for them. In fact, I recently informed my husband that once our income reaches a certain level I am hiring a maid.

J stands for judging and P for perceiving. I found every ct to be spot on.

How Do INTJs Compare To INTPs?

Patterns, Math, awesome. Emotions, ugh. Many years ago, one of my friends told me if she got a haircut and truly wanted to know how it looked, she would come to me. If she just wanted to be told it looks great, she would go to pretty much anyone else. At the time I took it as a major compliment but have also used it as a message to tone things down and try to follow social norms a bit more.

In no way is it borne of arrogance, but I do think it can come across that way. People who spout emotional opinions or are followers irritate me because I work long and hard to filter and process data to come up with every opinion I have. Kudos to the author, interesting and astute work. Thanks Natalie! She also mentored under an INTP, so she has a special understanding for your type. I know she appreciates receiving positive feedback.

Thanks again! Intriguing article. Hi Po! Thanks for your comment! There are a lot of nuances to accurately profiling someone, and doing so without actively talking with you is not a guarantee of success. That said, much of what you said above makes me lean toward INTJ except for the last two bullet points.

Go down that rabbit hole and explore it thoroughly. Rest into it for awhile. Try exercising the copilot and see how it makes you feel. Become familiar with the back seat functions and how they manifest. Stay away from tests. People who keep taking tests are like people who always choose baby food over solid food. Cognitive functions are the meat of typology. Dig in and become your own personality hacker. I subjectively display traits of both these types. We help people find their best fit types so they can have an action plan to personal growth and happiness.

If personal growth is not your thing, that is fine. Thousands of people have benefited from psychological maps and models, myself included. If you would take the time to actually find your best fit type and explore its cognitive functions and how it effects your way of interacting with the world you would know the power of typology. If you spend your life choosing dismissal over knowledge you will never grow. Interesting article. I know I am intensely private and a perfectionist, with a thirst for knowledge.

With regards to INTJ, one thing that particularly rings true, taken from 16Personalities, is that they are able to be simultaneously the most starry-eyed idealists and the bitterest of cynics, and that they crave truth, depth and freedom above all else. With this said, any help answering my questions and clearing things up would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for the comment, Molly!

We all have modifiers in our lives that make us unique. There are more introverted Extraverts and vice-versa. Also - have you listened to our podcasts on the types? If not, those may be a good place to start as well. But even if I was hesitating about the result, your article leaves no room for doubt.

Your explanation is really enlightening. I still feel a little skeptical though. In my experience, Perceivers are better at thinking on their toes than Judgers. Because Mensa is a timed test, it may be harder for a Judger to score well because they feel the pressure of the clock.

If INTJ fits go with it. I just took the test and when I went back and reviewed my answers I realized it was a lot of common sense and pattern recognition. At least that is my observation. I had never heard of Mensa until you mentioned it.

I would just say shit happens. This could help me with the emotional intelligence i guess. My son is an INTP. I became more accepting of it thanks to the understanding i gained from the mbti. Thanks for the comment, Lala! Exploring vulnerability is definitely a path to growth for IJs in general. Im not sure if Ill ever know my type again.

Each time Ive come out as a diff type Ive always done the research and I resonate with almost every description Ive read. Now Im just as confused as ever about what I am. How am I to figure it out if I resonate and can even name specific incidents to which each type has had a part in my life? Isnt there such a case of how people change their temperaments depending on the environment or situation theyre presently subjected to at the time or overtime?

Other times I naturally resonate with it is when Im at work. Is there a recommendation you give to figuring this out or maybe you might have some insight into what type I may be? I have read many of your articles but. Your best fit type transcends tests. I have talked to a few people who just keep taking tests and wondering why they are so confused.

But this explains her behavior perfectly. Since both come from a more than stressful household, and I have always found my Se to be more prominent than the average INTJ. Thanks for the comment, Tani! It is true that you and your sister will find the most growth and happiness if you stay with your Driver and Copilot in the front seat. This comes from practice and experience.

The INTJ will definitely have a more pronounced decision on what they want, whereas the INTP would probably play eenie-meenie and pick whatever. 3. Overindulging vs. emotional eruptions under extreme stress. Extreme stress gives center stage to the grip function, which is the last function in the stack. For the INTJ, it's Extraverted Sensing.

That said, Antonia has called the 3 year old our Aspiration. It influences us and gives us purpose. For an INTJ, this will show up as wanting to be present and enjoy the here and now. You may have a desire to bring your visions into the real world. For an INTP, this can show up as a need to honor the needs of others in some way far grander than the average person. Like Tony Hsieh of Zappos. This was so enlightening. I am always talking about perspectives and aiming to choose mine.

I am definitely INTP. Thanks for putting this together. This is an insightful article with a lot of very accurate observations! While both types are calm and reserved by default, INTPs who are actively engaged in a conversation that interests them can become quite animated. There may be lots of variation in tone of voice, rapidly changing facial expressions, and gesturing.

INTJs, on the other hand, tend to speak in a relatively flat, unvarying tone and give away little of what they feel Te-Fi. They can have an immobile, mask-like facial appearance that makes them hard to read. While both types can be very humorous, INTPs who are in an environment where they feel comfortable may display a wackier, zanier sense of humor than INTJs do.

They often take the attitude that everyone should speak freely and authentically, and if others have a problem with that, then they need to grow a thicker skin Te-Fi. They err on the side of too much detail, and their posts and comments on the Web can look like a wall of text Ti. In contrast, INTJs will be briefer, even terse, and will usually get right to the point. Their verbal descriptions often have better flow and continuity, moving easily from beginning to middle to end, without constantly doubling back and inserting vaguely related asides Ni-Te.

Because of their inferior Se, INTJs may have a penchant for skydiving, mountain climbing, or some other hobby that gets the adrenaline pumping. Some of them enjoy individual or even team sports. Nonexpressive, dry, terse, confrontational, and somewhat active or thrill-oriented? More likely an INTJ. Thanks to this article. This article is helpful. Thanks for the Post.

I enjoy reading about different personality types. Anyone who knows me can say that I can clean up nice and dress well to look good. Other times my hair is unruly and they might say I look like a mad scientist.

It all depends. I believe there is always a time where balance is a good thing. Both have their pros and cons, but the best version would be a hybrid between the two. I apologize ahead of time, but I found this link today after assuming I fit the intj model. I took my first test as a teen and scored infj.

Now, after reading your post I thought I found a bit of clarity. I enjoyed your article, but I must confess that even though I am an English teacher, some of the terminology is hard to understand. I have always looked at myself as intuitive but it seems to come from what I perceive and feel, not so much what I think, if that makes sense. I am 41 and while I would say I was sort of shy and geeky which I loved as a young girl, I always felt like I was different, viewing life through a different lens.

But as I got older, I began to question who I really was. I have been called cold, bitchy, snarky, certainly sarcastic, rude, etc. I love all things sci-fi, taboo subjects, and paranormal or supernatural. I, too, feel like similarity between the two types makes it hard to truly tell where I fall. I love to watch, observe, and then store in my brain.

I am a life long learner and love mental stimulation, perhaps to a fault, because I get stuck in my inner world. Even questioned rgerish traits because while I get that woman should look the part, aside from my profession, I am content in jeans and teeshirts.

But I also have a quirky eccentric sense of style that some appreciate and others loath. It took a student, two years ago suggesting I try nail polish and a bit of makeup and I was lost because it was never my thing nor did I know how to do some of the most basic stuff, related to make up.

Aside fromanger and fear, it is sometimes hard to truly tell what emotion I am feeling, aside from a tingling in my belly which I assume means I am happy or excited. I do overindulge when upset, with smoking, sex, and yummy foods, and I often wonder if I missed a calling to a job based in science, math, or medicine because my mind gravitates toward it although I have no background in any of the three.

Can you offer any insight or suggestions on a distinction? When socializing, we tend to present our Ne-engaging, quirky, witty, enthusiastic. However, since Ne is only our second function, we inevitably have to return to our Ti, and when we do, people can be really thrown for a loop.

Where did that fun, talkative, curious person go, and who is this somber, critical, misanthropic killjoy? You have stolen my essence! I strongly relate to each and every thing you said. Reading that was kind of eerie. I am an INTP, by the way. Hi Antonie, i like your article, though i rarely agree with a random article about cognitive functions and MBTI. You sure are a good writer.

I am seeing people are always debating about how cognitive functions work. I guess it is because the definition of each cognitive function itself has no clear enough cut lines between functions, and people tend to have different perspectives about it. So, recently i offered a framework to how each cognitive function works.

You may want to take a look at it, so here is it:. If you are interested, you can re-blog the framework into your blog and give it a source. But, i can not judge them since the current definition of cognitive functions is not so firm enough that they see it in so many different ways.

Wow, 15 years of MBTI research and this is the first genuinely accurate description of the differences between the two types that i have found. Hit the nail right on the head for me.

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Thanks for the honest assessment, Heather! I understand most of this has subtlety differences. But I refuse to shave -or- cut my hair. I was also in the Marines for ten years so if you got your haircut every week mandatorywould you ever get a haircut again? These are my life-experiences and I tend to follow your analysis concerning the authentic - and blind spots of effectiveness.

Moreover, I am wondering what the differences is are in effectiveness vs. Are these not very similar? This work is amazing and very well written, mapped out. I wish you the best. Yes I have OCD. Even though I admit it bothers the shit outta me. Is it possibly that a person evolves into an different personality type as they get older?

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I am certainly without a doubt an N, but the T and P are closer to the middle. It is possible that I tried to fit in more then with dress, ambition, etc to please others so that I seemed to be more J but now that I am freer to be myself, I resonate with the P part of m personality. Based on our observation no one actually becomes a different type over time.

The type we have been since birth may refine itself, however, as we grow and mature. If you showed up as an INTJ at some point, it may have been environmentally influenced.

You may have been raised by a Judger who instilled those ideals in you. As you spent time away from that environment, your authentic self would have surfaced. This is an interesting read. I stumbled on it because I check my results every few years and try to gain a little personal insight. I used to be relatively in tune with myself and capable of doing the monkey dance, but I would rather use my lateral thought processes to jar people out of this boring lull that I read in their eyes.

I used to want to be a doctor because it could afford my life many options and comfort. Oh one more thing about physical appearance and maturity. I want to be unremarkable and basically invisible with regard to dress or accouterments. Thanks Johnny! I love vetting people for their useful information too. I have actually offended some people with my use of too many probing questions as I try to get to the bottom of something. As for dress, I would call that a personal trigger of yours.

Maybe, for whatever reason, you were made to feel weird as a child and now have the superfluous need to blend. Next time you are feeling uncomfortable for standing out, try to trace that feeling back to its earliest imprint.

This will get you on the path to realizing your need to blend is no longer serving you and can be rejected now that you are a fully self-actualized adult. Maybe even give yourself a talking to. Assure that inner child that they are loved and accepted for who they are and being different is a cause for celebration, not avoidance. Haha thanks Charis, I appreciate it. I had to look up Pith Helmet on Google to see what you were referring to.

After reading your comment above, I asked my INTJ husband if he has an aversion to standing out and he said he did. I never realized it was a conscious choice on his part. I thought it was based on comfort. But he admitted he would refuse to wear anything that attracted attention. On the other hand, I have a female INTJ friend who has worked on creating a specific image for herself that draws attention because it is the effective thing to do for the lifestyle she has chosen.

Which my ESTJhusband has neatly gathered from my usual landing spots and piled somewhere to await my sorting. That is until recently when the INTP came into my radar. The description speaks to me in a lot of ways. For instance I get very obsessed with a subject. I learn quite a bit about it. Google the crap out of it. Read somewhere between 4 and 6 books on it.

Which lead me here. To ideas about clothing specifically. Clothing for INTJ v. INTP how does it work? Not sure. But I do have a system for dressing. Before I share - let me backtrack. I want to be comfortable when I get there by wearing the comfortable pants but also by wearing an outfit that is an appropriate level of fashionable. I looked at, poured over, and collected thousands of pictures. I read books and blogs and studied systems. Finally, I developed a system for me.

I have a 4 season capsule wardrobe. Before the season changes I ate the capsule with wardrobe staples. Which I determine based similarities in popular outfits for the season. I study their usage in photos to understand how they can be applied. Then when I feel that something will be the most comfortable thing of the day I go with it.

But dress the item to match the setting based on my knowledge about how to use wardrobe staples. No problem add the black blazer. Since I started using this system I get a lot more compliments on my outfit. This makes me immensely uncomfortable. Great piece. I do this by asking questions with genuine enthusiasm and interest. Once I uncover that I can either share my limited knowledge on the subject, or learn more about it from them and usually both, with the latter being far more mentally stimulating.

Thanks for your comments, Anon! Perhaps this is because as mathematicians we are taught to think the way an INTP does but the INTJ processes still feel more natural and are what I fall back to when taken out of that setting.

In general though the article hit home even more so than most INTJ articles and really helped me to confirm my personality type.

Always a target. They are quite happy to drop one idea at an unfinished state in order to explore another idea that appears more interesting. Learning perhaps. Decision-making, no. As an INTP, my decision-making process involves rigorously thorough evaluation of every possibility and then elimination of all but the best least flawed choice. I think Anon got INTP decision-making confused with INTP work habits, which can indeed be scattered as we become bored by the subject at hand and distracted by newer, unexplored ideas.

At work, the J comes to the front. In my personal life, well, my brain is like a Wikiwalk. Pick a thread and see where it leads you. Best or worst of both worlds, I suppose.

consider, that

Dario Nardi did a study that seemed to reveal all personality types use all parts of their brains at different times. So, we hold to the belief that anyone can be right or left brain. Whereas my sister-in-law is a Thinker and she is crazy creative. I also know some incredibly creative Sensors. I think perhaps you are an extroverted feeler left-brained and your sister is an introverted thinker right-brained. I find out that many different personality of one type exist for example different INTJs.

I read a lot of books and article and its my Idea and not just a guess could you please think and argue about it with your team perhaps it can solve this ambiguous in many people that believe in two types for one person. Depends on your perception and understanding of creative does it not? I would say you are immensely creative by being here.

Man I hate the English language. Devils tongue I say! Too open-ended. Whoever made this language up had bad intent. Hebrew and Latin was fine. Please could you correct it?

Nice article. Though the more I search to find out where I really belong the more I feel anxious and afraid that if I found out I was one I would lose the characters of the other I posses.

If you can help:. Personal behaviours are, Private and secretive, I do not feel comftable to talk, eat or drink in the presence of people I have just met, for talking at least until I am convinced I know them better.

sorry, not

Kind of feel better if I did my work alone, not much of a fan of group work. I feel uncomfortable if people know or try to know more about me than I know about them. I do to people what I would want them to do to me. I am untidy than tidy in most cases. I think it comes from the fact that I would always want to calculate the area or volume or dimensions of every shape I see, and swing irregular shapes just annoys me.

The other thing is information accuracy. I always doubt myself too much, always have a thing of going through information thoroughly every once in a while as if am not sure of its validity or reliability. Further more, when I work on something I plan it very carefully taking risks and possible negative outcome into account.

I somehow have an ability or knowing what amount of effort I should applly on what I do to achieve the outcomes I want, I seem to automatically know how to manage my efforts and resources, for instance if I read less for my exams, it turns out to hace the exact of what I read and does not have what I did not read. I prefer the truth over comfort, better the bitter truth than a sweet like, I prefer understanding a subject than being a master of a subject by title. I am good at estimating and predicting, I would find an answer to a mathematic question first before I can work out a way to reach that answer.

When I meet a new person I first keep quiet and shy, I would just know a bit of who they are then and it turns out to be right most of the time.

Lastly my learning process, if I am to learn a new thing or new information I have to eliminate all possible doubts by asking a lot of questions to understand the new thing, I would want to paint a specific vivid picture of a thing by asking you how does the new thing differ from the existing things which are similor or almost related to it charactaristicaly or and physically.

From the outside in, they both seem to be mysterious, distant, and not pressured by an authority figure. Both personality types are incredibly intelligent as well. Productivity vs. Exploration INTJs are some of the most productive personality types in existence.

They often use their secondary function, which is extroverted thinking, to organize a list and then get their work done. INTJs seek to develop new skills that can help them achieve their future goals. On the other hand, INTPs use extroverted intuition, so they tend to focus on exploration and creating ideas. Deciding vs. Overindulgence vs. INTJs tend to rely on extraverted sensing when they become stressed, which can cause them to binge-eat, binge-watch television, drink too much, etc.

By comparison, the INTP becomes unusually emotional, which is due to their extraverted feeling function. Single Focus vs. INTJs are very loyal to a few artists. INTJs tend to be reasonably consistent in their interests and will only give you one or two reactions when you ask them about anything. By comparison, INTPs are quite different. An INTP will have a chaotic music collection that features tons of various artists.

Caring About Others vs. INTPs can become party animals when they drink some alcohol and go out with some of the friends they care about the most. Changing Actively vs. INTJs typically have very high standards set for themselves and are very goal-driven people. INTPs, on the other hand, will brainstorm the problem and figure out many ways to solve the issue, which means they tend to overthink things. Progressive Conversations vs.

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