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Discussion in ' Celebrity Zone ' started by namk , Mar 22, Any rumors flying around Discussion in ' Celebrity Zone ' started by namk , Mar 22, Korean dating culture is different. The whole contract debacle that came out ages ago with BTS-feel like there was some disagreement. Ssalsa Trainee. Multiwhispers likes this. Multiwhispers , Afya and zowl like this.

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MultiwhispersAfya and zowl like this. I got these from a insider 'tea' site so take it with a pinch of salt -wendy has a bf, he is a businessman and has visited her at the hospital.

One is dating an idol. Lisa has apparently been with the bf for a while now.

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Not really a rumor but Seungri's alleged girlfriend is friends with BPs Jisoo. Before fame, J-Hope was a member of the street dance team Neuron and won various local prizes for dance, including placing first in a national dance competition in Inhe was awarded the fifth-class Hwagwan Order of Cultural Merit by the President of South Korea along with other members of the group.

In , Jin faced rumors that he was dating comedienne Lee Guk Joo. The rumors started when comedian Jo Se Ho publicly joked that Lee Guk Joo was dating a handsome idol trainee. The rumors gained even more traction when netizens found out that Lee Guk Joo and Jin were close. Tags. No Archive Warnings Apply; Min Yoongi | Suga/Park Jimin; Kim Taehyung | V/Min Yoongi | Suga; Cheating; Divorce; Established Relationship; Summary. I really hate to do this but I can't find this fic and it's going to drive me crazy, Its the one where yoonmin are married and taehyung is jimin's best friend. Yoongi cheats on jimin with tae, Then jimin gets into an accident and finds their. Hoseok went to the kitchen, and asked Jimin If they could turn on the TV, he said yes, and Jimin went into the living room to turn on the TV. "Thanks Jimin." "No problem Hoseok." After a while of watching TV, Hoseok fell asleep, Yoongi saw him and told Jimin that he was going home. "Hey Jimin I'm going home." "Okay, see you later.".

He says the song was written as a means to show that he has finally become a son she can be proud of. This website uses cookies to improve your experience. Got It! Learn More.

Cnblue dating rumors Posts; hoseok's mickey. Since there were rumours over the lead vocalist of dating rumors with one member of the supergroup as with the industry. Read: dating rumors rumors. Paring: he was dating. a/n: i was inspired by absurd for this chapterBTS MEMBER JUNG HOSEOK DATING FAN!?!?!?!The popular k-pop boy band BTS, was reported by fans who believe Jung Hoseok is dating a fan. We have proof, from @/miaadangg on twitter. She makes captions for her gets excited as the fan appeared. All the other members seem to know her to. Ideal Dating Situation. J-Hope has a very simple idea of dating. Since he loves the sea, he idealizes a beautiful date where he could walk on a beach while holding his girlfriend's hands. As a celebrity, if he could freely do so, his girl is so lucky to date him. But as he hates working out, it .

Who is Jung Ho- seok? You might also like. Media Personalities.

BTS Jimin Suffering Now? Malicious Club Rumor in Paris #LetBTSRest

Honestly, while reading this article I have no idea what should I say? All I think is that, thank god they don't have a girlfriend right now because what if they have? On the other side, do they have time to have a girlfriend despite on their busy schedules?

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His ex girlfriend was popular with boys, and would often make him doubt himself. The two eventually broke up because of this. The interviewer said that he felt the whole album was really introspective and asked if it was meant to be this way.

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I wrote the verse in 20 minutes. It just came, very truthfully, from the bottom of my heart. The rumors gained even more traction when netizens found out that Lee Guk Joo and Jin were close.

Mar 23,   just rumors i've heard, take with a grain of salt: stray kids hate each other (close to disbandment) someone in twice is bi. hoseok, taehyung, and jin are bi. J-Hope is currently single and there aren't any dating rumors linked to him as of yet. However, some media had reported that he had a girlfriend before fame and that they both split after she moved on with some other guy. According to him, his girlfriend should posses some qualities like thoughtful, good at cooking, reading books and is. MONSTA X's Wonho has recently come under fire after netizens revealed his scandalous past as ulzzang Shin Ho Seok. Netizens uncovered photos of the Starship Entertainment artist from his time on the show Ulzzang Shidae. The photos featured Wonho clubbing, drinking, and smoking while he was still just a young teenager, fueling criticism against the group and the agency.

Fans suspected their relationship based on past comments by the comedienne and by another comedy man. Jin says his ideal type is someone with a puppy-like face and personality.

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He wants to date someone with good cooking skills a kind heart. He had said that he shyly fell in love with a fellow classmate. She said yes and the two began dating.

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Unfortunately, things were very awkward between the two. Suga is known for his open support of LGBT rights.

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