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For example, Emmy Rossum , who is set to soon leave her role as Fiona Gallagher sniff! Check out more details about the love lives of the stars of Shameless! The actress and Mr. In early , E! News exclusively reported the pair had called it quits.

Fiona is the eldest of of six siblings who are forced to face the realities of poverty on the Southside of Chicago with a deadbeat dad and an absentee mother who later died. As the default matriarch of the family, Rossum shares co-star duties on Shameless with William H. Macy who plays her father, Frank. In she made headlines after she won a battle for pay parity - which included being paid more than Macy to make up for the years in which she was underpaid compared to her co-star - with Showtime.

Her departure comes as a shock to fans of the show like me who have learned to depend on Fiona to bail her siblings, her friends, and herself out of the tightest of jams.

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Imagining a Shameless Southside without Fiona is a tall order. This shocking news begs the question: how will the show write off its central character? Here are a few ideas:.

Aug 30,   While Shameless is an ensemble drama featuring a large cast, including frequent Emmy-nominee William H. Macy, Rossum is the de facto lead, as . It's time for a new season of Shameless and now is as good a time as any to remind you of the painful fact that Fiona Gallagher's (Emmy Rossum) Shameless saga ended with season 9. But it's been. In Emmy Rossum's final episode of Shameless, her character Fiona Gallagher gets a true South Side sendoff. Here's what happens in the season-nine finale of the Showtime drama, and why it Author: Dee Lockett.

He was known for disappearing at random and coming back to ask Fiona to rearrange her life for him. She usually blows him off, but this time she may just have a change of heart. Fiona runs off with literally any man. She sleeps with someone, starts to like them, and every once in a while she lets them lead her into some pretty rash decisions, like when she married Gus Steve Kazee on a whim after only dating for a week.

This seems like the most likely scenario, especially if her new man is rich and can take her away from the stress of being a landlord.

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She serves jail time. In season 4, Fiona was sent to the slammer after her youngest brother accidentally ingested drugs during a party. She plead guilty and is now a registered felon. The chances of her staying on the straight and narrow feel shaky.

Oct 14,   The family and love lives of the characters on Showtime's hit series Shameless may be dysfunctional onscreen, but in real life, many of the cast are pretty functional: Happily married, dating and. Jimmy/Steve (Justin Chatwin) returns (again), and this time Fiona takes him up on his offer to run off together. Fiona's first major love interest may have been a liar, thief, con, and criminal Author: Sesali Bowen. Shameless Review: Fiona Learns to "Swipe F*** Leave" with Tinder Dara Driscoll 4 years ago Shameless' second episode of this season was so solid and dynamic it had me smiling or laughing the Author: Dara Driscoll.

Falling back on familiar behavior was understandable, but spending time with the person responsible for what happened to her family wasn't. Fiona clearly has a type: bad boys.

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If given a choice between a man who will offer stability and one who will bring chaos to her life, she's likely to choose the latter. She married Gus, who seemed like a really good guy, but she ruined their marriage.

She thought Sean could be a good guy, despite his past, and didn't like that she didn't benefit from him turning his life around. When he had to leave to keep his secret at the end of the season, he wanted her to go with him.

She even considered leaving her family behind to be with him.

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Family - and taking care of them - was extremely important to Fiona in the early seasons. As she grew older, however, that changed. You have to wonder if she'd make the same choice now. Fiona deserves better than constantly getting involved with people who don't care about her.

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In season 2, she was briefly with her high school crush, who then told his wife. Fiona was, of course, made out to be the bad guy in this situation. Craig's wife threw a milkshake at her, and Fiona made a quip about the flavor.

That's pretty much what you expect from Shamelessthough it would have been better if they had skipped it then. However, the series at least gave Fiona the moment that she deserved amidst the mess, as she cried in the bathroom after speaking with Craig and his wife.

The fact that Fiona dated her boss, Mike, probably wouldn't have been a problem if not for everything else. He had trust issues from a previous relationship, and that came into play in his and Fiona's professional relationship.

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Someone broke the windshield of a company car, and she lied to him about how it happened. Mixing their personal and professional lives like that created a huge problem. Then, of course, you have to consider the fact that she wasn't faithful to Mike and Mike still helped her by posting her bail. Mike was just one of Fiona's several attempts at dating a nice guy him being her boss aside. However, his brother, Robbie, was the type of guy who attracts her.

They were both addicts in some way, him to illegal substances and her to chaos and mess. Considering that Robbie was a mess, she had to know he would tell his brother. It really doesn't make sense that with Shamelessit was a question of when, and not if, all of this would happen. Fiona has declared her intention to be single several times over the course of the nine seasons of Shameless. The problem is that she's never gone through with that plan.

She even knew she jumped from relationship to relationship and shouldn't do that when she and Gus were divorcing. This wouldn't be much of a problem if her relationships weren't problematic.

However, every time she hops into a new relationship, we expect it to have an expiration date or for something to go wrong. Early into season 5, Fiona was into a musician - but that musician wasn't the one she married.

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She and Davis flirted, but then his girlfriend showed up at the show he invited her to. Fiona's solution was to turn to his friend, Gus, out of anger. It wasn't the best start for a relationship and that should have been a sign that it wouldn't work out. Fiona and Gus did hit it off, at least well enough to get married after only dating for a week. In a way, Gus and Davis represented the two types of men in Fiona's life. Gus was the single good guy, while Davis was the taken, but didn't care bad boy.

Gus was one of the good guys Fiona dated. However, maybe it would have been better if they had only dated - or dated for longer than a week, at least. Their time together before they got married was so brief that the chances of their relationship lasting were minimal.

Fiona and Gus' relationship began after she found out the guy she'd been into had a girlfriend, which was already a mark against them. They barely knew each other when they decided to get married. It was a whirlwind romance, and with Fiona's history, viewers knew it wasn't going to last.

Getting married should have been an event that Fiona happily shared with her family. After all, her family was very important to her in the early seasons of the series. Plus, by marrying Fiona, Gus had become a member of that family.

However, that wasn't what happened.

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It didn't help that no one really knew who Gus was - nor did he know much about Fiona's family. Fiona knew that she rushed into her marriage, and as tends to happen with the Gallaghers and those around them, chaos reigned at the same time.

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When he showed up, it was only a matter of time before something happened between the two of them. Even when Fiona was married, that was true.

Fiona and Gus had a whirlwind relationship and marriage.

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Gus didn't stand a chance. After Fiona and Gus' marriage fell apart, they didn't get divorced right away. So, they were legally married for about a season while separated. Considering one of the reasons why Fiona and Gus' relationship fell apart was that she was unfaithful, this shouldn't have been surprising. In season 8, Fiona briefly decided to try out a dating app service in order to help her meet men.

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While that ultimately didn't work out - she wanted something real - it wasn't the worst decision Fiona made. However, that was actually the problem.

Shameless - 'A Boy In Your Bed' Official Clip - Season 5 Episode 12

That was how Fiona and Ford started, after all, and they only fell apart when she found out he was hiding a family from her. In season 8, Sean reappeared in Fiona's life.

Fiona dating shameless

He told her that she deserved better and he'd cleaned up his act. He'd even moved on and married someone else. Fiona thought his new wife needed to know about his past. However, she didn't bother checking if she was yelling about him to the right woman at his motel. It wasn't funny at all, but it was to the Gallaghers.

When Sean reappeared in Fiona's life and was sober, he was also married. Fiona was upset when she found out that someone else was living the life she felt she was owed after what she put up with when she was with him.

Just because Sean had made her promises, though, that didn't mean that she had any right to try to ruin his new life. Why else would she tell her?

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