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Director Code of Conduct 80kb . Supplier Code of Conduct 1. McDonald's is committed to conducting business ethically and in compliance with the letter and spirit of the law. This commitment is reflected in McDonald's Values. Each year McDonald's employees certify that they have read and will abide by our Standards of Business Conduct. Employees also complete regular training on the Standards, anti-bribery laws, and various other laws, regulations and company-specific policies.

Telling her that she had to go outside and scrub the pavement with a toothbrush. The last time I checked that is rude, discrimination, and umarionfoaleyarn.comofessional. No GM should ever leave people like this in charge because that could cause a problem. My niece has decided to quit before she has a real situation with her. I will be going up to this location today to have words with her and the GM.

I work for Dominos in Oakville,St. Monday yesterday I was mistreated by the GM. She screamed and accused me of not working when I WAS working.

How Domino’s Won India’s Pizza Wars

I am not a child and should never be screamed at for any reason. Most especially in front of co-workers and customers. She handled the situation poorly and I lost pay because of it. She was having a bad day for some reason that occurred before I arrived at work. I said good morning in a happy and upbeat manner only to have it returned with a grunt.

This is not unusual so I did what I usually do in this situation, do my work and keep my head down. Unfortunately, after a run things were slightly chaotic and myself and a co-worker were trying to communicate to each other about what was going on. While packing my hot bag and clocking out on the road she proceeded to turn around she had her back to us all along and screamed at us to stop talking and standing around and to get our deliveries out the door.

To which I began to reply that we were doing just that, packing up and getting ready to go. Apparently she thought I should just stand there and let her verbally abuse me. I will not! After trying to relay to her what we were in fact doing she then chose to send me home. That was a huge overreaction that cost me money.

Her personal problems should not be allowed to impair her judgment. Not to mention the embarrassment she caused myself and herself. Customers were in the store and watched her explode. If that is not bad enough her manager has instructed me, after I contacted her about the incident, to work it out with her my manager. So, I get the impression she the bosses boss has no intention of addressing this situation and prefers to ignore it.

This all has happened after over a year of working there and dealing with this type of treatment. I have not complained or created any ripples about these issues before and have not been reprimanded for anything before either. This should be handled better. I will make sure to follow up relentlessly on this issue until I am satisfied it has been handled appropriately. I am not the only person to have similar issues with this manager and turn over in this store is very high because of it.

During that time I never missed a day of work and even picked up other shifts that other employees could not show up to. Over the course of time our manager, Tracy Maloney, started to become extremely disrespectful in words and deed. In front of customers and anytime his job became to much for him to handle. I had three days off and when I came back to work I was told no more banks would be provided. This was very stressful as I am a mother to 4 children at home. This was not what we agreed to when I was hired and was the beginning of things becoming more stressful at work.

I would have to call the customer and lie, telling them it was my fault, that I did not realize the run was a cash run and ask them if they had the correct amount of money for their order. When I first started working I was a closer as well. The number of mice that ran about store should be a concern for anyone storing food. We were told to lay traps and would catch as many as 6 to 8 mice a night. In the middle of a conversation with Mr.

Maloney, I was asking him a question about labeling the boxes. Someone had told me to label them one way, and another person told me to label them another way. Maloney was hanging out with a driver in the office. He told me to go help the customers up front, which I did. In the middle of the transaction, I was getting ready to get the customers their change when Mr. Maloney comes up and bumps me out of the way, taking over the transaction and giving the customers their change without reason or word.

I fell into having a panic attack because of the stress. I told them I had to leave and they checked me out. They asked if I was coming back to work anytime soon and I told them no. Fast forward to recently.

He told me he would talk to Kevin, the Regional Manager, and call me Monday. He never called. If I could not come back to work I simply wanted to know if I should return the shirt and hat or throw it away.

I was hung up on. I called a second time, in which I heard Mr. Maloney in the background saying I was harassing them. This was not the case. I was hung up on after asking if I should return the shirt. This was like 1 minute after our initial conversation. I had recently been told that an employee had to be written up three times before they were not allowed to be hired back.

There have been employees that have been written up more than 3 times due to being no call no shows at work who still work there till this day. Employees who left and came back time and time again.

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Even when I started working at Century 21 full time I still came to work everyday, never missing a day. I would appreciate some answers about the practices and standards these managers hold themselves to. About deciding to not give out banks and sending people home for not having change to work. About the lines of disrespect they cross with employees and if I am not able to come back to work then I would also like Mr.

Maloney fired. He is not capable or dependable to handle the position or authority he has been given with any level of character, discretion, or professionalism. Last but not least, drug testing should be monitored very closely, perhaps given more often at this location particularly.

I have seen managers at work high on cocaine, which is extremely uncomfortable as a female closer not knowing how a person might react on drugs. Hope you guys go bankrupt! Inspired commercials. Everyone I know use to Love your pizza! It was the go to, best delivery pizza by far!!! No one I know would take dominoes over, well anything else available now.

Just not what it use to be. Just convenient sometimes. Bring it back! We were delivered cold wings and pizza. I am not a person that usually complain much, but this is unrealistic. I have tried to order a pizza twice this week from Dominos in Moultrie,GA. I have called several times and the call goes unanswered every time. This is the first time I have had this problem with ordering a pizza by phone.

My family has enjoyed your pizzas many times in the past. I hope this matter can be handled soon as pizza night is a favorite at our table. I went in for an interview on May 17th and was TD that I have the job for assistant manager, but they had to get my background check in first.

They sent it in on Friday the 20th. I have called to see if it has come in considering it has been almost 2 weeks and I keep getting the run around. Who do I get a hold of to find if my background has come in yet. I applied at the store in Black Jack, MO. This was my first Dominos pizza and my last.

The pizza was horrible! When I went to complain the manager hung up on me. Nice job training your employees Dominos! You should be ashamed of yourselves! You obviously allow this type of behavior. No wonder I was the only one there getting a pizza from one of your stores. Hello I called a dominos pizza in south bend Indiana on Edison Rd and when I placed the order it was am they told me mins so I called and the guy thay answered the phone was rude and kept asking if I wanted to cancel my order and I kept telling him no and here it is am and my order is still not here this is ridiculous why is it taking so long for an order to get to me?

I was placing an order with your longwood, florida location. I had a card that was handed out at a local event to be used for free stuffed cheesy bread. Your manager there accused me of it being fraud and no such thing existed. First of all I deal with customers all day long and to wrongly accuse a customer of this is wrong and against the law.

I will never order from here again and will be posting this on facebook, there is no reason to ever treat your customers like this. She was full of excuses but they were just that lack of customer care and false accusations. If I did that to my customers I would rightfully lose all of my business. This is rude and disgusting. The only resemblance your pizza has to good pizza is that is round. Go to a place were they have really good pizza.

In a small township called Vernonia, which has suffered many floods of the years and each time the town shrinks in business.

Domino's Delivery Guarantee

Leaving only two Taverns, one seasonal restaurant, 3 year-round nonfranchise or corporate establishments Mexican, Italian, Meditoranian and American Style one Subway Sandwich Shop. We need one out here badly. Could you Mr.

Doyle sir take a good long look for opening a corporate store here in Vernonia. Give us a chance to our children, families, visitors of this town that just driving through.

I ordered a pizza for myself and my gf and had them delivered to her work. I used the app to make the order and proceeded to follow the process. Once the Pie was out for delivery the driver called asking me where the pizza was headed.

I called back to the store which was the number given to me on my V-mail. I spoke to a woman who was immediately upset with me when she realized who I was. I asked her to please send her delivery driver back to Union so my gf could have her dinner.

can consult

She started telling me I wrote the address down wrong and that it was my fault the driver didnt know where he was going. I have e-mails confirming the correct address not to mention it was correct on the box as well.

I said that the address was just as it is in my phone and to please send the driver back. The mgr started yelling at me telling me I was wrong and It was my mistake not theirs. I asked for a manger thats when she told me she was the manager and I could speak to her. I told her that I was the customer I have proof I was correct and she should never speak to a customer like that.

Thats when she hung up on me. I was contacted yesterday regarding the incident by another manager. Im sorry but a talk or stern conversation isnt a resolution to the complaint. Whoever trained her should probably be let go as well. I hope this situation has brought some light to someone and they realize something needs to be done! When are you going to offer a non dairy cheese?

Vegan movement is growing and no one offers non dairy cheese. Be the first i promise your clients will grow. I miss your pizza and have been waiting. Please hurry! Thank you. I commented about the Saran wrap on the key bored and what a great idea. My husband was impressed thinking oh if they care enough to Saran wrap keyboard, then the workers on the prep line would surely be gloves and hairnetted, but no quit the opposite.

A man came from the back of the store told me to get out, if they would have just used gloves when I first mentioned it and then mentioned it again it would have been fine. My husband is a disable vet and the manager was not willing to give up her homework spot in the main area while we waited 15 mins. Sad this was our first experience in an actually dominos restaurant.

Who does that? My husband and I do, because we appreciate the hard work these employees do. The complaint is as follows: I attempted to place an online order on Thursday, April 6, around the noon hour. The site kept stating there was a unknown error. I later found out from the delivery driver, that I had been talking with the manager.

After the several failed attempts at placing my order online, I remembered the sandwich had onions, tho at the time thought it said red onions.

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She then read off all of what was on the sandwich, leaving off onions as a ingredient. I then told her that it list onions online. She had a annoyed tone at this time and repeats there are no onions. My son has a allergy to onions so everything we order comes with no onion please as part of the order. The food gets to my residence a bit late, due to the driver not finding my house. She called me and I directed her to my house. I called the location back and got the same person that took my order.

She said I said no red peppers. There would be no reason I would order no red peppers as he loves them. Then states she was going to cancel my order and place me on a do not serve list and hangs up the phone on me. I attempted to recall the store to talk to a manager thinking at the time that the had a rogue employee treating their customers very VERY badly. The phone rung and someone, one would assume, it was the same manager, would answer the line and hang up without saying a word.

He explained that this location was a franchise owned store and that he would forward my contact info to the owner. After I hung up with the rep, I was leaving my house and was passed by the same driver. It appeared she was heading to my house so I turned around. In fact, she was heading to my house to apparently return my money to me at the orders of the manager.

I returned the sandwich and apologized to her for her having to be a middleman to the situation. I asked her who I was dealing with at the store because I intended to talk to the manager regarding this encounter.

I am amazed but not shocked any longer after reading and myself submitting a review using yelp and the BBB. This location has a 2 star rating with yelp and never responded to a BBB complaint submitted a while ago.

Dominos dating policy

This location seems to be consistent with poor customer service. I pose this question to corporate, why are they no interested in retaining longtime customers like myself and do something about this location?

I have never been so blatantly disrespected by a business. With so many other pizza options in our area, I will never do business with this Dominos and am now considering never doing business with any other dominos.

Do you as a corporation not care how one franchise can destroy your corporate name like this and turn myself and others away from dominos in the future? The poorest Dominos ever. The management is rude. The training of employees is missing. Overcooking, under-cooking and wrong items plague this store.

If this is a company store, your area manager needs another job to fill the time that this one never gets done. Four years back in this town and every other pizza order is messed up. Two were burnt. One had incorrect items and to top it off. If this is a franchise store, well, your not checking them. Senior, Disabled veteran that was a Dominos faithful for 20 yrs. Michael and Judy Gonzales. I ordered from your company on Feb 23 with a debit card. I waited for my pizza for 3 hrs at the Rockaway ave in brooklyn.

I never got my food. I called several time I was told the money woul be put back on my card within the next business days. I never got my money back. Who can I contact to resolve this situaton. My boyfriend and I ordered two medium pizzas in Reading Pa. It took close to two hours for it to be delivered.

Then, we noticed his pizza was not what he ordered. I double checked online to make sure I ordered right, which I did, then tried calling the store. I was hung up on 3 times.

My boyfriend was hung up on once and then they kept him on hold for 20 minutes before we decided to give up and go to bed. Normally, we would have just ate the pizza but the toppings and alfredo cheese were not to our liking. While in erie pa. The pizza told over a hour to get to me. The gentlemen delivering the pizza was rude. Pulled up in a red Monte Carlo. With a passenger in the car.

The gentleman got out of the car reeking of marijuana. I dont get how you can have someone with a piss pour attitude representing your company and driving around delivering your pizzas smoking marijuana. I will never even think of ordering another pizza from your company. By far the most disrespectful representation of a company.

Soon afterwards we received a call from someone claiming to be the manager of the place. He was so rude,swore at us,called us horrible names! We hung up and this person would not stop calling with harassing phone calls! Ended up calling the non emergency police to lodge a complaint. I refuse to ever buy from them again! I said this was still higher than online coupons - would not budge - so I cancelled order.

Very unhappy. Pizza Hut here I come. I waited 20 min. Once there I was told that he had not even started on my order and it would be 30 more min.

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This was not the workers fault. He was left there by his self alone to answer call in orders and walk in orders. There should always be two employees in the store at all times so this will not happen. Your walk in customers are just as important as your delivery customers.

The locate is Kingstree, SC. When I did get my order the pizzas were not hot they were warm just turning cold. If this is the way its going to be operated it just needs to close its doors.

I will go to Pizza Hut next time. But it was carry put only. So running errands we dropped by your place an order. I walked in at As you can imagine there were tons of phone orders picking up their orders. As they were taking orders i believe the counter person forgot to label my order on the box. At my husband got tired of waiting.

When i asked the student to check on my pizza, he said it was next in line to go in the oven. That would have been anothet 40 or 45 minutes.

We difnt get our pizza but got our money back. The location is on Hewitt Dr Hewitt texas. I currently work at dominos. Something wrong is going with dominos pizza Israel. I had many delays with my last orders and I complained. The local customer service replied and gave mea compensation. Today I have decided to give another chance and ordered again.

After I paid online I received a phone call from the local store Raanana saying that they are sorry but only 1 delivery guy showed up at work so the delivery will arrive after 2 hours!!!!!

I cancelled the other. I hope you make some changes here!!! How does a mother handle this without flipping out? I ordered from the dominos on Winn st in woburn ma and I waited over an hour and a half for my medium pizza and wings. When I called, Marina assured me that my food would be hot. When I finally received my food, it was cold! When I called and asked for a refund Marina got upset for even asking and said they never said it was take 30 mins for it get here, but the email clearly says mins and then she said hung up on me.

Worst service ever!!!

apologise, but, opinion

I ordered a order for delivery and i never received the orderthe order was placed at pmthe location I ALWAYS order from closes at 1a. Horrible service, I will be contacting someone tomorrow to have this situation handled!

My family was up waiting for this orderand now we are stuck without a meal for the nightI will be taking this to the next levelthis is sooo unexcepptable! After reading others complaints It seems like a trend for Dominos. Do not fulfill delivery and keep the money. I need someone to contact me regarding an order that I never received.

I Want My Money Back. Two hours later it had not shown up so I called the store. The individual that answered the phone advised me that my pizza had been canceled because they could not reach me. Instead of delivering two of the other pizza, or just the other pizza, they completely cancelled the order but not before charging my credit card.

I asked him to refund me and was told fine but it would take days before I would receive it. So I was left with barely any money and no dinner for my children - I had to ask my neighbor for assistance.

I cannot even explain how unhappy I am with your company. He has even went to owner of this franchise about what goes on but still seems like nothing gets done.

Domino's Pizza began when Tom and James Monaghan bought DomiNick's Pizza in Ypsilanti, Michigan. In , the company name was changed to Domino's Pizza. In , the first franchise location was opened. By , there were locations. In , the company expanded to Canada with a store in Winnipeg. The th store also opened this year. #Science It's time to ditch the dating apps and let us help you find the tomato sauce to your cheese with help from the world's best bonding food - pizza! We've teamed up with our friends (with, er, benefits) Dear Pluto at Barbara to offer you the chance to connect with 20 tasty singles in one fun night of speed dating and *free* pizza. Oct 19,   Outline: Post being shared on Facebook claims that you can click to get one free large pizza from Domino's. Analysis: The post has no connection to Domino's and you will not get a free pizza by participating.

He has worked in the pizza business for 25 yrs and says he has never seen anything like it before. U would think the corporate offices would be checking into these problems if they gave a dam about their business.

I ordered a pizza at pm. On Monday evening. I picked it up at pm. When I had called in. I asked for one marinara dipping sauce. Ever before!! The man I gave my order to. Told me about the.

But told me. Remind me when you pick up your pizza. I thanked him. When I pulled up to the window to pick up my pizza. A lady. Whom I gave my money to. Returned with my change. Then gave me my pizza. I asked her about the sauce. She was the Manager!! But I told her. The man said, she then called me a LIAR!!!

Yes a liar. I told her. Then you know what he told me then. She just shut the window in my face!!! There are a lot of other pizza businesses who will appreciate my business. If I had an employee like that. Kathy Rezabek. Or are you just trying to be cheap? Customers I swear to god. I have called and asked them what was going on with the delivery and what was taking so long and they said that there was no reason for me to call and complain that they are busy and that they will get to me when they get time.

What kind of customer service is that. I would appreciate a reply back on how you are going to take care of this matter with the employees at the Wahpeton North Dakota store thank you Ricky Holbrook. I order pizza and they called me back and told me that they had one driver it would be hour or more nice lunch not I cancel the order. We ordered pizza at Chosin Ave San Diego at pm for carry out with a minute wait time. My husband picked it up to the 2 medium pizzas and they were all total grease, looked like some punched the dough, were not cut right, and the pizza looked horrible like it was run over by a car.

We are regular customers to this location and I called the manager. The manager, Amanda said they would replace them both and it would be minutes for the delivery. We waited and waited and waited. I called the third time at pm got the 1st manager Amanda, she was rude, mean to me on the phone.

She gave me the excuses about rain and said that our replacement order for the 2 medium pizza was holding up all her other orders and it was our fault that people who placed their orders for their pizza had to wait because of us. I was like did she just said that to me. I told her that she as a manager should have called employees in and she was yelling at me to not tell her how to do her job.

Domino's now offers a 20 minute delivery guarantee, when it's safe to do so. We have worked on new technology that allows an algorithm for online orders based on various factors, including how busy the store is, the distance of the delivery and driver safety and the size of the order to determine if we can deliver your order in the service guarantee. At McDonald's, we conduct our activities in a manner that respects human rights as set out in the United Nations Declaration of Human Rights. Our commitment to respect human rights is defined in our Human Rights Policy, which applies to McDonald's Corporation and our wholly-owned subsidiaries worldwide. Our Policy is guided by. Some of the previous answers here are half right half wrong let me help clarify them. Generally when it is busy and there are way more orders than there are drivers in the store here's what happens: First off, if you ordered your pizza online, a l.

I could not believe the way she talked to me. The driver finally arrived at pm and I gave him back the horrible pizza and told him to give them to Amanda. The driver named Rob was very nice and he should be recognized for having to deal with bad management at this location. She said that she was sorry, but it was not real.

When I get my order the pizza it was cold! I called the store and i get a very bed attitude.

not take

They make me looks stupid! If anybody like a cold pizza I recomend this store! There are MANY other pizza places non-Corporatewithout shareholders scattered across America that would never do such an insulting thing. Oh boo-hoo, it asked if you wanted to tip.

excellent idea

This investigation will be conducted on the validity of their umarionfoaleyarn.comofessional conduct occurring throughout administrative staff and other personnel. All doXXXXented proof of suspicions in the areas of umarionfoaleyarn.comofessionalism; poor customer service and quality of sold product delivered by the hired staff will be reviewed during this inquiry. Id Like J. Important and confidential.

Thank You. The Storethe Mgr on duty felt that this was so funny. I was driving past the Dominos in belleview Florida when one of the drivers decided to pull out and attempt to run the stop sign. You could tell that the driver was being careless and just wanted to get the delivery over with.

Meanwhile I had 2 young children in the back seat that could of gotten very injured. So pathetic. While waiting, I called from another, the line was busy so I decided to stay on my cell, on hold and drive to to the location. With 7 people behind the counter, I ordered atlooked at the phone on the counter with ALL lines on hold I know this because I have the same phones at my place of business. I asked Serverwas something wrong with the phones.

He told me, all the lines are down, and I still am on hold with my cell in hand. A few minutes later, the phone started ringing. One young lady answered the call, took the order and I am still on hold. She asked serverwhy all the lines are on hold and he walked off, while she started answering the on hold lines, one by one. She answered my call at pm. Last month, this same location put the wrong ingredients on my pizza, remade it 40 minutes later. Hello, order number we ordered a pepporoni pizza and breadsticks from the Dominos store on Dayton Xenia rd in Beavercreek Ohio.

We asked for extra sauce and paid for 3 extra sauces we immediately checked our order because they did the same thing a million times before never put in the sauces we paid for. Told the delivary driver they forgot our sauces again and he had no extras on hand and never offered to refund us. To top our experience off we got the wrong pizza!!!! We immediately called the dominos store hoping they could call the delivery driver hoping he had the right pizza and just messed up the orders Unfortunately after continuous attempts of calling for.

So they way I see it is you guys charged me for something I never received. So basically your taking money from your customers which Most people would consider theft.

You guys are taking my money without me receiving the product. So many times they forget to put the extra sauces in the orders and I am sure you get alot of angry customers.

This is the first time we wrote in to complain but this happend on several occasions and Frankly we are just fed up!!!! I received a call from a friend in need of dinner who had no transportation. You need to fix this. Not to mention, your employees lack customer service all around.

Not a single care was given. Louis and travel to Kansas City Mo. I always had a great experience and my order was always delivered at the specified time. Then on Oct. I made my order online as usual and set it for delivery at PM. The manager answered and I asked about the delay with my order. I was told that the website does not know how busy the store is and they will get it to me as soon as they can.

At 9PM there was a knock on my door and he handed me my pizza and told me no charge. That was great until my company called me to inquire why I did not put this on my expense report. The manager told me no charge, charged my card, did not have me sign a receipt or give me one. Same thing occurred only worse this time. I ordered for a delivery and that time came and went. I called the store at PM and was told it would be there very soon. Still nothing. At I called again and the manager states he was at my hotel, even talked to the people in the lobby about the election, went to both rooms, the one on my previous stay and my current stay, called my phone, which no call was received and that he cancelled my order.

Why did he not have the hotel call my room? I was watching for them because by now I was very hungry. I emailed the customer service people and have a case open I keep ating the situations that occurred and I am emailed back that they have sent this to the appropriate people.

They even bring you plates and napkins which is great when you are eating in a hotel room. This is such a easy situation to resolve but the customer service contacts are pretty useless at solving them. Today was family football day. All tge kids came over and I usually order dominos every Sunday.

Until today. They are literally 6 miles away and the been coming to my town since I lived here in I ask y and I get told because of their drivers. U were good. But when I told the kids no dominos and their faces dropped and ur own employee said I kno it sucks.

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U will lose that store in hometown pa. I ordered pizza one day last week and I received cinna stix that looked like breadsticks and the icing was not in the box either.

I threw them away. Tonight I called to order again and the man that answered the phone said that he would make sure that they were made right, and they were. However, the cheese pizza with Alfredo sauce was so full of bubbles, over half of the pizza was horrible. I called and they sent me out a new one. Before they got here I started to eat the cheese bread.

I thought it was melted cheese stringing from my mouth, but it was actually dough. I sent them back with the driver that brought the replacement pizza and let her know that I did not want them replaced. Really poor quality coming from the dominos in Farmington Missouri. It will be a very long time before I order from there again. Please offer specials for those of us who live alone and cannot consume a large pizza in 2 days. Pizza older than that is dried up, does not reheat well, and I do not want pizza more than 2 meals in a row.

Your specials are always offered on too much food. I tried to do phone order. The person was so rude. To me he said,he had someone waiting on the line. Did not get to finish my order or give my name. When I arrived to pick it up. Brownsville, TN. This not the first encounter with him.

Oct 12,   Aggregator delivery service Just Eat. Domino's 63 UK franchisees, who run almost all of its 1, stores, want a bigger slice of profits and are refusing to . Feb 13,   training and development in Domonoz Pizza 1. GROWTH OF FAST FOOD CHAINS IN INDIAKFC, Pizza Hut and Domino's are just three examples of the many fast food chains operatingin India. In the past few years, the food sector has taken a huge leap as far as the growth ofthe food sector is concerned and especially in the fast food segment. Dominos Dating Policy, south korean woman dating, incest dating site, christian dating connection/

This is the 3rd experience where my ordered was screwed up! After waiting over an hour they brought the wrong pizza. Time and time again they same store delivers a pizza with meat! How hard can it be to look at the pizza then match it with the ticket?

Never again!! I can order sometimes twice A week. As most year-old teenagers will eat anything, mine 13yr. I called the store and spoke with the manager. She was polite, but she was telling me double cheese makes a lot of grease. So I asked her as to why was the peperino pizza greasy? She replied that the peperino makes a lot of grease as well. I stopped her right there and told her I have never had greasy pizzas there. That if she wanted to check on the computer about me being a loyal customer.

She said yes I know you areI would assume she has knowledge of every customer or has ESPnot sure which one. She offered at p. I said no and told her I would be contacting corp. I said I ordered 2 pizzas and paid for 2. She had never said that to me. There is a lot going on in this store.

Respond to my complaint and I will give you the telephone number to the store or whatever you need. They never wash there hands. Also do not like African Americans. Two days ago at work a man came in and one manager was so rude to him he told he would return and shoot up the place. I to have calmed down so many customers and in which of doing so they have tipped me nicely for my work performance.

can look for

My next step will be to call the BBB and the health department. Also when ordering chicken if dropped on the floor they do not care they will still serve to customers.

And if I need to talk to anyone higher then the Gms then I honestly will. This is the crap our people deal with when working storm trouble. Linejunk with Delphine Parker. He preordered his pizza and headed on down to the store to pick it up. After they repeatedly asked his name, they kept saying it would take a little longer. Twenty other people came in to get orders placed after his. Finally, after 1 hour and 15 min he got it. He asked the manager if he thought it was reasonable for it to take over an hour for a pizza that had already been called in.

This is a payback because you thought you waited too long to get your power back on a city that is flooded. Zane and his co-workers have worked non-stop since Saturday. You can say thank you to the Duke employees that you see. They have gone without power, without water, without showers, without food for long periods, and are away from their families to help ungrateful people like you.

You that have NO understanding of how electrical distribution and repair works. Fortunately, most people do not act like this group of peoplebut youemployee be assured you will have a formal complaint filed against you in corporate so good luck.

Sidney Johnson Jr. I am mad as hell. If they did this to my dad there are no words to express what I would have done. Danis Wood Boyce This makes me so irritated. These employees were working around the clock in terrible conditions. STILL are working around the clock. I waited until to call. No answer. Called again at and the person answering was so rude I had to put my brother on the phone. This place is unethical, poorly maintained and a disgusting disgrace.

Today I had the worst experience with Dominoes. My door bell rang tonight. It was a guy delivering a pizza from dominoes. I was not surprised because my husband orders dominoes a couple times a month. Most of the time when he orders pizza, I just sign for it and add a five dollar tip on the receipt. At that time I ran back to the door to try and catch the driver to tell him that he delivered the pizza to the wrong house, but he had drove off already. I assumed that he would realize his mistake and come get the pizza.

So I sat the pizza and the receipt on my counter and went to finish doing laundry. About an hour and a half later I was startled by a loud banging on my front door. I was afraid to open the door because whom ever was banging so hard my door was shaking. This noise woke up my husband who then ran to the door and opened itto find another dominoes worker yelling, talking about a stolen pizza.

He and my husband both began to argue, until my husband told him to get off of our property. I then went outside to try and calm the situation down, and let him know that we did not steal a pizza, and that i signed for it because I assumed my husband ordered it like he has in the past. I was trying to tell him that I had the pizza and the receipt in the house. But he was so busy yelling and accusing me of identity theft that he could not hear what i was saying.

Then he told my husband and I that we better explain ourselves to him or we would have to explain ourselves to the police. At this time I was angry and told him to call the cops. My husband then called the police and we explained the situation to them and gave them the pizza.

This situation was very embarrassing. I feel like this guy created a problem for no reason. I Live very rural. But by the time I arrived home it was always cold, required reheating, which always made it tough.

I would like to say that after calling corporate and shortly receiving a phone call from the area manager regarding my complaint, I am please that this gentleman named Troy handling the situation as it should have been handled at the franchise. Props to Troy for his professionalism and his prompt response. Thanks to Troy my temper is cooled off.

Whoever this so called manager is needs a great deal of training in his professionalism as a a lead and customer etiquette as well as phone etiquette. I had 16 people over for dinner and out of the 4 large 3 topping pizzas on which I ordered double cheese and double pepperoniwhich was not applied to these pizzas I still have nearly 2 pizzas left, minus one slice.

Not even the 8 children who were present at more than half a slice of pizza because it was so dry and the crust was bubbled to the center of the pizza. Then to call and make the manager aware and he have such an umarionfoaleyarn.comofessional attitude and insisted on telling me that they indeed made these pizzas as I ordered and offered no apology for the inadequate quality of pizza. He said me made them right!! No why on earth would I call and complain if my family had enjoyed our pizza night!!!!

I have had minor complaints in the past, but never made much of a fuss, because the pizzas did get eaten. I live like 4 blocks from this franchise, but I highly doubt that I will order pizza from here anytime soon. WORST service ever at the stoner ave. This location should be shut down. The workers are very rude with nasty attitudes like they live in the project will never return here again. Gallatin T. I called and told them that the pasta bowl and Philly Cheese Steak was burnt and they would only give me a discount on the sandwich.

Very rude. I have been ordering from dominos all the time. I ordered a pizza last night, and my dough was pretty under cooked. Told him he lost a customer,then hung up. I thought the customer was always right,besides we pay there wages. Would like a explanation on how they treat there regular customers. To add insult to injury we got the wrong large pizza and when we called the Dominos pizza store that delivered the pizza store at Beach Blvd Buena Park CA So they just stole out money because we did not get what we paid for.

I called Pulse because the Manger said she was not calling them. Manger told me I was suspended. I was a loyal Employee. I think something should be done. I have always been on the fence when it comes to Pizza Hut Vs. I can tell you one solid truth As my last relationship ended and the lies, scandals and deceptions came out, after all was said and done, my psycho ex girlfriend did teach me one VERY important thing:.

Usually on weekend nights that I am in, I usually am cool with a movie, a 6 pack and a pizza. Around 8pm, I went online to order my pizza. I built a modest 2 topping medium pizza, and placed my order.

You have to love how far we have come in the delivery pizza world. Immediately afterwards, I was introduced to the piece of a software that would save my neck. Pizza tracker? Fuck yeah, the pizza tracker. Yep, it was my psychotic EX. Knife in hand, she starts threatening to do some pretty awful things. I try to stand up, she freaks. I stay on the couch and attempt to calm her down. She goes into a hysterical rant about us getting back together, ya right, and I glance at the pizza tracker.

She continues on her violet outburst and I tell her we can work things out hoping to get her to calm down. I decide I need to try and get to my phone.

pity, that

I inconspicuously try to look for my cell phone. I left it my room. I am screwed. I am dead. The pizza man will get blamed for this!

Oh, the poor pizza boy will be wrongfully blamed and get life in prison for what this unstable bitch is going to do to me. She continues on for another 5 minutes. Trying to make eye contact, glancing at the pizza tracker every second she looks away.

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