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One of the most popular questions I get asked is about the old Wilton Vise identification. Many people ask me about vintage vises and see if I know how old they are, and unfortunately, I can only guess. This is because many manufacturers don't add date stamping to vises, so there aren't many clues to work with. Click here to see pictures of common Wilton vises on Amazon. Some people can investigate the style of the vise to see what year it was designed in, though this is just a ballpark date. Other clues include patent date markings, which you can estimate an issue date from.

After the war ended, the government dumped their surplus of tools and equipment into the marketplace at huge discounts.

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Because Wilton vises were only sold to the government, and did not have a distribution network in place, the surplus of vises now flooded the marketplace from the government, and nearly forced Wilton out of business. Hugh Vogl, together with his son Alex who began working with his father inset out to build a solid distribution network.

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They decided to start with the automotive supply distribution network which was on the post war rise. Simultaneously, they decided it was time to expand the Wilton product line.

Inthe light-duty carriage clamps and series heavy-duty machinist clamps were added to the line.

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These clamps were tested to deliver the maximum possible strength for each once of weight with a body made of refined malleable pearlitic castings with tensile strength ranging as high as 80, lbs psi.

With spindles machined from high quality cold rolled steel stock and fitted with generously proportioned handles all sizes were equipped with modern precision cut acme threads.

Wilton History

Later inwith the assistance of Bill Ferrick and Charles Vogl grandson of the original owner, Wilton branched out into the industrial distribution network. ByWilton had become the recognized and accepted brand name in the marketplace, and by Wilton had become the preferred vise brand sold in the industrial market.

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This was a modern method to position bench work and speed up assembly lines. The Wilton Pow-R-Arm held the assembly or work piece permitting the operator to have both hands free helping the operator to not only work faster but with greater accuracy and without exertion. This indicates that the casting molds were used after moving, or they made castings before moving.

Dating wilton vises

Then, these castings were made into complete vises to release. Most of the vises have smaller models which were most likely not sold to many. As a result, experts, presume they were cast in Chicago and weren't finished unless needed, which may have been years later.

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People agree that Wilton began creating vises inwith sources showing these were for military or government contracts. This was done until World War II ended. Wilton's founder, Hugh Vogl, filed a design patent for his vise in and was approved in This was quick for a patent approval process, and it may be due to World War II.

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With all this being said, it seems to show that from the yearsWilton vises had no date stamp on its slide key. After a few years, the company changed the date stamp and product guarantees.

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Data shows that Wilton began stamping the date of when the guarantee expires instead of the date of sale. It shows the month and year that shows when the guarantee loses effectivity.

This created a lot of confusion, so they stopped doing this in For unstamped vises, they are most likely made between And that's how you find out the fate from your old Wilton vise identification!

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I know how difficult it must be looking for more information regarding the old Wilton vise identification. Like mentioned, a lot of people are still looking through it, too!

That's why it's fortunate many people publish in forums to give light to various queries on the topic.

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Similar to this article, there are experts who have contributed to forums and blogs that show accurate findings and knowledge on Wilton vises. So do you want to read on further about these, including information on the Wilton Bullet Vise? Then you can find various forums with users that post their findings online.

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Or, you can begin the thread in this blog in the comment section right below. Vogl was the founder of Wilton, and he filed for a patent on his vise in August of after being in business for only a few months.

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The patent was a Design Patent which is far less complex than a Utility Patent, so it was approved in March ofwhich is very rapid for the patent process. My personal feeling is that the buildup to World War II probably pushed patent approvals at a faster rate than normal. Starting in January the slide key would have a release date stamped into the key that generally coincides with when it was sold.

Wilton Vise Restoration

A few years later, Wilton changed the date stamp, as well as how they advertised their product guarantee. Current data suggests that starting in late Wilton decided to stamp the date when the 5-year guarantee would expire, rather than when the vise was released for sale.

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That dovetails perfectly with the theory that during that time frame, Wilton was post-dating the slide with when the guarantee would expire, rather than when the vise was made.

If it was made between and the production date can be narrowed down a bit by looking at the markings cast into the vise. There is some speculation about the difference between the Pat Pend and Pat Pen versions, but the likely answer is the Pat Pend came with acorn nuts to lock the swivel base, and the Pat Pen with a notch and gap came with swivel locks that had handles.

Dating Wilton Vises, i or dating, carbon dating multiple choice questions, olympic skating pairs dating apps. 3 hours. by admin. 0 like. Daphne Angel. 1. Ryan T 34 mins / One of the most popular questions I get asked is about the old Wilton Vise identification. Many people ask me about vintage vises and see if I know how old they are, and unfortunately, I can only guess. This is because many manufacturers don't add date stamping to vises, so there aren't many clues to work with. Wilton A 8 in. Mechanics Vise with Swivel Base, /4 in. Throat Depth. See Lower Price in Cart. Set your store to see local. Wilton 8 in. Jaw Width A Tradesman Vise. See Lower Price in Cart. Set your store to see local. Wilton /2 in. Jaw Width Tradesman Vise. See Lower Price in Cart. Set your store to see local.

The handles require a bit more clearance, and the easy fix would be to notch the body in that spot. When they added the notch, they lost some letters. The last two variations of unstamped vise have the markings the same on both sides. I have seen unstamped vises with the curved Chicago casting both with, and without, the notch for the swivel locks.

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