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Pottery identification is a valuable aid to dating of archaeological sites. Pottery is usually the most common find and potsherds are more stable than organic materials and metals. As pottery techniques and fashions have evolved so it is often possible to be very specific in terms of date and source. This Jigsaw introduction to pottery identification is intended to get you started with basic guidelines and chronology. EIA pottery.

It appears in a multitude of colours that vary from black to pink to brown to red. The fabric is soapy to the touch and the shell is finely crushed.

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The pottery was probably produced in various centres around St Neots. Stamford Ware An off-white, very fine, light firing fabric, wheel made and fired in kilns.

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It is also the first appearance of glazed indigenously produced pottery in this country since the Roman period. Glazed from AD, no other major glazed ware emerges in this country until the 12th century, apart from a brief period in Winchester in the later 9th.

High Medieval late 12th - mid 14th century The High Medieval period in pottery terms is a highly decorated period particularly jug forms where applied strips, pads and stamps are common. Some industries create polychrome decoration using different coloured clays and slips to produce flamboyant decoration on jugs. However very little decoration is present on the utilitarian cooking ware forms.

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Colne Ware - AD This was a pottery production centre on the Fen Edge in the middle of Cambridgeshire making Medieval pottery rather like Ely ware though the fabric is smoother and harder. As Colne becomes more developed later in the period it becomes more distinct from Ely ware. Ely ware - AD One of the more recognisable local coarse fabric types is Ely ware, used for jars bowls and cooking pots and also for glazed jugs. Some of it is wheel-made, some is handmade, and the fabric usually has buff surfaces but not always and a blackgrey core, with some calcareous white blobs temper.

Ely Ware is found in the Cambridgeshire fens up and down the rivers and as far north as Wisbech and Kings Lynn. Study Group for Roman Pottery: www.

Dating terracotta

This step by step guide to archaeological techniques is one of a series prepared by Jigsaw - a network of Cambridgeshire groups working alongside Oxford Archaeology East.

The guides are available for download from the Jigsaw Website.

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Peterborough Archaeological Sites. Peterborough History. Home Contact.

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Pottery Identification Pottery identification is a valuable aid to dating of archaeological sites. Manufacture: Raw Materials Clay - mostly derived from sedimentary deposits brought by rivers, glaciers, wind etc.

Abstract Six ceramics and two baked soil samples collected from the famous Xian Terracotta Army Site have been dated by using fine grain ( ?) TL by: 5. The clues to dating a piece of pottery is right under your nose-or at least, under the base of your pottery piece. You have to identify it first before you can determine its value. What to Look For Here is a list of some of the common phrases, terms, . Furthermore, made in the largest in - bce, terracotta warriors of the terracotta warriors, bodies, dating cannot be., it is the three decades on a discussion with naughty persons. Deployed alongside traditional archaeological, the army the institute's exhibit, the first emperor, bodies, it is a form of clay, chariots with mud.

Inclusions - often incorporated naturally into the clay e. These low firing temperatures also mean lower energy costs.

Pottery Identification

In some cases, terracotta has been fired as low as degrees Celsius. Majolica ware can be created with terracotta by bisque-firing the terracotta pieces and painting them with an opaque white glaze and firing them again. Sometimes, nothing more than a clear glaze needs to be used on terracotta to enhance its natural fired color and give it a great shine.

Primitive pieces of terracotta were just left to harden and bake in the hot sun, while later pieces before kilns were fired in the ashes of open fires.

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While I can identify an ancient piece and tell you its value, I can help you-via my tips-show you how to spot a valuable ceramic and to identify pottery marks from more recent history.

One of the easiest ways to learn about a piece of pottery is to learn how old it is. The clues to dating a piece of pottery is right under your nose-or at least, under the base of your pottery piece.

You have to identify it first before you can determine its value.

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Here is a list of some of the common phrases, terms, or words that are often marked or found on pottery. Knowing them can help you pinpoint the date of your piece from the mid s to the end of the 19th Century.

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I also provide tips for dating pottery pieces from the 20th Century. The famous diamond-shaped English registration marks with numbers and letters in the diamond form were used on pottery during the height of the Victorian era, from circa Nippon pottery is very popular and collectible. There are many other clues to identifying your piece of pottery and to dating your piece with or without a mark, phrase, word, or term. Forgeries are very common and it is easy for forgers to fake a pottery mark, so make sure you know if you have the real thing.

Marks can be deceiving. Remember, even pottery without marks can be very valuable and highly sought after in the market.

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Carbon dating cannot be used because ceramics are made from finely-grained mineral clay, and alternative dating methods are complex and costly. Now, UK scientists have found a way to date these artefacts and thus give fresh insight into the history and construction of . History. The word terracotta originates quite literally from the Italian translation "baked earth" and its use across the globe has a prominent place in history (and continues to be vastly used today). One of its earliest reference points was in prehistoric art, with some of the oldest pottery of time being found as far back as 24, Sara D'souza.

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