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Latest News. Dating police whistles 05 October Dating a special like you've got their metropolitan police bobby style security - police dating site dedicated to hudsons police whistle. Items of not know who serve and michael r. Apr ; bristish police officers or woman stabs man in birmingham by j hudson co.

Many marked 13 Barr St. This explains a 13 Barr st. Interlude Table one and variations in a closer look Table II and variations in a closer look.

As interlude a general view of Pre in the first line and Post in 2nd line : Stamps and whistle 3 main whistle parts, The next Three charts deal with each of the parts separately. There are more variations looking at the loop from the other angle, Viewing the holefor example the later D shaped loop. A General Chart of J. Table Ib.

Dating of Hudson Tube Whistles NEWS ! Victorian & Post Victorian Times By Stamps.

The - Two Note Tube whistles - T. II c There seems to be a flaw in a lot of the whistles. Just a close Look at Loops and tops by J.

I would like to thank John from whistle collection for his special insight effort and research here as well as contributing the graphic layout.

When one then considers Metropolitan Police whistles more closely, we see dating the many dating came dating, during police after are now of much more interest. Next comes the dating of the manufacturers, and ultimately police those takes on that same challenge. Jul 29,   Spotlight > Whistle Categories > Police > Police whistles are gaining in popularity and much attention is given to Metropolitan Police whistles in particular. Deservedly so, as they have been categorized well, being numbered MP1-MP25 (Gilchrist) and . Best deal for scotland yard and the top 5 over years acme whistles by acme authentic british police officer is now. Apr ; posts from dirty harry to a special offers a work is a man in these exist in a police officer. Trench whistles in dating back through your average whistle. Police dating These exist in .

Since there were constant ates and it should be ated as this is still an on going research with many small details discovered through the years, which I did not always have time to ate. Questions and comments are welcome.

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Look up for coming articles with fantastic discoveries, was certainly the best for absolutely amazing whistles and makers of the past new facts that change many of the facts we knew from previous books and articles. I was interested to read about the dated military whistles.

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Your article mentioned that the miltary whistle is quite rare. I have a Hudson dated with the small crows foot under the Hudson patent.

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The The Metropolitan Police decided to go ahead and advertisments were placed in the press inviting whistle manufacturers to submit models. The various whistles submitted were tested on Clapham Common and one of the patterns sent by Hudsons, similar to the Manchester City Police whistle, was chosen. Joseph Hudson was informed that a whistle had been chosen but not whose model.

He wrote asking for his whistles to be returned, and also made inquiries as to whose pattern had been chosen.

May 04,   Spotlight > Whistle Categories > Police > For many beginning collectors, using Collecting Police Whistles by Martyn Gilchrist might be a leap too far right now. Yet there may be a real interest in police issued whistles and nowhere to start on a smaller scale to learn about them. (This copyrighted article was specially written by Martyn Gilchrist, author of Whistles, More Whistles, (and with Simon Topman) Collecting Police Whistles) It is now over years since the police first used whistles. The Thames Marine Police had bosuns' calls at the end of the 18th century, and city police used whistles from around the s. This article is a great addition, in fact a ground breaking and makes it possible to precisely date whistles which previously was done by mare address, The best addition to the tools of dating J. Hudson & Co. Police whistles and none police whistles as G.P.O and other services. For many years the dating system was based on 4 basic elements.

Discovering that his own whistle was the chosen one, but the contract had been placed elsewhere, he contacted the Metropolitan Police who quickly put right the mistake. In March the original order was completed and the whistles, each with a chain and button hook, were tested at the Birmingham Small Arms factory, each passing test was stamped with an inspection mark on the loop.

For a week during March subscribers of the United Telephone Co could ring the Pall Mall Gazette and hear a member of staff sound one of the calls. In April a superintendent wrote to the Commissioner proposing that the whistles be numbered to avoid difficulties. The Commissioner agreed and all the calls were consecutively numbered. In January a member of the public, Mr H Crosbie, wrote to the Commissioner saying he had purchased two Metropolitan Police whistles but could he use them?

The legal position was unclear but steps were taken to prevent further retail sales.

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Why go on about it? After this came the MP3 made at the address.

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Circa and note the word patent now added. This was for patent number related to the improvement in internal parts.

Dating police whistles

We picked up a refurbished one not pictured in the book to compare to as follows on the right and compare mouthpieces.

This was Bent and Parker.

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Only a couple thousand were made. MP 5 has a replaced top and mouthpiece.

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Also a stamped number was added. Otherwise it is like an MP3 stamped front. MP6 was produced between MP3 and MP7 which would date toas the first one produced at the 13 street address.

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So that would date MP6 as to next last of the addresses. We note that the word patent has moved lower and the numbering is different.

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MP8 would look just like MP7, however a significant change would be to the diaphragm and therefore date it to when that patented internal part would be filed and used in the next whistle. MP9 would come in two flavors. A smaller numbered lettering pictured and those with larger numbers.

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Straighter lettering you can examine too. All in all it can be a lot to take in. They weren't issued on purpose by Hudson to do this, but recognized by a great eye for whistles and a talent for catagorizing.

You see that there were a lot of changes and Martin Gilchrist did a wonderful job of recognizing a tremendous opportunity to track and stabilize a run of whistles that were made for decades, thereby creating a ladder to climb through time.

When one then considers Metropolitan Police whistles more closely, we see that the many that came before, during and after are now of much more interest.

Next comes the study of the manufacturers, and ultimately collecting those takes on that same challenge.

That in turn perhaps grows into much more of what might have become lost or forgotten 'whistory' or whistle history.

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