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Omega Serial Numbers by Year One of the questions that frequently gets asked is what the approximate date of manufacturer of an Omega Chronograph is based on it's serial number. There have been a number of charts similar to this on published in various publications in one form or another through the years. However it is potentially useful for narrowing down the vintage of Omega Watches. For those who are looking to date a Speedmaster, Please link here to a more up-to-date and more specific table for dating Speedmaster Serial Numbers compiled by Roman Hartmann and also hosted by myself again this table is also approximate and barring a more accurate table published by Omega is the best we have. Remember that watches were not necessarily sold in order or sold close to the date of manufacturer. Omega started utilizing ETA Calibers by , those serial numbers may or may not be accurate within this table

Founded in by Louis Brandt, Omega is one of the world's best-known and most respected watch brands.

A note on Omega watches produced after The table below has data for watches up to If you are looking to determine the date of a contemporary watch, it's best to contact Omega directly. A note on Omega Speedmaster watches: This popular watch had its own serial number system for many years. You can find this information in the. The Omega Watch Company was founded by Louis Brandt in La Chaux de Fonds, Switzerland in Brandt, 23 years old, began by hand assembling watches from parts produced by local craftsmen. When Louis Brandt passed away in , he left the company to his two sons Louis-Paul and Cesar, who moved Omega to Bienne in January Vintage and Antique Watch "How to" Information by Renaissance Watch Repair, provides a large amount of info on identifying, dating, evaluating vintage pocket watches Specific Makes or Styles How to identify an original Simon Willard clock by Ben E Fulbright, Adobe Acrobat 23KB.

Based in Switzerland, the company produces stylish and beautiful timepieces for men and women. Whether your Omega watch is a family heirloom passed from generation to generation or a special gift from years ago, you can date it by referring to its serial number.

The company offers an official document called an "Extract of the Archives," but as of Aprilthis service was not available to U.

58 rows  E For Omega Speedmasters with serial numbers >47 million refer to Roman Hartmann's . Serial numbers can range from six to nine digits and may include a combination of letters and numbers. Elgins, for example, may have a letter in front of a series of numbers. Omegas have seven or eight digits. The serial numbers on an Omega pocket watch, for example, start at 1, A Omega wristwatch starts at 15, Jun 24,   Unless your Omega comes with the original Certificate, don't expect to find your birth year watch using the above serial compilation!!! The chart will never be as accurate as an Extract from the Omega Archive, but it can give an idea of about how old is your watch. However, dating Omega pocket watches is not the only complicated thing.

Thankfully, independent watch retailers provide lists of serial numbers to help you date your watch. Place the watch face down on a clean, soft cloth on top of a hard surface such as a table or desk. Examine the back of the watch for the timepiece's unique serial number that may be engraved in the metal. Use a small screwdriver to open the watch case if you don't see the serial number on it.

Not all vintage watches can be dated using the serial number. Some American watch brands did not use a consistent series of serial numbers, but most of the big manufacturers did. Most vintage Swiss pocket watches did NOT have serial numbers and can't be dated by this method. This chart is in no way a substitute for contacting Omega Vintage Information with the Serial Number of an Omega movement and requesting information as it is a very inexact guide (perhaps as close as +/- years). However it is potentially useful for narrowing down the vintage of Omega Watches. Navigate your Internet browser to a website that lists serial numbers for all Omega watches made since Cross-reference your serial number with the ones listed to obtain an approximate date for the watch's production. Brittons Watches: Date Your Omega Watch By Serial Number. Omega Watches: Extract of the Archives Order Form.

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Omega Serial Numbers: A Complete Guide. Serial numbers on watches are often quite tricky to understand. Plus, all watch brands have a different serial number system which further complicates it. Serial numbers are numbers that are unique to each and every Omega timepiece and can be viewed as the ID of the watch. Through the Omega serial number.

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How to Buy a Pocket Watch 101 - By Ashton-Blakey Vintage Watches

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