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If the red tab only has lettering on one side the one facing the front the jeans are pre Inspect for a care tag, if you find one the jeans are post-mids. If this is the case, the jeans were produced before roughly. Inspect the rivets. If the back pockets have hidden rivets replaced by bartack around and if the back plates of the rivets are silver coloured with lowered letters the jeans are post And if the letters are raised and not lowered you are holding a pair of pres jeans, and chances are that you will get goosebumps all over.

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Sizing is very tricky and very different from modern sizing. This is the best way to know what will actually fit you.

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This system is insidious for a few reasons. It tells women that we should be smaller than we actually are. It drives me nuts!

Me too, girl, me too. The rule of thumb is to subtract two inches from the marked size to figure out the actual size.

May 04,   The first thing you should look for when inspecting vintage jeans is whether it's a selvedge denim. If so, the jeans are likely to be produced before the mids. Learn all there is to know about selvedge denim here! 2) Inspect the red tab. If there's a Big E on it, you're well on your way to the big jackpot. If the red tab only has. Vintage Levi's Dating by Care Tag Unused old factory stock from the s. Set of Sizes marked on labels may vary from photos. I have plenty, if youd like more or need them in bulk convo for special Patented on May 20, by Levi Strauss, a dry goods merchant, and Jacob Davis, a tailor. Levi's filled a need for the working man of. Levi's Jeans labels can help identify the general date the jeans were made. The spelling of the Levi's logo will date the jeans either before or after To asses more specific dates, you will need to review the zippers, rivets, pockets, belt loops, label, and stitching.

Simply put, denim shrinks. We all know that s are a fabulous fit. What makes them so great and what are the different styles we should check out?

Personally I think this fit is flattering on every size and it does wonders for the booty.

Feb 13,   For a Levi's denim label, a capital letter "E" indicates manufacture before , while a lowercase "e" indicates manufacture in or after A CUT ABOVE - garment construction Watch pockets can be found on the waistline or waistband of dresses of the ss, and elsewhere on the dress bodice from the s. Nov 23,   The Levi's is slowly approaching its th birthday. America's classic pair of denim has gone through quite the evolution since its inception in The jean today is, although a different piece of garment entirely to the nineteenth-century waist overall, still referred to by its Lot number: Due to an earthquake and fire in which destroyed the Levi . Dec 03,   If your jacket has a double row stitching adjacent to the buttonhole and only two chest pockets, then it's from the same period, 71 till mids. On page 2 you can learn how to spot if vintage Levi's denim jackets were made before the 70s. Age of denim, Denim jacket, Levi's, Type I, Type II, Type III, Vintage denim. Jan den Hartogh.

This is a button fly, straight leg, mid rise fit. I think some of the butt magic comes from the fact that the back panel of fabric on a is cut wider than the front panel.

Jul 19,   Levi Strauss immigrated to the United States from Bavaria in He worked in the family's dry goods business in New York until , when he Levi left for California as part of the great gold rush. He didn't go to pan for gold; he went to open a branch of the family wholesale dry goods business. Jan 21,   Old School tags: Authentic vintage Levi's jeans are those manufactured before You can easily verify the true vintage of the jeans with this easy trick: find the red tab and check for a capital "E" in LEVi's. Styles from the 80s and 90s are great too, so . Check the buttons. Levi's manufactured in the mids and prior will have a single digit stamped onto them. Newer versions (as well as fake ones) have three digits stamped on the buttons. The most popular numbers on vintage versions are 2, 5, 6 and the letter W. New Levi's have "" or "" stamped on them.

Depending on the era of your it can be high waist or more of a mid-rise. All s have a zipper fly.

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We photographed a pair from the 90s. And if the letters are raised and not lowered you are holding a pair of pres jeans, and chances are that you will get goosebumps all over. Inspect the patch.

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You have probably noticed by now, but the next thing you need to inspect is the front of the buttons. This can be verified by painted arcuates if still visible and front pocket bags of varying fabrics, e.

How to date your Levis 501's, 505's, 517's or almost any pair of Levis.

These jeans are very hard to come by. This can be verified by a crotch rivet at the base on the button fly.

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Anything older than this, for instance without belt loops or with one back pocket only, is either lying around in the Nevada desert or locked up in a fire and earthquake proof safe, and will probably not be put up for sale for less that what you pay for a midsized car or a trip around the world. In Apparel.

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