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By continuing to use the site, you agree to the use of cookies. You can find out more by following this link. The King of Swords is not one to be trifled with as he shows a great energy around you at this time. When you feel his energy around you it is an excellent time to puff out your chest just a little bit and be proud of the accomplishments that you have made. The King of Swords is a master of clarity and vision. Like the King, you are in a place in your life in which you have a laser sight of focus on your path and you know what you want.

Expect him to offer to cook a meal for you after a pleasant walk on the beach. The King of Cups has usually suffered a lot of heartbreak in his life, after all this is the suit of emotion. He has learned to temper his extreme feelings and manages to channel them into positivity.

Nevertheless, it will be wise to bear in mind that a current of emotions runs right through this man. He appreciates a strong woman, but she will have to have sensitivity and empathy to maintain a loving connection with the King of Cups. If tenderness and consideration are important to you, then the King of Cups will be the man for you. Intellectual, analytical, logical, communicator, methodical, principled, fair, serious, unemotional, distant, controlling, perfectionist.

These keywords fit the King of Swords to a tee. He has a thirst for knowledge, an eye for detail and little interest in things he deems to be unimportant. He is an observer, rather than a leader, and easily rises to the top in a professional capacity. His negative traits appear when he takes his perfectionism to the extreme.

He becomes a bit of a tyrant and a manipulator. He may engineer situations to work in his favor without caring about the consequences. He has a temper, but it manifests in a cold, calm manner.

King of Swords - Reversed

You will catch the attention of a King of Swords type in a working environment. Impress him with your business-like attire, your efficiency and your crisp, matter-of-fact manner. Wear black or navy blue, stockings and stilettos. Minimal make-up. Expect him to ask you out for a lunchtime drink. Refuse alcohol and drink mineral water or espresso.

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To sustain a relationship with the King of Swords takes a special kind of woman. Feelings may remain unspoken, yet they are there. Once forged, this bond stays strong. Hard-worker, practical, pragmatic, earthy, sexy, generous, resourceful, conservative, traditionalist, cautious, possessive. These are the qualities that best describe the usually genial King of Pentacles.

The King of Pentacles is just as comfortable at home with his family as he is in a crowded room. His negative side is usually connected to an obsession with making money. The roots of his fear of poverty lie in his early years. He is fearful of losing everything and returning to having nothing. This manifests in a tendency to miserliness and distrust. You are likely to be a woman running her own business, or even his secretary.

He is a forgiving boss, attracted to feminine women who have a practical outlook.

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After all, as a traditionalist, he needs to pass on his legacy. He will treat her like his queen, making sure she displays the evidence of his wealth for all to see.

Out of the public eye, he is down-to-earth, reasonable and easy to get on with. He has deep passion and is often spiritually motivated. He is a good father, a wonderful grandfather and a loving husband.

There may be problems in the early years, as both partners struggle with the demands of his work, the likelihood of poverty and the possibility of cheating.

Once past all that, the relationship matures as stability and security become the key factors. You will find that most men are a combination of at least two Kings. Some will have Knight and Queen characteristics. However, it is usually easy to see the court card that most resembles their personality.

Have a little fun with this: make a list of men you know and assign them to one of the four Kings. Journal about your interactions, and how they fit their designated royal character. Images from the Druidcraft Tarot. Facebook comments. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. See if you are dating the right person based on your zodiac sign.

Check a person's individuality based on their zodiac sign. Check a person's characteristic based on their Chinese zodiac sign. Check your moon signs which describes your personality. The King of Wands - General Characteristics Element - Fire, Sun sign - Aries Confident, enthusiastic, dynamic, masculine, charismatic, ambitious, passionate, hot-tempered, impatient, irritable.

How to Attract a King of Wands To catch the eye of your King of Wands, he needs to see you in a crowd, preferably a glamorous party. The King of Cups - General Characteristics Element - Water, Sun sign - Cancer Wise, calm, tolerant, chivalrous, romantic, considerate, sensitive, emotional, quiet, secretive, moody.

Do I want to be more like him?

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How can I be more like him, If he is not a person then what is his energy trying to tell me? How would this King handle my situation? Which part of this King am I trying to deny? The King of Swords combines the outward focus of a King with the positive intellectual, analytical and just qualities of Air. He uses Earth to Ground his energy so that he may be of use in his world. Dark and sombre looking the King of Swords sits on a structure which appears more like a pillar or column than a regal throne.

We cannot see the top of the throne so we are left to wonder as to whether it soars right up to the sky or even into outer space. This symbolises this King s connection to the element of Air and his ability to rise above any situation or crisis so that he can view it in a detached and objective manner.

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The throne is adorned with carvings of butterflies and Air Sylphs which further connect this man to his governing element. The butterflies also stand for metamorphosis and transformation.

The mind and intellect are a powerful force and when put to their most positive use can change the way we view our self and the world around us. What the mind dwells upon it tends to adopt. So if we dwell on the negative too often then our life will begin to mirror those negative thoughts.

By thinking positively, we can attract positive experiences into our life. Our thoughts are energy and each thought-form whether positive or negative is exactly the same energy. It depends on how much energy we put into either our positive or negative attitudes that ultimately determines what manifests in and around us. Change or transform our thoughts and we can change our life. However, we need mental discipline to achieve this and it is easier said than done.

The King of Swords is the master of Mental Discipline. He will teach you his ways should you have enough stamina to follow them through. The King of Swords sits upright and rigid on his throne. He appears to face us, but if we look closely, it is obvious that his direct stare is slightly off.

Does this King not want to look us in the eye? Is it fear or shyness that prevents him or is it something else? Well, it is certainly not fear or shyness so it must be something else. Could it be that this King chooses not to make eye contact because in doing so, he immediately becomes emotionally involved. The King of Swords is the Earthy part of Air and so uses mental discipline to exert control over his life and those he has a duty to govern.

Dating the King of Swords. The King of Swords is the King of the Intellect. He's extremely gifted when it comes to logical, linear thinking, problem solving and Sudoku. You probably won't stand a chance against him at a game of chess either.

He represents the intellect in its purest form. Therefore this man can separate his head from his heart in all areas of his life. By not looking directly at us, he is saved from seeing any pain or sadness in us. He is thereby better placed to act in a clinical and sterile manner.

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The King of Swords cannot afford to feel deeply for he is relied upon to administer decisions and judgements in a fair and unbiased manner. This King in a reading may be telling you that you must use your head in this situation and not let your emotions cloud your good judgement.

Detaching the heart from the head is always easy as our emotions exert such a force over us.

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However, when this King appears he suggests that your present situation calls on you to do so. If you can achieve this then you will be able to think clearly and form a plan.

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We see a small bit of the green Earth element his is influenced by and a few trees in the background. Other than that the sky dominates. At the top of the mountain the air is clear and fresh. On a clear day one can see for miles around and take in everything that is going on below.

Maybe, that is what the King of Swords is doing. As he sits strong and proud on his throne, his eyes as keen as the birds that soar over head, he watches over us, observing our comings and goings, ensuring we stay within the confines of the laws he has set down for us.

He wears a gown of pale bluish grey suggesting his element of Air and a sombre personality. Above the gown he is shown with two cloaks; one of orange and one of purple. The orange cloak he wears close to his gown symbolises the warmth and positive attitude that this King has the ability to display when he so chooses. A man of his position would be in danger of appearing a pushover to many if he showed his softer side. The orange cloak also reminds us that this King can feel enthusiastic and excited about life or projects he is involved in even though he approaches them in a serious and methodical manner.

His outer cloak is of Royal Purple symbolising this King s utmost authority and power. In ancient times the ruler, be it King or Queen held the supreme position of determining the laws of the land and the subsequent punishment for those who broke them.

I'm in Love with a King of Wands

This King does too. He presides over the courts, the police force and forensics. For him to achieve this it is imperative that he remains impartial to the human elements involved in his decision-making process. The King of Swords appearing in a reading especially if the Justice card accompanies it can represent legal issues surrounding you or decisions being made. Solicitors, lawyers, courtrooms and legal documents may be relevant.

When upright his appearance suggests that the outcome will be in your favour or that it will be fair and balanced.

The King of Swords is a mine of information and this card can suggest that someone is giving you clear, sound advice. This cards demands of you to use clear thinking and honesty in whatever the situation involves.

He does not get involved with emotional matters so would be suggesting to you that you may have to let your head rule in this instance and not your heart. You will need a clear workable plan in order for you to succeed.

If you are putting plans and ideas together for a project or business plan the King of Swords turning up would suggest that your ideas are sound. If in doubt about anything use your logic to figure a way out or a solution to your problem and remember to keep your head in a crisis.

If you do not have the information yourself that he would suggest you seek out the advice of the professionals. It takes someone with a steely grip and unflinching nerve when giving or carrying out orders of such significance and major consequence. The King of Swords crown depicts a winged spirit again connecting this man to the element of Air and his ability to rise above any issue or event that comes his way.

Beneath, his long flowing gown peeps one foot. His shoe or boot is red in colour but we can see very little of it. The red shoe suggests that this King is either lacking in deep passion or that he disguises it very well. Again, he may only reveal it to a certain few. The sky is generally clear except for a few clouds floating by, the bulk of which seem to be far away in the background. This may suggest that this Kingeven though he has clarity of thought, may have some troublesome issues in his past or a time when he did not think so clearly, a time when his judgement was clouded.

This may reflect back to his days as a Knight when he was always in a hurry, running here and there. He moved quickly back in those days and spent little time thinking of what he was doing or planning his next step.

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Instead he was full of Fire and rushed into situations too hastily. He should have stopped and contemplated his moves instead of making them up as he went along. Yes, he had made some mistakes in the past and learned the error of his ways. He realised that he achieved very little during those years and had often gotten into terrible arguments with other people just because he could not hold his tongue.

Looking at him now, no one would ever suspect that he had been so manic at one stage. The King had to learn to control his thoughts and his speech. He had to learn not to be so reactive in situations and that whereas he was entitled to his opinion, so too were other people. He has turned the often reckless actions of his Knight hood days into a fearless and courageous nature that is called upon when the situation demands.

The Art of Holistic Tarot Therapy

The King holds his Sword at a slight angle. Could this mean that this King has the potential to bend the law should he see fit or maybe it represents his amazing flexible mind and how it can bend in any direction to view all cts of a situation?

The slightly bent sword does certainly take on another meaning when this King reverses. The King of Swords overriding personality trait is his powerfully disciplined and high intellect. From this stems an authoritative, stern and formidable character. He bases all his decisions on logic and hard cold facts. His deals with issues in a fair and impartial manner which may sometimes appear as clinical to those involved. The King of Swords lives in a world of order, rules and regulation, most which he has made or set himself.

A man of extremely high principles and standards he does not believe in bending the rules for anyone. He is not open to coercion or bribery. This King likes to be in charge and is a fearless leader. He is intelligent, highly qualified and much experienced. He is the true Professional and has much advice to offer. If you need some honest and impartial advice then this King is the man to turn to. He will need to know all the facts and details surrounding your issue so make sure you are well prepared in advance.

He will listen closely and will question deeply. He will weigh up all the facts carefully and apply his agile mind to cut through any confusion so that his advice is clear and precise. The King of Swords is aware of his skill in this area. His advice is worth its weight in gold and should not be taken lightly.

He will tell you once and once only as he does not see the need see the need to repeat himself. The King of Swords will expect you to take on board all he recommends.

Indeed this King will not look on you favourably should you ignore it. If you have a complicated or serious issue, it may be wise to seek professional help. The King of Swords is the man to turn to. The King of Swords faces situations head on and does not flinch. He is not daunted by the size or extent of a situation. Analytical, methodical and observant he scrutinises all that is brought before him. He rapidly sizes up a situation to find where the problems exist before applying a workable solution for all.

His searchlight mind and eyes miss nothing. Any error, mistakes or underhand dealings will be clearly exposed under his gaze. His presence in a reading may suggest that you need to be observant; read all the small print, dissect contracts or legal papers as you may miss something of great importance. He operates on a level of clear well thought out ideas and plans which he will have tried and tested on many occasions. Articulate and inquisitive, this King enjoys conversation and debate.

However, it must intellectually stimulate him. He has a great interest in the world around him and is an avid reader. His mind is like a sponge as it soaks up every last bit of information, storing it away for when it will be one day put to use. A master of languages and the spoken word, education is extremely important to him.

He is often to be found passing on his knowledge to others in this realm. He makes an excellent College Lecturer or Professor who students will view as stern yet fascinating. He has a great way with words and can explain himself or a situation in a clear and concise manner so that all can understand.

His strong principles, morals and ethics will find him speak out against injustice, corruption or discrimination. He makes an excellent spokesperson who will speak on the behalf of others who need their case presented in a professional and honourable manner.

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He has impeccable high standards and will demand the same of you. Because he has the ability to detach the head from the heart, he can sever any connections that are considered unnecessary even if it entails a personal sacrifice. He lives by the standards he sets for everyone else. He self-counsels and can arrive at harsh personal decisions after logically and objectively reviewing the situation. Regardless of the associated personal loss his decision may entail, he goes ahead with it on the basis of logical conclusion and what is best all round.

Once trust is broken with him it is hard to re-establish so he would rather make a clean-cut rather than prolong an awkward situation. In relationships, the King of Swords is a cool customer.

Known for neither romance nor great passion he chooses a partner in the same manner he makes every other decision in his life. His standards are high when it comes to relationships and like the Queen of Swordswill quite happily live on his own rather than put up with another just for the sake of company. In fact the King of Swords quite enjoys his own company and space for he enjoys privacy and quiet.

His mind is more than enough to occupy him and really he wants for very little else. He does not like overbearing or demanding women and is quite cautious about who he gives his telephone number to. Neither will he appreciate a new partner turning up on his doorstep without a prior invitation.

He sets strict rules when it comes to his personal life. When he does venture into the dating arena, he will be drawn to women on the basis of their cool intellect and how they conduct themselves in public.

A pretty face is useless unless there is something going on between the two ears. He finds intelligence and accents far sexier than pouting lips and fluttering eyelashes. He usually prefers his women classic looking and sophisticated; their style of dress well-tailored and understated. Not a huge fan of make-up it is what is under it that he finds most appealing. He likes women to feel comfortable in their own space but becomes irritated by incessant chatter and babble.

He keeps his house immaculate and orderly. He has daily routines that he rigorously adheres to; a place for everything and everything in its place. A control freak to say the least, his partner best be mindful of his finicky ways as it will intensely annoy him to find anything disturbed or out-of-place. He has a sedate style of dress but all his clothes will be of the highest quality and extremely well made. He uses the same tailor and shoe-maker year in year out where they fully understand his standards and requirements.

He prefers the traditional approach and may still choose to listen to his music collections on an old style record player rather than by digital technology.

When he takes his partner out, it will be to dinner in a fine long-established restaurant where diners are not prone to rowdy behaviour or guffaws of laughter. Drunkenness in his partner will be a terrible turn off for him and a big no, no which may result in instant dismissal.

He will feel uncomfortable with a partner who cannot be relied on to control herself at all times. He enjoys the theatre and being a great fan of classical music is a regular at the concert hall.

He likes to attend book launches and art exhibitions with his partner where he will find like- minded intellectual people. An unfortunate ct of this King is his highly critical nature. He can pick fault with his partner over the slightest thing and with the briefest of words cut her off at the knees without even stopping to glance up from his dinner plate.

The King of Swords does not deal very well with emotion and may not be sensitive to her hurt feelings. He needs a strong steely woman who can give as good as she gets.

A woman who acts as he does and can engage in verbal warfare without losing her cool. A woman who is control of herself and not prone to bouts of hysteria or melodrama. If Desperate Housewives, the Soaps or Reality Programmes are your thing then give this King a wide berth when searching for a potential partner.

The only television programmes allowed will be those of political interest or current affairs such as Politic Questions and Answers, Prime Time and Election analysis etc. You will also find it very hard to find one fictional novel or rag mag in his house let alone any modern music.

Generally this King will be seen as quite boring and severe by many but this is because they do not understand him. He will settle with a like-minded woman who shares his mental understanding of life. He also has the powerful ability to clinically sever a relationship that he deems is unsuitable.

He can be brutal and final in his actions when dealing with partners who have out-stayed their welcome.

The King of Swords sits upon his throne, facing forward as if ready to confront whatever life throws at him. He holds a sword in his right hand, the hand of the conscious, rational mind, and points it upright and to the left, the side of the subconscious, intuitive mind. The first King Of Swords Dating step in finding a friend with benefits is finding friends. The friends you find matter, of course. If you make friends at an evangelical religious retreat, you're a lot less likely King Of Swords Dating to find a sex partner than if you make friends among sex-positive Of Swords Dating So it helps to make sex-positive friends/ The meaning of King of Swords is all about weighing the pros and cons of the situation. It is all about being critical and in a relationship, it can mean when one partner is analyzing the other one way too much. In many cases, the couple often ends up asking themselves whether their .

When it is over with this King of Swordsit is definitely over. All said and done, the King of Swords will put companionship before passion in relationships. Finding a friend in his partner is far preferable to having an active sex life. When it comes to careersthe King of Swords is the archetypal professional. He is an expert in all fields of law, business, education and science.

He has learned about life the hard way and now as a mature man rarely uses his mind for anything other than sensible business.

This King is involved in every ct of law keeping so he will also be found as the relentless detective who will leave no stone unturned until the culprit is found and brought to justice.

We also find him in the forensic lab where he will spend hours searching for one tiny minuscule fibre that will link the suspected killer to the victim. His believe is that the truth is always out there if we are prepared to look long and hard for it. The King of Swords is also the Scientist and areas of research would be appealing.

With his powerful mind we will naturally find this man entering a career in politics or business where he will naturally sit in a position of authority and expertise.

He is not necessarily charismatic enough to be the Prime Minister or Taoiseach but you will certainly find him working closely with them as one of their chief advisors. Of Course, a career in the military will settle very nicely with him. He likes order, control and discipline so this is an ideal area for him. He will train his soldiers to be mentally disciplined, sharp and to think their way out of dangerous situations.

He will be behind the formation of all military strategies and manoeuvres. This man is also drawn to a career in flying so may very well combine it with love of military life by joining the Air Force. He may prefer instead to be a pilot for an airline with the responsibility of transporting passengers safely from one destination to another.

His vast amount of knowledge, articulacy, attention to detail and mental discipline facilitate the requirements that are essential if one wishes to become a successful author. With his high principles and strong morals, this King could find himself drawn to entering a religious order to become a member of the clergy. As a father the King of Swords is stern and believes in discipline and punishments that will always be carried out.

He can be cold, clinical and sterile in his dealings with his children. His household is run on rules and orders with very little room for negotiation. He expects his orders to be carried out without question. His children know this and will rarely step out of line. He runs can run his home like a military barracks as he does not have time for fun and games.

The thing is that this King loves his children but believes that they must be brought up under strict control. Bad manners or emotional outbursts in public will not be tolerated. Each time the King must carry out a punishment he reminds them that it is for their own good and that one day they will thank him.

He has a strange way of showing how much he cares. The ring on the Saturn finger of his left hand suggests that this King may have unresolved issues with his own father.

This King may not have been exposed to the kind of love and affection that children need during the early years. There is a chance that he has grown up just like his father, treating his children in the same manner he was or he is trying to be the father that he never had.

One way or another, his manner is stiff and formal with his children even though he may love them deeply. He can be a bit of a control freak and a perfectionist with his children and will impose harsh curfews on his children as they get older.

His children will either turn out like him or rebel totally and leave home once they are old enough. He does have their best interests at heart though sets out to run a well-ordered household. Like the Queen of Swordsthis will not be the home where you can easily bring a gang of friend in unannounced.

The King of Swords does not like his peace disturbed so any visits will be by prior arrangement and strictly controlled. Education is incredibly important to this King and he will wish his children to get the best that he can afford. He particularly likes the idea of Boarding Schools where the whole day can be worked around learning in one form or another.

He has no problem sending his children to them from an early age as he considers they are then in the right environment for the sort of education he insists on. His love of languages may even find him sending his children to overseas schools if he considers it necessary. Sports will largely be replaced by other forms of discipline such as music usually where instruments like clarinets, violins or pianos are concerned.

The King of Swords will always be there for his family but should any of his children get in trouble or bring scandal to the front door he will not let them forget it. He may throw them out or refuse to talk to them for months. It could take a long time for the frost to melt. When the King of Swords takes his family on holidays, it will not be on a package deal where the parents sit at the bar while their offspring run wild. His holidays will be more subdued and destinations will be chosen on the basis of ability to broaden mind, historical interest or for improving language.

He is not the man to become laid back at any time and holidays are no exception. The King of Swords however, enjoy heading up the mountains for long walks. This is when the King of Swords finds peace. He also like is enjoys the challenge of cryptic crosswords and puzzles. When the King of Swords reverses his throne overturns and loses his self-control.

It just depends what has set it off. Emotions flood in to the mental confusion turning dark and sinister. Anger and bitterness take over.

What has happened to his throne? Has someone carelessly knocked it over or has he in a fit of temper violently tossed it aside? One thing is for certain; whoever has angered him will pay dearly for it. He will ruthlessly seek out the perpetrator and when he finds him he will be merciless in his punishment. The King of Swords reversed becomes dreadfully dysfunctional.

His wonderful mind in the upright is twisted and torn. His intelligence however, is still intact but instead of all the wonderfully positive use he put it to, he now finds a different way to express it. His mind and intelligence has become contaminated.

He becomes negative and cynical in his dealings. In the upright King we respected his authoritative stance and the rules he set for our own good so that we may all know our place. We learned that there were consequences for any action taken and if we stepped out of line then we may have to pay the price. He was stern and consistent yet we trusted his judgement. However, in the reversed King we discover what happens to a personality when they take discipline to the extremes.

We uncover the sadistic persona which develops when power goes to the head and the heart is cut off or indeed cut out. The King of Swords is brutal in his actions and callous in his treatment of others.

His heart is stone cold. He rarely shows mercy and punishment is delivered swiftly and severely. There is absolutely no soft side to this guy. The King of Swords can be dangerous in the extreme. Sarcastic and overly critical his every word is driven home by the sword and he can deliberately set out to hurt others.

He is cynical and rude engaging in arguments wherever he goes. He makes scenes in restaurants for the slightest thing as he verbally abusing the waiter and manager. He sees himself as superior and enjoys humiliating or degrading people. This King is mentally unstable or unbalanced. We must ask ourselves how this has happened. Was he born like this? Is it a genetic flaw or perhaps he has developed a mental illness that requires medication?

It is quite possible that these may be the root cause of his psychological illness. On the other hand, he may have been born perfectly normal but has been conditioned by the environment he grew up in. Do you remember in the upright card we spoke of the King wearing a ring on his Saturn finger and that it may indicate issues with his father or from his childhood? Well, if that is the case this reversed King may be the grown up result of physical and psychological abuse in childhood.

With a broken and disturbed mind he does not know how to function in the normal world. There is a deep anger within and intense emotional baggage that weighs him down. He feels the burden of it all the time and will attempt to hurl it at others so that they too may feel its load too.

However, he can never escape it, that is, unless he seeks out professional help. Angry with the world at large he will find it impossible to find happiness and will set out to destroy it in others whenever he can. This man may need professional help for Anger Management.

Dating king of swords

On the other hand, the reversed King of Swords may suggest weakness and lack of power. The King may have no say over anything in his life and is controlled by others. He may be shy and finds it difficult to express himself or talk to strangers.

He may be taken advantage of and walked on but cannot assert himself. This again may be caused by conditioning from childhood or some other form of psychological trauma. He may be afraid to tell the truth or is keeping a secret.

He may be suffering from depression or is worrying excessively about his problems. His imagination may have become overactive and finds it hard to find peace of mind. He may need to retreat and rest as in the 4 of Swords so that he can find mental stability once more. Earth may be smothering his access to air. He could be taking life too seriously and needs to lighten up.

He may be exerting too much discipline on his emotions as he denies or grief or loss. He could be close to a breakdown and needs support and understanding. He needs to get it off his chest and ask for help.

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He exerts rigid control over his partner monitoring her every move and mistake. He will set impossibly high standards for her and is hypercritical. His constant put downs and jibes will erode any self-confidence or self-esteem she may have.

The more edgy and tense she becomes the more he digs his claws in. She will find it pointless trying to explain herself to him for he does not want to listen. This man is slick and his mind is polished to a needle point. She will never win an argument with him for he is miles ahead of her. His razor-sharp tongue and rapid delivery of stinging abuse will have her sliced to shreds in seconds. He takes responsibility for nothing preferring to blame her for everything that goes wrong in the relationship.

His partner will find that she is always the one apologising for things she has not done in an attempt to keep the peace. When this reversed King decides that his relationship is over, there will be no beating around the bush.

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