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This quick guide will help you find the manufacture date of your tire and understand how Tires Easy handles tire age based on the DOT Code. Keeping a record of your tires and understanding their age will help you save money on repairs and take proper care of your vehicle. It tells you who manufactured the tire, where it was made, and other tracking information. The raised numbers of the DOT Code are placed together and often enclosed in a raised oval. The first two numbers are the week the tire was manufactured.

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Turn the tire around to check the other side if you do not see the number on the side you are looking at. If the tire is mounted on a vehicle, carefully access the back of it.

Goodyear Tire Date Coding. Click on the file below to view the printable article on how to read date codes on vintyage Goodyear tires. ** Per the TR&A yearbook, for tires having a maximum speed capability above km/h ( mph), a ZR may appear in the size designation. For tires having a maximum speed capacity above km/h ( mph), a ZR must appear in the size designation and a service description, including the Y speed symbol, must be included in brackets. Goodyear brand tires before that date as well. The date code system here is only applicable to Goodyear tires, and not other brands, since each manufacturer had their own system to date tires until finally the U.S. government mandated a univer .

Use a flashlight to make the sidewall visible. Find the last four digits of the tire's serial number. These digits should be all numbers.

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This is the tire's manufacturer date. Look at the first two digits of the four-digit manufacturing date. This indicates the week of the year. It will be a number between 1 and For example, "52" would indicate that the tire was made in the last week of the year in December.

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Inspect the last two digits of the four-digit manufacturing date. This lets you know the year that the tire was manufactured.

How old are my tires? // How to check tire age

If the last two digits are "10," the tire was manufactured in The first two digits identify the week and the second two identify the year.

However, the identification information is usually on the inner sidewall of tires. If you purchase new tires today, and the DOT Code was a year ago, your warranty will still begin on the purchase date, not the manufacture date of the tire.

Aug 05,   The raised numbers of the DOT Code are placed together and often enclosed in a raised oval. The first two numbers are the week the tire was manufactured. In the example below, 35 stands for "week " The second two numbers are the year the tire was manufactured. In the image below, we see the 07, indicating the tire was build in This.

If for any reason you are uncomfortable with the age of your tires after looking at the DOT Date code, please call us and we can quickly provide you with a return under our 45 day return policy. It can take a while for tires to reach tire retailers after being shipped from the manufacturer. Our storage locations are cool, climate-controlled, and dry, preventing any premature aging or damage.

Tire aging can be rapidly accelerated by poor storage conditions, so you should be sure the tires you purchase have been properly stored. A general consensus from various tire industry associations around the world is that tires have a useful service life of six to ten years. As technology changes, there are more materials, and combinations of comounds, to extend tire life and extend wear.

The condition of the tires on a car are what determines a car's capabilities in terms of acceleration, braking and cornering. The rubber on a car tire degrades over time, and tire warranties can be tied to manufacturing dates. Every tire sold in the United States has a date code stamped on it. The date code will. "When it comes to determining the age of a tire, it is easy to identify when a tire was manufactured by reading its Tire Identification Number (often referred to as the tire's serial number)." Tires Manufactured Since Since , the week and year the tire was produced has been provided by the last four digits of the Tire Identification. Jul 12,   Since tires can sit in a warehouse for years, you'll want to know when the tires were made, rather than purchased, and there's an easy way to tell. Every tire has a "born-on date" molded into the.

At Tires Easy, we like to err on the side of caution and only sell tires that are seven years old and under. If you consider that the average driver travels 15, miles per year, most tires need to be replaced in 4 years.

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If your tires were a few years old when purchasing, you would still be well within the accepted tire age range. This is especially true if the tires receive the proper amount of care and maintenance over the course of their lifetime. Legally, you must replace your tires when the tread depth falls below 1.

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This keeps your tires at optimal levels of safety. When your tires reach seven years of age, we recommend that you consider replacing them.

The Department of Transportation mandates that all tires have a special code imprinted on them. This code is known as a manufacturing-date code. Once you know how to locate and decipher the manufacturing-date code, you can easily inspect any tire and determine what date the tire was manufactured. In addition to applying to the Goodyear Wrangler. gives you a hassle-free way to find and buy tires from any device, so you can make the right choice and get back on the road. Tire experts are available via phone or chat to answer questions and help you make a confident selection. A clear checkout process shows up-front pricing on tires and installation, so you won't be. Now that you know the age of your tires and maximum tire life, is it about time for a new set? Plug in your vehicle or tire size information on TireBuyer and shop for a new set of tires. Or, give us a call at and we'll be happy to help you find some high quality, long-lasting, and economical new tires for your vehicle.

Even if the tires look new, it is best to have them inspected by a professional tire installer, so they can properly advise on the safety of the tires moving forward. Spare tires should be checked and replaced as well.

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For this reason, there is no specific limitation on the age of the tire when it is sold based on its DOT Code. On the contrary, the DOT symbol by itself simply indicates that the tire is approved by the Department of Transportation to be legally used on the road.

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The Date Code is when the tire was manufactured not when it was approved. You might also have heard that you should only buy tires that have a DOT code within the current year. As we mentioned earlier, this is often not the case with many tires simply because it takes time for the tire to reach the United States from the manufacturer.

As long as the tires have been stored properly, they will be in excellent condition, even if the DOT Date code is a couple of years old.

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