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Lately many people have been asking about interpreting dreams from God, specifically when it comes to dreams about dating and their future marriage. Another common question that has been coming in lately is about prophesy. So what do you do when something like this happens to you? I admittedly come from a more reformed perspective. However, unlike many reformed Christians, I am not here to cast stones at charismatic Christians.

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The Holy Spirit wrote his words in the Bible for a reason. Therefore I believe dreams and supernatural events are more likely to occur in places where Christianity is new and the Bible is not as available. If anyone proclaims something that contradicts the word of God, you know that word was not from God.

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Whenever someone in the Bible was given a dream or a prophetic message, the interpretation was not hidden for long. God always provided a clear interpretation. The same is true when people spoke in tongues. There was always to be someone there who could interpret what was being said in tongues, otherwise the person should not be speaking in tongues publicly because it is not helping those who hear it if no one is there to interpret 1 Corinthians I believe these same principles should guide our questions about dreams and words from a prophet.

There are many people who make prophesies and talk about their dreams because they want to be exalted amongst the people.

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The Bible says there are many false prophets and we should not believe everything someone says just because they claim to be a prophet:. Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, for many false prophets have gone out into the world. And no wonder, for even Satan disguises himself as an angel of light. So it is no surprise if his servants, also, disguise themselves as servants of righteousness. Their end will correspond to their deeds.

The surest test of a true prophet is if what they say aligns with what God has already clearly said in his word. The second way to test a prophecy is to simply see if it occurs.

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If it does not happen, it was not from God. When God proclaims something, it always happens. That prophet has spoken without my authority and need not be feared. This is why you should not put too much stock in a prophetic word about your future. If it happens, it happens. Reality is reality profound, I know.

When God gave us prophesies about the gospel and the coming of Christ, it was to show the greatness of God and to show he is in control.

I think false prophets have the same motive; they want to be exalted and try to take control of people by telling them their futures They are not really telling them the future. They are just guessing. Rather than the prophecy revealing their future, now this prophecy starts controlling their future.

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This is not right and it is a form of manipulation on the part of the prophet and a form of immaturity by the person. One of the biggest mistakes I see people make when it comes to prophesy and Christian relationships is when someone feels the need to fulfill the prophesy that was spoken over them.

That is definitely an unbiblical approach to how to use true prophesy from God.

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If God really said something to you through someone else or in a dream, it is not your job to make that happen. It will happen without you trying to make it happen if God actually is behind it.

Lately many people have been asking about interpreting dreams from God, specifically when it comes to dreams about dating and their future marriage. Another common question that has been coming in lately is about prophesy.

Recently I talked to a guy who said that someone spoke words of prophesy over him and said he was going to get married and have a family. The problem is the man had all the signs of being called to singleness. You can see why this man was confused.

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God will not tell someone his plans for your future while not revealing those plans to you. But to me it does not pass the biblical test of regularly occurring in Scripture for all Christians and being a command to practice for all Christians. Prayer, Bible reading, listening for the Holy Spirit to lead you in your heart, following the counsel of trusted Christian brothers and sisters - these are things we can clearly see in Scripture and we are commanded to practice these things.

But they were also experiencing once-in-an-eternity kind of events. For example, when Mary and Joseph got a supernatural word from God, God himself was going to be born through a virgin birth. They needed a supernatural confirmation to authentic this supernatural experience.

Without this no one would believe Mary was telling the truth of how she got pregnant. You wondering if you should date someone is not the same thing. Just read your Bible and obey what it says. God often reveals his truth through the circumstances of life.

If it works out, you both are Christians, and you both want to keep dating, God has spoken. When you need the grand signs to make simple decisions, this is actually a lack of faith, not an expression of faith.

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When you know how things will turn out, the need for faith is gone. Faith is believing in what you cannot see Hebrews If God supernaturally confirms everything about your future marriage before it happens then he is taking the need for faith away from you.

God wants us to have faith in him, therefore he will not give you a dream or signs in the sky every time you have a relationship question. When we want God to tell us everything about our future before it happens, we are looking for a fortune teller not a prophet.

A prophet will help you apply biblical truth to modern times. A fortune teller tells you what you want to hear so you will give them money. God has spoken! He gave his words to you in writing. It must be odd for God to look down on so many of us groping around in the night looking for the meaning of a dream we just had.

He must raise an eyebrow now and then as we go up during the altar call at church and ask someone about our future. Now what I am going to do is just give you my opinion.

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So what can we learn from our dreams about relationships? When my 5 year-old-son has a bad dream, I ask him to tell me what happened. Dream Dictionary Over 5, dreams analysed.

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Tea Leaf Dictionary Learn how to read the symbols in your tea cup. Boys Name Dictionary Detailed overview of your name and what it means.

NCT Jaemin is rumored to be dating an actress - NCT Dream's raising

Girls Name Dictionary Detailed overview of your name and what it means. Saints Dictionary Learn how saints can help you. Flower Dictionary A-Z guide of flower meanings. Occult Dictionary Understand occult terms.

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Herb Dictionary Learn about what herbs mean. Uncover Hidden Dream Meanings. Been speed dating. Seen yourself and your partner dating. Dating a teacher. Been on a date.

May 03, It may very well represent an emotional connection or closeness that you share with this person,even if you don't have any romantic feelings towards this person. Dreams often represent subconscious thoughts and tendencies that reveal a great deal. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets. Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading The Dating Playbook For Men: A Proven 7 Step System To Go From Single To The Woman Of Your Dreams/5. Dream Singles: Date Beautiful European Women | [email protected] | 1 | Double Diamond Parkway Ste. Reno, NV,

Dating a boss. Dating a class mate. Dating someone famous. Dating a serial killer. Dating a famous person.

How to Interpret Dreams and "Prophesies" About Dating and Your Future Marriage

Been on a dinner date. Seen your partner dating another person. Seen yourself in tears on a date. Seen yourself begging for someone to not leave you. Positive changes are afoot if Your dreams of enjoying a date with another person rather than real life partner indicates: a fresh start, a new beginning.

A feeling of acceptance and contentment. You went on a date with an ex-partner: it will make you realize that life has to move forward. You can probably meet persons that can help you fill your well-being. You went on a dream date with a super star: it associates your characteristic of being courageous, emotional, and in high spirits. You had a great time on the date: this dream also symbolizes your personality.

It shows how loving, serious and fun you may be.

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Feelings that you may have encountered during a dream of dating Happiness, affection, rejection, feelings of acceptance, anxiety. Palmistry Illustrated guide to reading your palm.

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Face Reading Unlock the secrets of the stones. Tarot wheel of fortune Spin the wheel for a card reading.

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