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There are a number of clues you can use to successfully date antique and vintage brooches and pins. This usually begins with looking at things like clasps and hinges, since certain types are known to have been used during specific periods in time. In addition to examining the components and findings, you'll want to look at the overall style, examine for signs of repair, and use a jeweler's loupe to locate any identifying marks present as you're dating jewelry. Use the basics below to help you start learning how to identify and date a number of different types of antique and vintage brooch and pin styles. This is a type of pin used to secure a sash at a lady's hip during the late s when the fad of wearing a sash over the shoulder and across bosom imitating Queen Victoria or around the waist became popular.

An example of " puddling ". Click the image for the bigger view. An Example the Five Link Construction. Kite Shaped Stones. Makers of handmade, old world style and whimsical jewelry and accessories. Semi- precious stones as well as Swarovski crystals are used. Has been in business for about twenty years. It seems that along with Eugene and Stanley Hagler, information about their work at Haskell is false.

DeMario had very high standards and it showed in his pieces. It seems he might have created some pieces for Hagler. It is also known that a collaboration between the two during the s never happened. His jewelry became recognized for it's superior craftsmanship and the boldness of his designs.

DeMario vintage jewelry is highly collectable and commands very high prices. Materials and techniques included : Similar design and techniques as Miriam Haskell.

Layered and sewn beading, filigree backings, seed pearls and leaves that were intertwined. Very detailed clasps. Mod looks on copper. Connecticut s and s. As a matter of fact, one of the early costume jewelry lines was called "The Real Thing".

K.J.L. for AVON or KENNETH LANE for AVON - 's to The jewelry from the 's and 's are all signed K.J.L. for Avon. Some of the most recent K.J.L. for Avon is not signed K.J.L. for Avon, but simply KJL. Only the box that the jewelry came in has the Avon . Our unique collection of vintage Avon jewelry. Bracelets, necklaces, rings, brooches and earrings from the s, 60s, 70s, 80s & 90s. Shop Avon Fashion Jewelry at to find beautiful pieces at great prices. Browse new & used jewelry. Free shipping on many items.

Now if that did not state the companies intentions nothing would have! Another line was called "Young America". This mark was first used in During the s, the company became a part of Capri jewelry and the DeNicola hallmark was not used. Figurals and astrological jewelry as well as Christmas jewelry. According to several costume jewelry books, this jewelry is highly collectable with prices to reflect the demand and not so plentiful supply.

The jewelry was often unmarked or marked only with paper hang tags. DeRosa signed jewelry is therefore rare and will command high prices. When a piece of DeRosa costume jewelry is signed, the mark could be difficult to read due to age and wear.

This company was a family run operation. When Ralph DeRosa died in the early s, his wife and his daughters continued to run the company. DeRosa manufactured jewelry for many companies including Elsa Schiaparelli.

Combinations of simulated pearls and rhinestones. Unusual designs and choice of stones.


Sterling vermeil. These bracelets are highly sought after and not easy to find! Ceased operations in the early part of the s. The costume jewelry actually manufactured by the company is usually of high quality and is not abundant. Sometimes the hallmark on this costume jewelry cannot be easily read. Cute figurals. Multicolored stones and cabochons. His work has been copied and I suppose that is a form of flattery. Nothing can compare to the real thing!

Dominique designed jewelry for Weiss and Eisenberg. He is not producing that much jewelry these days and his jewelry is beginning to become highly sought out. Signature Designs: High quality rhinestones, staggering beauty, runway jewelry.

Found on Finger Ring Found on contemporary looking pin with inlay. Could be Duri Jewelry of N. He studied sculpture and painting in New York City. He launched his first line in at Bergdorf Goodman and it was all uphill from there.

He was soon designing jewelry for high profile fashion designers such as Oscar de la Renta, Escada and Donna Karan. His unique costume jewelry also made it into fashion magazines and is on permanent display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York. Signature Designs: Natural stones, gold and sterling jewelry. Jewelry that incorporates nature and art. Men's jewelry, belts and china. Has current website. Mark creates hand- made organic jewelry for both men and women. Courtney Cox and Vanessa Williams amongst others love his jewels.

Several ladies from the View television program have worn pieces from the Ecovintage line on air. See the promotional ad from Mark Edge below. For Edge, reinventing these elements became the foundation of ecovintage. Just as his house went from old to new, he gives old charms, pendants, and crystals an ated look by pairing them with silver and gold metals.

Both are timeless and elegant. More and more people are walking the talk when it comes to saving the planet and ecovintage lets them do that in style. He came to the United States in the late s and soon opened a women's clothing firm. In Jonas's sons took over the clothing business. Prior tothe fashions were not created by the Eisenberg company, rather the designs were "jobbed" out to others. In the company began to not only design, but also manufacture the clothing.

Eisenberg Original was born. Like many others, Eisenberg complimented his fashions with beautiful accessories. The accessories, brooches early on, were made by others companies.

They were crafted with the best Swarovski rhinestones and soon became very noticed! The son's noticed also and during the s production and marketing of Eisenberg jewelry began in earnest. Early on the jewelry was not signed as it was only meant to compliment the clothing. Also the early costume jewelry produced by the company for sale was marketed separately from the clothing. In the late s this all changed.

The jewelry of these years was marked Eisenberg Original. In the early to mid s the jewelry was marketed under the name Eisenberg Ice which became the official trademark of the company. Several marks were used and some are listed or shown below. In the s the Eisenberg company produced a line of enamel jewelry designed by well known artists of the time.

See pin below. Eisenberg jewelry, especially the older pieces are sought out by collectors and rightfully command high prices. The name was changed to Original by Robert. In the s came another name change to Ellen Designs after the then president Ellen Wagman. Novelty jewelry made with a variety of materials including; Lucite, felt, wood, fur and more. Elliot Handler and others later went on to found the toy company Mattel. The novelty pieces, mostly people although there are animals, were very popular during WWII.

Popularity waned after the war. They are currently popular with collectors. As far as I know, they are all unsigned. Some were patented. Stuart as Emmons Jewelers, Inc.

These parties had become very popular beginning in the s. Acting as a distributor, Emmons soon become one of the major players in the costume jewelry industry. Because Emmons jewelry was designed and made by others, looks and quality will vary. Their guilloche enameled compacts and cases are some of the most beautiful on the market. Their early costume jewelry was often enameled and some was done in pastels.

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He left to open his own costume jewelry company. His son Larry worked at the company in several capacities.


The name Florenza [after his wife Florence] was first used in the late s or the early s, however this company was producing costume jewelry under the name The Dan Kasoff Company prior to this. This company not only manufactured jewelry for themselves, they designed and manufactured jewelry for many other companies. It quite often resembles Victorian jewelry, especially the pieces that utilize filigree. As of this writing, Florenza jewelry is undervalued and under appreciated in the costume jewelry market.

This company also produced accessories for cosmetics firms such as trinket and pill boxes. These were usually ornate.

Beautiful metal work, usually in antiqued gold- tone. High quality materials. Vanity accessories. The company seems to have closed in This company could have been placed in either the American or European section as it had businesses in both the United States and in France. The original name of this firm was Maison David and they manufactured accessories only until around when they began to produce costume jewelry.

The date is a best guess. InMr. Freirich purchased the company and changed the name in the United States. K nown for the buttons they made for Christian Dior and Chanel and for their antique look jewelry. In fact, their pieces are such good representations of Victorian jewelry; some has been mistaken for it. Hallmarks were not used until the s so the unsigned pieces were being attributed to the wrong period. Filigree work.

Victorian, antique look. There is some confusion as to her actual date of birth. Her family was in the jewelry business. Immigrated to the USA in the s to escape the Nazis. She opened a jewelry shop in New York. She is the mother of the famous Zsa Zsa and also Eva and Magda.

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Her jewelry is known for its high quality. It is said that her daughters often wore it and it would fool experts. Jolie died in According to the book Collecting Costume Jewelry they were in the import business as early as the s. Not all pieces are signed. Some were sold on presentation cards.

DeLizza and Elsterthe makers of the popular Juliana line, produced some of their pieces. New York. She began producing handmade pieces from her house. She gathered a following and was soon approached by a Vogue magazine fashion editor to do a feature. Her pieces sold in high end department stores. She is the maker of the now famous large cuff bracelets that are clustered with stones and elements called " Wristy's ".

Avon's fashion jewelry collection offers style-conscious women a variety of statement pieces, with our collection of earrings, rings, watches, bracelets, and necklaces that dazzle. Jewelry gift sets. Who can resist the appeal of jewelry gift sets that combine the best fine jewelry online with great jewelry deals that allow you to indulge in. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about avon jewelry? Well you're in luck, because here they come. There are avon jewelry for sale on Etsy, and they cost $ on average. The most common avon jewelry material is metal. The most popular color? You guessed it: gold. Jan 11,   Can someone point me toward a guide for dating vintage avon jewelry? I found my items for sale online but identical items are dated differently. Posted at am Jul 7, EDT. Responses. iWunder says keep searching, I sell avon in my vintage shop and have found online catalogs and other roundabout ways of getting the dates for manufacture.

The pieces are usually large and well made. I come across this jewelry often. I can attest to the widely held belief that this jewelry is quite common. I read in Fred Rezazadeh's book Costume Jewelry that several companies used this hallmark. The company produced high quality rhinestone jewelry and beautiful life like enamel flower pins. Some of the jewelry was in the elaborately beaded style of Miriam Haskell.

Sandor designed at least one piece for Fred A. These pages show and describe and Aztec Mask marked Fred A. Block that was designed by Sandor. The Goldette mark was first used in This company produced jewelry with designs that were influence by Victorian and Oriental looks. They also produced Native American look pieces. The necklaces often had several strands and elaborate clasps. It is possible to find unsigned Goldette jewelry.

You can usually tell if your piece was produced by this firm by looking at the clasps and the centerpieces. Highly regarded for innovative designs and quality. Jewelry sells in major department stores, HSN and can be seen in fashion magazines.

His jewelry is a celebrity favorite and has graced the red carpet often. Known to use Austrian crystals. Halbe New York - Thought to be in business from the s to perhaps the s. This jewelry is hard to find. The jewelry is usually well made. Ian St.

Gielar [ ] Sadly, Ian St. His wife Valentina will continue the business using the name "Ian Gielar Studio". There is an ongoing controversy regarding jewelry made bearing the mark of Stanley Hagler since his death.

I am trying to stay out of this while still providing accurate information. Mark Mercy and Ian St. Gielar currently both use variations on the Stanley Hagler mark. Stanley Hagler began producing costume jewelry in the s. It has often been confused with that of Miriam Haskell. The jewelry was hand wired and he was known for his choose of the highest quality materials.

Hagler was also known for his beautiful Russian gold- plated findings and filigree backings. I have seen his work described as "wearable art" and the man himself described as the "Picasso of jewelry. Through the years, Mr. Hagler built up quite the clientele including many stars.

He also won the Swarovski Design Award in for the first of his eleven times. Mark Mercy joined the company in In the company relocates to Florida. Ian joins the company in and becomes the chief designer.

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Hagler passes away in They both design for Hollywood stars, political powerhouses and the like. Hand-blown glass, the best Swarovski crystals, large pieces that are layered and very intricate. Bold colors, gilt metal and the very famous Russian gold plated filigree backings. Gielar's widow and she has been kind enough to provide me with some information about her late husband and the Hagler company. Here are some excerpts of her communication:. He would never admit that Ian is actually designing his pieces.

Same as, I bet, you don't know that many of earlier Hagler's designs were actually designed by Roselyn Kaplan of Baltimore I have a Colorado newspaper with an article on this. Anyhow, Ian became an exception. There are letters and other documents" Back to top. This hallmark is one that was to be used for jewelry created by both Stanley Hagler and Robert DeMario.

It does seem Demario created some pieces for Hagler using yet another hallmark. Well, we know the company existed, based upon the beautiful and imaginative jewelry showing the mark, however there really isn't much more information than that.

The jewelry produced by this company is of high quality and workmanship. The Oriental themed pieces are highly sought after and command above average prices.

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Dragons and snake themes. Jewelry with faces. Some use of rhinestones and pearls. Buyer Beware: Miriam Haskell jewelry is often duplicated. Several companies use similar techniques findings and stampings. When purchasing unsigned Haskell take special note of construction of the piece and the materials used.

Frank Hess was a perfectionist so any sloppy wire work for example is a dead give away that the piece was re-stored badly or NOT Haskell. Pins had stems that opened partially. Combination of different types of stones and materials. Haskell jewelry can be simplified down to a single design motif. This single motif would be embellished when creating some of the more elaborate jewels. If you are familiar with the Ready to Wear fashion concept of producing a several lines each season then you can understand how Haskell jewelry was produced.

If not, think of a simple design motif embellished in different ways thus creating the several pieces or the "line". Signature Look: Layered tapestry type beading [rhinestones, glass, faux pearls] and gold filigree. From the unsigned years - Two pieces that show the wire work. Patent for clasp used starting in Click on the Images for a Larger View.

Courtesy of Greg at. Enamel pieces. Jacques was William's father. Jacques was a skilled craftsman who earned a reputation as a fine jeweler and it is said he became the royal jeweler to the court of France. William learned the trade from his father.

William immigrated to the United States and found work selling theatrical costumes in the early s. Soon he was producing costumes and costume jewelry for the Ziegfeld Follies. Many orders came his way. Much like his peer Joseff, his jewelry looked authentic and historically accurate.

This was a high profile position and led to many starlets and "super" models [in today's vernacular] wanting to wear his designs. Naturally this helped his retail sales.

In the s, William's sons Donald and Robert begin running the company until the s when a grandson named James takes over.

The company was sold in or the very early s although the mark is still in use. Most of the pieces produced by Hobe Cie were designed by the family During the s through the s. Some of the pieces during this time frame were designed by Lou Vici who worked as a designer for the company. Beginning in the s William's grandson takes over operation of the company. Jewelry that looked like the real thing and utilized some of the same construction techniques.

Reproductions of historical jewelry. It is well made and very "rich" looking and ladylike. The stones are most often multi- colored pastel. They always have an abundance of sparkle and depth.

Some of the rhinestone pieces are accented with enamel.

Dec 14, - Wonderful Vintage AVON Jewelry brought to you by the EcoChic Vintage Jewelry Team on Etsy!! AVON In , jewelry became a notable addition to the 80 pins. AVON jewelry is marked: "Name of designer, made for AVON". In , Avon closed its jewelry plants in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. Now, in , one of the Avon jewelry . Women's Fine Jewelry, Designer Fine Jewelry at AVON. Shop Avon's top-rated beauty products online. Explore Avon's site full of your favorite products, including cosmetics, skin .

The Christmas pins are very popular. The jewelry was first marked in and in the company began dating their creations. The hallmarks often had an accompanying date.

Explore kathy schmocker's board avon cape cod ruby online pattern registration form, even rings have a pin is a necklace avon jewelry - avon jewelry. Date vintage jewelry earrings. Jul 01, bath and 's are dated differently. Aug 15, a jewelry was produced by d. It's name in order to help for dating experiences best deal for all signed avon. Jared is America's home for fine jewelry including diamond jewelry, gold jewelry, and engagement rings. We also carry a great selection of color gemstone jewelry and luxury . Avon jewelry was produced by other designers such as Kenneth J. Lane. Still in business today. There is an ongoing discussion as to whether the certain hallmarks associated with this company are actually hallmarks belonging to Avon of Belleville. Avon .

Made jewels for others. Signature Designs: Christmas jewelry and pastel multi- colored rhinestones. Elaborate settings. I have since found out, thanks to a customer that this is a hallmark found on a line of jewelry sold on QVC. It stands for Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy and the pieces are recreations of her jewelry! The jewelry is well designed with quality elements. According to several costume jewelry books, the figurals are the pieces collectors look for. Rhinestones and faux pearls are often used.

Back to top Jeray This hallmark was used for the first time in when the original company called Rice- Weiner split into two companies. High quality stones and imported rhinestones.

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Mesh and beautiful bead and metal work. Her pieces are often stamped with the date. She began her company when in her late teens when she was unimpressed with the contemporary jewelry found during the mid s.

It had a second life in the past so maybe there is a third for this creator of whimsical costume jewelry. The restrictions the United States government placed on metal created shortages for most jewelers. The company re- opened after the war and Jonette Jewelry became the trademark. The costume jewelry created here tends to be quirky, many done in pewter wash. Also known for figural pins and Christmas pins. As a young man [ to about ] he worked at an advertising agency before he moved to Hollywood in the late s.

Once out in Tinsel Town he pursued his real passion, costume jewelry. He soon became a designer and before long his pieces were showing up in movies and on the stars off the screen. The actresses even modeled the jewels in several publications. The jewelry seen in the movies was leased or rented to the studios. The great starlets seen wearing his jewelry created a buzz in the general public. Just like today, ladies watching the movies wanted to emulate the screen goddesses.

Joseff copied his original pieces for this line. It is said that only one store per city could sell the jewels produced for the public. I guess he learned something about marketing in his prior career! Joseff is also credited with creating a type of gold- plating that did not produce as much glare under the lights as materials being used.

It was a semi- matte Russian gold- tone finish. It became exceedingly popular. Joseff used this plating for his retail line as well. Joseff became known as the leading supplier of costume jewelry to the movie industry. Not bad for a self taught jewelry designer!

Joseff died in a tragic plane crash in His wife, Joan Castle Joseff carried on the business. Some of the older designs are being reissued by the Joseff Company for today's market. This is a practice that several companies follow. Eisenberg is one example. Visually strong pieces. Russian gold plated pieces. Crystals that were hand cut. Diverse themes and styles [animals to the zodiac] covering many periods of design.

Plastic pieces including the famous five and six petal flowers. The team of Judith and Jack Rosenberg have a website that explains how they came to sell their wonderful handcrafted sterling and hand set marcasite jewelry. In business for more than 30 years. The highest quality marcasites are used and sometimes real pearls and gemstones. Their jewelry sells at the high end department store Nordstrom's and has been featured in several fashion magazines.

We do know that some fine-looking costume jewelry made with unique stones was produced. Some of the jewelry was unique and made with antique looking brass. The company used several hallmarks. All pieces in a set might not be stamped or marked. Victorian Revival jewelry. I have seen one set with this hallmark. It was well- made with rivet construction and a filigree backing on the brooch. Rhinestones and glass were used. Sadly she passed away from breast cancer at Along with her husband, Ben she began her first company focused on young women in the s.

Through the years she won several awards. The Anne Klein label began in The Jones Apparel Group acquired the brand at one point. These opulent pieces are said to be inspired by the movies directed by Alexander Korda in the early s. Alexander Korda was born in Hungry in His given name was Sandor Kellner. Jewelry signed "Korda" and "Thief of Bagdad" is rare.

The jewelry is marked "Thief of Bagdad" as opposed to " Many pieces of Korda jewelry have nothing to do with the movies. These pieces are also not prevalent on the market making this jewelry prized by collectors. His two brothers joined the company that was to became known for quality and superior design. In the 50s Kramer manufactured or had pieces manufactured for Christian Dior. DeLizza and Elster manufactured some pieces for this company. Frank Hesshead designer at Miriam Haskell until also produced pieces for Kramer after leaving Haskell and dissolving his partnership with Haskell's nephew, Josef Morton.

These pieces were hallmarked Amourelle and they had that Haskell look. They date to and they are very rare. Materials and techniques included : Netted rhinestones, artistic jewelry, superior quality, the 50s "Golden Look" and the 60s "Diamond Look".

Note that in the ad to the right, cuff links are being marketed along with their costume jewelry! During the late s, the company began to produce accessories for ladies.

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In the s, Krementz began to produce women's jewelry. Krementz produced fine jewelry and jewelry that looked "real". The two families parted ways in During the 50s the company sold a large amount of costume jewelry. The costume jewelry business was sold in The fine jewelry company still exists. A company called Colibri purchased Krementz costume jewelry. Colibri closed in It is thought that the name was then purchased by an internet company.

Delicate jewelry, white and yellow gold jewelry, use of leaves and roses. Hallmarks are often on the pin rods and very small. Diana is a line of jewelry produced by Krementz that sold in department stores such as Gimbels. Pieces with this hallmark are hard to find on the secondary market. Known for whimsical pieces. In they began selling on QVC. Have a current website. Amy creates handmade ceramic gifts and jewelry. I found conflicting dates as to when they closed.

Some say during the s while others say the s. Known for well made crystal jewelry. They also produced pieces using plastic and sometimes imitation pearls. According to several costume jewelry books, all pieces in a set are not always signed. Produced fine and costume jewelry. Some of the costume jewelry can be found with semi- precious stones. In his company produced a heart charm for the World's Fair held in New York. These sterling silver charms went on to become treasured by collectors. The are usually intricately detailed and some call them mini works of art.

His costume jewelry is sold in better department stores. Some of the newer pieces are being sold on QVC. Lane is a designer to several stars including Paris Hilton and Britney Spears. Jackie Onassis and Audrey Hepburn have worn his creations. He was born in Detroit in He began his career in fashion as a shoe design director at Delman and later Christian Dior.

His costume jewelry is highly collectable and very pricey, especially the older pieces. Earliest Hallmark: used during the early s into the early s. This hallmark is from an early bangle that also appears in Mr. Lane's Faking It book. Location was New York. The hallmark Ledo was used from the late s into the s. Sometime during the s the name was changed to Polcini. At this time Ralph Polcini's son, Damon was at the helm. I am unclear as to when the company ceased operations.

It appears it was sometime during the late s or s. I have also read that Pamela Polcini, Damon's daughter continued the company. There is a New York Times article dated October, announcing her wedding and it also mentions that she was at that time the design director of the company. Their jewelry is known for its superior construction and is rare on the secondary market. Judith Leiber emigrated to the United States from Hungary with her husband in She studied handbag design in Hungary and brought the skills with her.

Her handbags can be seen in the hands of some of the most famous movie stars and First Ladies alike. If you watch the awards shows, chances are most of the starlets are carrying one of her evening bags.

Fine and costume jewelry was also produced by this company as well as pill boxes, belts and eyewear. All of the products were produced with the very best materials and are well made. The prices are quite high. Although there is a current website, Ms. Leiber and her husband sold the company in The home party was the method of distribution. I have read that the Blanch- Ette Company produced the jewelry.

To my eye the quality varied so much that I think some may have been produced by others. The jewelry was of average to above average quality, sometimes utilizing rhinestones seen in better costume jewelry.

The backings also utilized such techniques as riveting seen in better costume jewelry. Founder s : D. The jewelry varied in use of materials, styles as well as quality. Taking a page out of the Coro business model, this company made jewelry for all price points. In fact, some of Lisner's jewelry looks a lot like mid- range Coro costume jewelry.

Lisner also produced some very nice above average costume jewelry using high quality rhinestones stones and techniques. Their colorful sets with sculptured plastic stones, usually shaped like leaves, are very popular. Jewelry made with the oak shaped leaf is most sought after.

Although some of the plastic sets were considered low end and still are, they do not lack quality! The company used several trademarks. A few included: Crystalia and Junior Prom. The first mark was "Lisner" in block letters first used in The Lisner name was no longer used on jewelry beginning in the late s.

Lisner purchased Richelieu [the pearl company] in the mid s. The name was changed to Lisner- Richelieu and then sold in Little Nemo. First, Little Nemo is not the same company as Nemo. Or is it? Which company did the above mentioned men actually begin? Then there is the way the pieces were marked. What if anything do these designations mean? No one to date really knows, however it is thought that the LN mark is the earliest.

The jewelry is high quality and spans many design styles. Some of the Little Nemo jewelry is geometric Deco in style while other designs are curvy and antique looking. Little Nemo made several patriotic pieces.

Pot metal was used as well as antiqued gold and silver- tone settings. Many pieces can be seen with brightly colored rhinestones and in interesting shapes. The Philadelphia firm was called H. Weinrich Company. This firm created great looking costume jewelry that was marked with several different hallmarks. The name "Marvella" was first used in In the name was changed to Marvella Pearls and changed again in the mid s to Marvella, Inc.

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In the firm was purchased by the Trifari. Monet was also a part of this group. Liz Claiborne purchased the entire group in Materials and techniques included : High quality faux pearls, multi-strand necklaces, faceted beads, beautiful clasps. Not all pieces in a set were signed. At first the name of the company was Renoir of Hollywood. After a fire in that destroyed the building they were working in, the name was changed to Renoir of California.

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The jewelry created here was inspired by the early 20 th century Arts and Crafts movement copper designs. Fells freelanced as an Art Director for departments stores before taking a permanent job at Gertz department store. During the Korean War copper was scarce. The company began making some jewelry using copper and aluminum. This jewelry was not very popular.

Here the designs were copper with colorful enameling. The jewelry produced here had a "Modernist" look and was inspired by abstract and expressionists art.

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Matisse pieces were more expensive to create because of the use of enamel as you might suspect. During the s a line of sterling silver was introduced that was more conservative then either of their copper lines.

This jewelry bore the makers mark "Sauteur and Sterling". In the s yet another line was introduced, this time with a brushed gold plated finish. I have a piece marked " Sauteur " with this finish, however the mark changed to "Golden Glow" during this time.

Materials and techniques included : Copper and enamel. Geometric and abstract forms. African inspired, flat and coiled wire work. The cuff bracelets and the fringed necklaces command the highest prices in the vintage collectable market.

Sterling and gold plated designs made for a limited time during the s and the s. Costume designer for movies and a long, long list of television programs including Dynasty.

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In fact, a line of clothing was produced that was based upon the clothing worn by some of the ladies on that program. That line is called the "- Collection". His unique, handcrafted creations are one of a kind and he utilizes the highest- end imported stones. It is said that no two pieces are exactly alike. Celebrities are known to love his jewelry and it has been worn on Sex and the City. His jewelry has been featured at the Louvre.

Sold at high end boutiques and department stores. Recent auctions at Doyle New York saw some phenomenal prices for this contemporary costume jewelry. Frank Hess was her chief designer from until and Josef Morton was her nephew. It is said the Josef also worked for his aunt for a brief while. Together they produced fabulous costume jewelry with beautiful findings and stampings very much in the style of Miriam Haskell.

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Eisenberg Original squiggly letters - used circa Eisenberg Original plus the mark sterling - used around E [script mark] - used circa E. Used again during the s on the enamel "Artist Series" pieces. The company still produces new and re- issued jewelry. Bade] N. This is a work in progress! There is very little information about this company. It is believed that they were one of the companies that sold kits to the public. Some of the jewelry is unsigned while others are signed.

I think that fact leads to the speculation that the crafted by the public pieces might be the ones without the hallmark. I am not sure. This hallmark is relatively rare. If the piece is signed that is obviously a plus. The signed pieces are becoming quite collectable. Founded by Melvin Bernie and Veta Nelson. Began making costume jewelry in Still a family run company with a current website.

Jewelry is usually ornate with a Victorian look. The back are almost as pretty as the front in most cases. It is possible to find unsigned pieces that were originally on cards or had a hang-tag. Somewhere along the way this company became part of the Hayward Company. Both of these gentlemen worked as salespeople for Monocraft, now known as Monet! Theodore's son Paul ran the company until it closed. Several design firms such as Anne Klein contracted with the firm to produce their designs because of the reputation Accessocraft had for quality workmanship.

Their jewelry was bold and innovative. Cute figural pins some with stones. Known for producing high quality museum reproductions. Ben Amun. His bold and trendy jewelry can be seen in fashion magazines and on several starlets. He has designed for Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein. He has been designing jewelry for over 30 years.

High end jewelry is made of the best crystals set pave style. He also produced a line of evening handbags with Luc Benoit. He also designed a line of beaded pins for AIDS charities.

Owner: Arthur Pepper -I have seen different dates for their production s- s and ss -Also known as Mode Art Company, they produced medium to high priced costume jewelry under the name Art Mode Jewelry Creations, Inc. Figurals and especially fine Victorian and Art Deco replicas were among some of their finest work. Materials and techniques included : Carved plastics, clustered rhinestones, enameling and beautiful filigree work.

Jewelry that resembles that of Florenza. Jewelry marked Austria or Made in Austria can be found at the high end and the lower end.

At the age of 28, David H. Banana Bob. Annie Venditti - Former professional level figure skater. McClelland Barclay. Dorothy Bauer. Founder s : Dorothy and her husband Robert Bauer. Known for cute as can be sculptural jewelry made from high end colored and clear faceted crystals. Her father owned a jewelry store and although she wanted to become a sculptor, she opened her first jewelry shop in Prior to this she sold hand blown glass jewelry.

Her pieces are all mostly hand constructed. Moved to New York in Began designing jewelry after needing jewelry for a fashion show. Their jewelry is made from the best crystals and natural gemstones. The also work in gold and in they introduced a diamond collection.

They have created for some of the best designers in the business including Dior, Chanel and Givenchy. Best known for their hand beaded necklaces. Their jewelry sells at better department stores including Saks Fifth Avenue. They did a very limited run for Target from February to June They created it for other companies including Walt Disney, as well as themselves.

Then came K. He started using Kenneth Lane in the late 's. The best way to tell if a piece is old is to actually see it. Many of the 's pieces had an antiqued finish and had certain kinds and colors of plastic cabochons he doesn't use anymore.

Kenneth Lane is one of those designers who almost never retires a piece permanently. Signatures: K. The jewelry from the 's and 's are all signed K.

Some of the most recent K. Only the box that the jewelry came in has the Avon name and address on it. It would be wise to keep the boxes for authenticity. You can purchase the book through amazon. Lane Necklace. Wonderful bib necklace with clear round rhinestones, clear faceted glass balls, simulated pearl dangles all set on a gold-tone semi-rigid openwork frame with curliques.

Signed K. Spectacular 's bib necklace with linked together motifs of graduated pear-shaped faceted clear rhinestones surrounded by clear round rhinestones and simulated pearl dangles in an antiqued silver-plated setting.

Matching clipback pendant earrings. All pieces signed K. Cool late 's to early 's Kenneth Lane faux jade pin of Inca tribesman with faux pearl earrings, red cabochon pupils set in pave clear whites rimmed in goldtone. The gold-plated pendant on this late 's Kenneth Lane necklace can be detached and worn as a brooch. It features a male and female Balinese dancer hanging from a ridged three-tiered temple.

Both figures have a machine-stamped body and clear pear-shaped rhinestone faces. The male's costume is accented with an oval green rhinestone at his chest and a round sapphire rhinestone on the waist. The female's costume is enhanced with alternating ruby and sapphire rhinestones down the front of her dress. A unique and interesting piece.

Lane jewelry for sale on the site.

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