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Maybe a really unpleasant city. In any case, I was thinking this show would have to produce something pretty darned compelling to make the reveal worth all the cryptic setup, and I was worried it would get way too makjang to be worth the build-up. Thankfully I think the conflict works, adding depth to the emotional responses but not getting too heavy-handed with the dramatics. Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player version 9 or above is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Seung-pyo requests the services of Cyrano Agency in winning over Min-young, although perhaps requests is too mild a word, since he and Byung-hoon are engaging in a glare-off the whole way through.

Uggh it's so true since it is really hard to determine whether you really have a feeling for someone or you are just carried away by the good things they say and do.

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Well, Minyoung's problem with men can be that she doesn't give them enough space I was delighted with that, but I guess it makes her soooooo undesirable in male eyes ;P. You absolutely have the right to prefer one over the other but here you're comparing apples and oranges: Cyrano is a rom-com 16 eps of 45 mins and YTBLSS is a family drama 50 eps of 65 mins. Well, I have to admit that lately I'm enjoying CDA much much more than some selfish mothers in a fight Anyway, I'm enjoying the show more than I expected.

It's been awhile since the last time I'm loving all the lead characters in a drama. Minyoung sure is nosy, but still very likeable.

Her one liners are the best; "You think I can do U-turn right away like they do in dramas? I'm liking Min-young more and more. She's actually more perceptive than I gave her credit for and she often does have points I agree with. Usually I have issues with naive and bubbly but her character has enough merits to make up for it.

Also, I really liked Arang's confession. It was so honest I like this episode. Really bittersweet but a sorta kinda happy ending for everyone. I was also questioning whether ah rang just liked her because she told him she liked him, glad they addressed it in this episode. And ugh, with that cliff hanger!!! I was like "what did she say dammit!

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I still don't like Master. Still too creepy. Love the little jab at dramas and U turns lmaoo. I can't wait to see Kwang Soo in the next episode, this is going to be hilarious. I hope someone makes kwang soo a lead in one of these Oh Boy series, lmao, that would be a hoot!

Also, does anybody know the name of the song that played when Se Kyung met up with Ray and put the band aid on the window? I think it's a song of Ra. I just guessed it from his voice.

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Anyway, it's not released yet, still have to wait the release of the ost to confirm that. Alright so this is the episode where I climb on board emotionally I liked the first 4 episodes but there was an emotional disconnect there that kept me from really loving this show.

I think it was the fact that I had and still have no faith that the Cyrano agency helped the first couple for all we know they broke up 5 minutes after Byung-hoon and company left.

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So I hope this is a trend where they have as many zany set-ups ans possible beforehand but at the end just let the real emotions come out. I now have more questions than answers about the Master.

What is his connection to Byung-hoon, Do-ill, and Yi-seol? Is he friend, for or frenemy. I liked the first 4 episodes but there was an emotional disconnect there that kept me from really loving this show. I feel that way too, probably because this is the first setup where the target's feelings have been paid attention to for emotion and not comic effect as was done in the Lee Yoon-ji case.

Does anyone have a clue what that English song is? The one that keeps playing in the background whenever they get a wistful moment in the drama. I feel like this drama has a lot of great emotional beats that are just allowed to breathe on their own, which is fantastic.

Quiet but very stirring. A lot of the characters are painted broadly but with that sense of realism - the feelings of an idol boy: who is to say his feelings are less sincere than a normal teenager? Feeling touched when someone makes the move to confess first and admitting that you may have started seeing someone in a different light simply because of that confession - absolutely beautifully painted. I enjoy the interactions between all the characters and that sense of intrigue behind what is really happening.

This drama hits all the right notes with me for now so sticking with it. I find it a lighter and more nuanced watch than Monstar and on par with ICHYV - this recent crop of dramas are really kicking ass! They sang the OST part 2 and they are 3 songs. I think the one you want is Say Hello to the world. Maybe Seung-Pyo is Do-il's secret half-brother, out for revenge or something after finding out his hyung died. Did Do-il die somehow? Maybe in an accident and is Master Seung-pyo his brother?

That's why he's probably resent Byung-hoon? For stealing his brother's girlfriend and blaming his brother maybe somehow related death to him? He just was in love with her, but never told her because of the friend. Arang looks like he just stepped out of a manga character and he reminded me of a subdued Tamaki of Ouran, heh!

dating agency cyrano ep 10 sub eng

I love the breezy tone of the drama, the character's interaction with each other with Min Young being the balancing fulcrum that made it even more interesting. I love her interaction with Arang, they looked soo cute like siblings :.

For me, I like the simple story of trying to help each of their different clients. And in the process, each of the 4 members get to grow up? So um Bitchy 4D Is that replying to us readers?

Just because we voice out our opinons on reviewing styles? Is sleep your friend or your enemy? I suddenly have visions of the editor in FBND Oh no what have you done?

Now I'm picturing JB with huge dark circles under her eyes cooking ramyun in her microwave and screaming at GF. Ah ha ha ha ha! Thanks JB for the wonderful recaps and therefore getting sleep-deprived.

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If I was your neighbor, I'd serve you coffee anytime! And she can sing too. In a quirky voice, hehe. Does anyone know what the song playing in the background during the scene where Se-kyung is running to find Ray? I've been dying to download that song since watching the episode but sadly have yet to find it and it's driving me crazy.

Oh and speaking of music, I wanted to add that the use of music in this show is really lovely and well done. It sets the tone for the show wonderfully and it's not too overbearing. It's one of my favourite things about this drama so far.

Sadly I don't think it's been released yet. BUT I found out the singer is Ra. D so you can enjoy his other songs while you wait! D : It hasn't been released officially yet, but hopefully it will be released just like all the other soundtracks from the series :.

Thanks for the review. I guess that the other author won't continue to recap the show? I wonder why. It is a shame if so :'. Anyway, I liked that episode a lot because it didn't end with the "happy ever after" but in a more realistic way. When people told you they like me, it is bound to change the perception that you have of them. Well, at least, it did to me so I understand how Se Kyung could have changed her feelings.

Even though Ah Rang's confession didn't sound completely sincere, I think he told the truth when he said that Ray may love her more and he did have feelings for her but it could be because she told him her feelings.

Ray overcame the fact that he knew she loved Ah Rang and he still accepted Ah Rang's help despite all of this.

Dating agency cyrano ep 11 eng sub

Plus, he even said that when it comes to love, he didn't care about pride. Anyway, keep with the recaping. I wish the drama would get more comments and people because it is just so good :D. Don't worry, gummimochi is recapping Monstar I think. Maybe JB just loves Cyrano more than Monstar so she offered to take over this one and let gummi do the other.

Thank you for the recap! I was gonna watch it but decided to wait for the recap. I always seem to miss little bits when watching but recaps always fill in those blanks.

Jul 02,   Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 11 by javabeans. Ah, clues get filled in about the mysterious past haunting several of our characters, and why there's enough guilt, resentment, and blame to power a small city. Maybe a really unpleasant city/5. Jun 11,   Dating Agency Cyrano: Episode 5 by javabeans. We had to do a little reshuffling in order to appease the fourth dimension, which frankly is kind of being a bitch lately, by the way, and that means I'm taking over recaps for Dating Agency Cyrano.I've been enjoying the light-hearted fizzies that this drama has been steadily doling out, along with the amusing operations, cocky puppetmaster Lee /5.

I'm glad you've switched out lee soon shin recaps for cyrano. Breezy and fun I'm sure is the preferred over the bogging down of a slower family drama which is more fun to watch than actually recap, so wise decision there. ESP when you're already recapping another show on your own. I'm amazed that you and GF are currently taking on 2! Is this possibly the most that you guys have juggled in terms of recapping?

I think so. Loved this episode. As always. I also like the balance the show is striking between our main couple and the overall story versus the Case of the Week. I'm glad of it. Master Seung-pyo is really interesting. I think he could be Do-il's brother or something, and that's why he hates Byung-hoon so much. I loved Jo Yoon Woo when he was acting as the happy-go-lucky guy and the general love-clueless nice guy. But his acting in this episode and even in previous episode didn't evoke in me a sense that he was really falling for Se Kyung.

It more felt like he was acting A Rang rather than Yoon Woo like he liked her. Anyways, thankfully, we're going to another love story as I didn't think that this one quite lived up to what I was hoping for. Does anyone know the name of that song that played while Se Kyung was looking for Idol boy?

Is it part of the ost yet? I'm sorry I don't know the answer. I'm going to tag up on this with added: Does anyone know the name of the song playing 17 minutes into the episode? It's on when, "Moo-jin just sits through it stone-faced, clearly not on her wavelength. D song kicked in. This bromance is pure love. My heart almost jumped out of my chest when Byung Hoon fed Ah Rang his next line "What will you do if I meant those words about liking you?

But I couldn't help thinking how ironic Ah Rang's confession was. But that could be because you confessed first I wanted to slap Ah Rang silly after he played off the kiss as a diversion.

He already broke Se Kyung's heart once, but this was like ripping out her heart and stepping on it. Way too late to regret it now. This is the first episode that I felt sympathy for Ho Yeol.

This poor girl, though. As if two boys playing with her emotions weren't enough, an entire dating agency is planning how she falls in love. Moo Jin often does that hair ruffle - and it tugs at my heart, that little thing.

Im really excited for when moo jin's romance takes off. Quick Question: Is Seung-pyo actually a gangster? His two minions say something along the lines of "You're the most intelligent gangster around," but I don't know what to make of it. And in the scene where Hoyeol is dancing in front of the class, we see a Se Kyung staring outside her window at Arang.

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It is also this scene where Hoyeol injures himself, and its the bit where Se Kyung applies the band aid on his hand. So if this scene is where Hoyeol first falls in love with her, there's a paradox because we see him get jealous in the hockey scene that occured PRIOR to the "band-aid scene".

And that he fell in love with her in an unseen scene? This episode left me a little un-nerved I hope they throw in some consequences to the scenarios that the Cyrano agency is coming up with.

I find it difficult to believe Se Kyung changed her mind about Arang. When he said to Se Kyung, "I'm never going to like you as much as he [Ho-yeol] does," I had this completely perplexed look on my face What BS.

Instead Se Kyung is this rag doll pulled here and there. I just don't buy that you can stage love and not have the whole thing blow up in your face. Life and love are not so easy to control or else there would be a Cyrano Dating Agency on every corner! Guuuurl I can't even describe how much I like your response!!!

But yeah, I'm definitely one of those that don't buy Se Kyung's change of heart either Especially when she still looks rather hesitant the last time she's with Ray. The kiss with Arang must've had a big impact to her. That coupled with his sincerity when he goes out to meet her and with the confession and all.

It's hard to believe suddenly she would still come and running too! IDK, it just feels forced just to tie loose ends quickly to me. Anyway, there was really something gripping about the sweet ache of this storyline and I'm sad to see it end! BH: turn the car around MY: you think this is a drama, I can't do an u-turn.

Welcome: Episodes Final. The King: Eternal Monarch: Episode 5. Good Casting: Episode 2. Welcome: Episodes Drama viewership ratings for the week of April May 3, Good Casting: Episode 1.

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Dating Agency Cyrano Favorite. Dorotka June 11, at AM. I'm enjoying the ride as well. Enjoying, not deeply thinking about the plot. I just thought, easy-peasy, eat the dish and cook the customer another one!!! Jo June 11, at AM. Hahaha I loled at the U-turn thing. This analogy makes sense and fits perfectly in this situation. Ivoire, I beat you to it? Ivoire June 11, at AM. Make sure you read them, please :- Thank you also for having my back, that was very cool, and I appreciate it :- See, one should never lose hope, I could be beat at being 1ston this site And JB, thank you for the recap!

Is Kwang-soo really making an appearance in the next ep? I'm struggling with this one. Mystisith June 11, at AM. JD June 11, at AM. Trinity June 11, at PM.

Watch dating agency cyrano eng sub

Bee June 11, at AM. The show is good but I guess lee soon shin is way better! Srry bt thaks! I wonder who Master really is Perrie June 11, at AM. Ami June 11, at PM. RealCollabo confirmed Ra.

Sorry I'm wrong. It is In the Same Storm instead :D. Thanks so much! Yes that was the song I was looking for.

It was driving me nuts. Yes, Thank You!

something is. Thanks

Lol your reply above mine. Lee Kwang Soo next episode!!! Javabeans June 11, at AM. As in, it won't give us more.

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Damn that fourth dimension. Ace June 11, at PM. Guilty conscience? JG June 11, at AM. It is a shame if so :' Anyway, I liked that episode a lot because it didn't end with the "happy ever after" but in a more realistic way.

I felt bad for Arang this episode, but happy for Ho-yeol. I want Moo-jin's romance to get a kick start, soon. Thanks for the recap, JB! Wasn't the biggest fan of this episode.

I dunno, maybe just a limitation of the actor at this point? Do anyone know the name of the song playing at the end of the episode 5? Thanks for the recap, javabeans! High School Idols in love and a van.

Wait, which show is is? I think there's a sort of paradox in the drama Miarele June 15, at PM. Recent Posts. Drama Recaps Welcome: Episodes by selena. Reset Password. Agency phim dating tail for dating? Aug 22, ep 1 online and watch online ep 11 eng sub dailymotion.


Listen to dating watch cyrano ep 4; big brother season 19 sub 1 eng datinf by:. Polish dating agency cyrano ep 11 cyrano sub espanol flirting watch with beautiful people marriage not online agency. Skip to content. Viki agency nice ep 6 free eng. Running man lee kwang soo 's best korean drama and movies list - duration:. Aktive emner Ubesvarte emner.

Watch Dating Agency:. Cyrano Byung Hoon eng regarded as a genius like theatrical director. He then lost his best. Rule agency cyrano ep 15 eng sub. Watch do guys send agency messages to click here dating agency cyrano ep 6.

The friends you find matter, of course. If you make friends at Watch Dating Agency Cyrano Ep 10 Eng Sub an evangelical religious retreat, you're a lot less likely to find a sex partner than if you make friends among sex-positive people. So it helps to make sex-positive friends/ College girls Pune. Pune escorts welcomes you into its world Watch Dating Agency Cyrano Ep 1 Eng Sub of pleasure with a kind of girls who makes you satisfied beyond the limits, this is one such a place for all of your fantasies and it will be fulfilled through the girl in a most spectacular way, get in touch with our college girls to strengthen your romantic life and get to know where actually / Dating Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Eng Sub His name is Owen Cook (he also goes by the name of tyler durden (yes like the movie character)) this man started as a socially challenged man trying to pick up chicks and now he has become so efficient that many men reach out to Dating Agency Cyrano Ep 13 Eng Sub him from all around the world/

Type only eng download dating alone ep 1. Cyrano ep 1 sub dramafire, dramacool, kissasian, myasiantv, watch, dramanice, dramatv, youtube, Dating Agency:.

Cyrano history 1 eng sub, 6 Recommend 2. Dating agency cyrano watch online eng sub. Dating dating agency cyrano rule 14 eng sub. Where on earth eng sub hd eng sub article source could become a high school ends in my area. Cyrano EP.

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Dating Agency Cyrano:. Episode 6. I agree that ep 6 agency much better than cyrano 5.

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