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Vietnamese women have a much different look than many of the other girls in the region generally considered Southeast Asia The Phils, Thailan Indonesia , etc. In addition, their skin tone tends to swing more towards the lighter side compared to the other SEA countries. This is fantastic, because you will have more variation with Vietnamese girls. In fact, they far more resemble Eastern European countries like Ukraine and Russia-where it sometimes takes several dates to get a girl into bed. Hell, some Vietnamese girls even make it very difficult to kiss them on a first date, just like those aforementioned Slavic girls. In my opinion, there is not much of a stigma about girls dating foreigners. Give it a few years and you may see more distaste towards the local Vietnamese girls dating foreigners.

However, trying to have sex with her on the first date may make you become a non-serious man. You need to build trust over time so it takes time to win her heart. If you know her from a Vietnamese dating site and have been chatting with her for a few months, then this is a different story. I think the most important secret of dating Vietnamese women is for her to feel that you can protect and care for her. According to the Vietnam culture, the man is expected to be the provider for the family.

If you are taking her to dinner, then you ask her to share the bills, it is wrong. Vietnamese girls are independent. They work hard and can take care of themselves. During a marital journey, if you are laid off, then she can work to take care of the bills. Whether or not you are strong on the bed, she will stay with you. When you win her heart, you marry her for life. She ties to her family and relatives. When you marry her, She will cook daily meals.

Having a deeper understanding of Vietnamese women's culture and the unwritten rules goes a long way towards having a fruitful relationship when dating Vietnamese girls. In this article, we covered the do's and don'ts when dating a Vietnamese woman. Here is a refresher on them: Do's: Try to learn Vietnamese; Try to learn about her culture. For Asian-American men, dating in the U.S. is difficult enough because of cultural and stereotypical challenges. With the proliferation of online dating apps and websites, it can be even more. So, guys, here is the true tips of dating a Vietnamese girl from a native- Vietnamese woman's experience. Vietnam (UK: (About this sound listen);[10] Vietnamese: Viet Nam (About this sound listen)), officially the Socialist Republic of Vietnam (Vietnamese: Cong hoa xa hoi chu nghia Viet Nam (About this sound listen)), is the easternmost.

She will take good care of you when you are sick. She will take good care of your kids. Vietnamese women are the most stunning women in the South East Asia. Vietnamese girls are loyal and respectful They consider marriage as a life-time commitment. They respect elders. She wants to have a serious relationship. Be honest. This is the utmost important thing she wants in a relationship. She wants to live in a great country to have gender freedom, safety in everything. She wants a good man who treats her with respects.

If you treat her in a good manner, then you will be a king of her heart. She will do whatever you want. She wants a romantic guy, certainly. You should give her flowers and presents on special occasions.

5 things you need to know before dating a Vietnamese girl

She wants you to be a decision maker when choosing the place to date. You need to lead her during the dating process.

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Most Vietnamese girls get married at the young age, from 18 to 26 years old. If you are 45 to 50 years old, then you can find a year-old woman in Viet Nam at ease. In fact, most of single girls in Vietnam prefer to get married with an older man. Try to chat with her through a Vietnamese online dating service. You should go sign up a personal profile at an Internet dating site. Contact with other girls you like, then chat with them first until she feels comfortable to meet you face to face.

As you know, most Vietnamese women are shy at first, so you should try to chat with her online before meeting her in person.

I am Linda. I am the admin of Vietdating. This website hook up single Vietnamese girls with Western men for marriage. Good luck and have fun! Your email address will not be published. I am looking serious relationship with man.

It all comes naturally, when you understand each other from the thoughts and actions they are sincere and honest all will be easier. Their love to each other is not simply a beautiful word but they come together by a heart of the same direction.

A sharing and empathy build together, not just what you need with purpose. Sincere honesty is a success in every communication. Good luck. Where did you get this informations? Vietnamese women are NOT independent!!


They are kind yes. But very demanding!

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Why should a man pays for everything?! Everyone works. I am looking serious relationship with girl. Hi, u are living in Hai Duong? Oh, I live in Hai Duong too.

Can I be your friend?

Do's and Don'ts When Dating a Vietnamese Woman

Hopefully hearing from u soon. Minh muon tim ban chia se buon vuiminh than thienthat thahoa dongmuon ket hon voi nhung nguoi ban biet thuong yeucham soc lan nhau. I m indian guy. My name is sachin. I like to marry with Vietnamese women. I m cm tall. My name is Adam. I am Kim Pham, was born in I work and live in Ho chi minh city of Vietnam.

I am divorced.

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I am a chef. I am friendly. I am looking for a western man for marriage. My phone number is Em m? Hello gentlemen, I am Suong Nguyen. I live in Vietnam. I am a divorced woman. I am friendly and honest who is in search for a gentleman who can get married with me. I will be your ideal wife or even a servant. I have one kid. My picture is below.

My phone number is zalo.

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Thanks and here is my direct email address and am interest and you are a beautiful woman and write me mail tidbear6 gmail. To my future lover: My name is Kim Yen, I was born on I currently live in Viet Nam. I am a confident Vietnamese woman and I am rich in loving people. I was divorced 5 years ago and I have 2 daughters.

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My look is just fine. My wish is to find a lover who lives in the West and has the same situation like mine. He is from years old. He must be a good hearted guy, friendly look. We can go further from friendship to lover to relationship to marriage. My phone: Xin chao, my name is Richard.

Kim Yen is a pretty name.

Why Vietnamese Women Are Potential Brides

I will tell you a little about myself. Im a widower and looking for someone to love again with.

In Vietnam, dating can be complicated. It involves not only the difficult issues of romance, sex and gender, but also family, class and social status; in addition, the approval and support of others play a larger role than it typically does in America. Vietnamese culture has a . A Vietnamese girl isn't going to hold that against you. However, being able to speak a couple dozen words puts you in the top 10of the expat population (and ahead of every non-permanent tourist). In addition, in the nightlife and daytime pickup scene, opening in Vietnamese gets you bonus points. Flying to Vietnam blindly is not recommended, so we suggest that you'll be better off looking for Vietnamese brides for sale online using a dating website. Using Vietnamese women dating platforms, you can connect with Vietnamese mail order brides a lot easier, not to mention that it is legal and signing up does not cost you a penny.

I like outdoors such as bike riding and walks. Hello Dear Kim. Hi, I am Thuy Nguyen. I live in Hai Phong North Vietnam. I have two daughters who is 23 years of age and 19 years of age. I was divorced 4 years ago. I am single. I like to listen to music and sing karaoke. I can speak English a little bit.

Remember what I said about more girls being traditional? This means that they are going to be slightly apprehensive about dating foreigners. Speaking a dozen or so odd words in Vietnamese subconsciously register the correct answers in her mind about those questions. No sane person without some plans to spend some decent time in Vietnam would start learning the local language-obviously far different than English.

Learning some words along with history show an interest in the culture. And showing interest in the language actually shows interest in her as a human being wanting to make her life a bit easier by communicating in her native language. In addition, in the nightlife and daytime pickup scene, opening in Vietnamese gets you bonus points.

This means that they are simply feminine and warm creatures. They know what makes men happy and make every effort to do so. Randomly, on a whim. Not just special occasions. Hopefully you can understand what I mean by genuine and warm. Many Vietnamese girls are just always happy, friendly, and easy to get along with. It really sets Vietnamese girls apart, and makes them top-notch long-term dating candidates although not as good as an option for one night stands.

As a final observation, things are changing in Vietnam. These girls know that their place as a woman in the relationship is to please their man and have kids.

They will not try to compete with you for dominance on a date. For example, I was eating spring rolls with a Vietnamese girl. Of course my American self does not know how to roll a spring roll.

The girl I was with started rolling the spring rolls for me. She probably would have put them in my mouth if I asked.

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Time for the American girl comparison. Your America girl will want to wear a pantsuit and crush nutsacks at her cushy HR job. Imagine Ms. Nutsack Crusher on a date. You think she will roll your spring rolls on a date.

And probably try to crush your nutsack. Do these nutsack crushers even want kids? Hell naw. Kids are expensive and mean taking time off from her their career.

One or two cats are good enough for these womyn.

Vietnamese girls are warm and caring when they like you or have a use for you. They will be ice cold when they have no use for you. I texted a girl in my rotation that I was stuck in bed with a cold. She immediately called to ask if she could bring some pho. I hesitated at first because my first thought jumped to waking up in my bathtub with a missing kidney. This is an important one for me. I have a general idea of how to cook basic manly and high testosterone food like eggs and hamburgers.

However, cooking an elaborate meal with 20 plates is above my mediocre skill level. This is where women come into the picture. Men have hunted the food and the women have cooked it throughout most of human history.

The man should earn the money and have his woman buy the food and cook. Vietnamese girls understand this. American girls do not. Sounds like a fair trade to me. I hate working. If I was a girl, it would make me ecstatic if a wealthy man told me that all I had to do was look pretty, keep my mouth shut, cook meals, and have sex.

My mom cooks an amazing dinner everyday, but she comes from a different generation. My American ex-girlfriend only knew how to press buttons on a microwave, bake cookies, and make pasta. These Asian bitches are all skinny.

so? sorry, that

Even the few fat ones by Asian standards are about the same as your average American womyn. I guess a diet of rice, chicken, and soup is good for you. Plus a good dose of fat shaming never hurt anyone. We want hot bitches that meet the four criteria listed above.

Vietnamese women don't date for dating, they date for potential marriage. They don't want to waste their time. If you want a "fun girl" and no relationship, go to D1 and go throw your money at one. The man takes care of the girl, so that the girl can take care of the man at home. Vietnamese girls are very loyal, and they expect the same from you. However in my experience flirting is an important part of social interaction, and you're still expected to do it, even if you're dating. Tread lightly. With few exceptions Vietnamese people favor social conformity in a big way. The more "Vietnamese" you can act the better.

Things just work better that way. There you have it. A list of five reasons that Vietnamese women show superiority to American girls. Let me know what you think. I really hope this makes you cry.

Dating a vietnamese girl reddit

Remember, I am an evil man. I am currently dating an awesome Vietnamese woman here in America. She has been living here for almost 6 years. She has learned English and has become a US citizen within 6 years.

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