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Have you considered registering so you can participate in the discussions rather than just look on as a bystander? Why not? If so, use the Contact Us link at the bottom of any page and let us know and we'll get you squared away! During it's lifespan Savage continually made changes to the Model 24's design resulting in numerous model and series groupings. The information below is a brief account of those groupings as originally drafted by odell23 and published on the CylinderSmith. The following is a brief account meaning I won't cover every detail before the internet commandos start harassing me for lack of completeness and not covering every little feature of the groupings of Savage 24's. This is not a concrete order of which grouping came first and does not mean the whole grouping was made before the next grouping was produced and offered for sale, this is just an easier way to see all of the varieties with similar features and minimize confusing the stamped designations.

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By the early s Savage firearms would start producing the model 24 with the 22 Magnum cartridge and this became quite popular at the time. It was a nice 22 Magnum Rifle.

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They would develop more cartridges and combinations later on but my focus in these articles is the s and early 60s. Not much of a price difference in the s.

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Because the 22 long rifle ammo and the ammo was quite cheap in the s. They were a rather sleek looking firearm with classic styling that I considered a pretty good looking combination rifle.

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They had a nice walnut stock with a blued barrel and a nice case colored receiver. They were a nice lightweight firearm and a joy to carry and hunt with.

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The gunsmithing issues that I had with these firearms were primarily the extractors and the firing mechanism. The selector button on the side of the receiver that allowed you to choose which barrel to use would malfunction and eventually break. By the s the parts for the selector button were no longer available.

I would replace the hammer with a new one that would have the selector on it. The trick for me is to try and sort all of this mess out and present the information in a detailed book so the information is out there.

Again sorry for the lengthiness, but this should help others out there. This helps de-mystify this model and all it's variations! Anyone else have one? Your opinion of the gun? The gun was a Christmas gift from Ron Coburn to my son Kyle.

Dating a savage model 24 - If you are a middle-aged woman looking to have a good time dating man half your age, this advertisement is for you. Men looking for a woman - Women looking for a woman. Register and search over 40 million singles: matches and more. Mar 05,   Savage introduced the Stevens Model Four-Ten in , then the "Savage"LR/ Model 24 in the late 's. None had serial numbers until required by GCA in , and AFAIK Savage dropped the 22/ combination (as opposed to other combos) in - so that would put the DOM of your M24 somewhere between & , depending upon. Feb 19,   Dating Savage/Stevens rifles - specific to the Model 4,5,6 and 85,86,87 series and variants. (But may also be applicable to other models) The easiest is by the alpha code contained in the inspectors mark. The alpha code should be preceded by one or two numbers enclosed in a circle on top of the barrel, typically between the rear sight & the.

The factory sent it in even though the serial number says 12 gauge. My son had both 20 and 12 gauge Remington 's he much prefered over the single shoot I should have sent it back to the factory to have it changed to 12 gauge but forgot about it. Recently I looked at the 24 that had not been touched, or everfired. It looks like the attachment can be removed and the barrel is set up for a 12 gauge.

Jack J. Briley Choke Tubes still offers something similar and I would imagine that's where Ron would have gotten it from during his tenure at Savage.

Dating a savage model 24

I'm not personally familiar with either option so I couldn't say how to remove it, but maybe you can take this info and do a little digging online to find pic's to compare to what you have and maybe find some instructions. Here's a video on the Savage Four-Tenner's.

This is a Savage model 24 enthusiast's site, but is in no way affiliated with, nor does it represent Savage Arms Inc. Our namesake firearm is probably the most common combination gun in the priced, and in near-constant production since , these guns show up through much of the world. Sep 09,   Can anyone out there advise as to how one can date the actual year of manufacture of Savage pump action rifles? Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! Jack. Savage 24 (Field Grade): Separated barrels, top of tang barrel release lever; plain standard stocks like on the early Savage 24's. Known models 24 Series N, 24 Series P, 24 Series S. Series N and P have top of tang barrel release lever while Series S the front of the trigger gaurd sliding block barrel release.

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Savage FAQ's. Centerfire FAQ's. Rimfire FAQ's. Shotgun FAQ's. Savage Model 24 Variations. Jeff -AM. Thanks, Good info. Maddogjack -PM.

Dating A Savage Model 24 you're a lot less likely to find a sex partner than if you make friends among sex-positive people. So it helps to make sex-positive friends. If there are kink-friendly, polyamorous, or sex geek communities near Dating A Savage Model / Sep 08,   On the FAQ page you'll notice that the Savage date code stamps run from to based on Schwing's work. The Gun Control Act of which took effect in October of that year is when serial numbers became mandatory and Savage started putting them on . The Savage model 24 single shot combination rifle was introduced by Savage Arms Company in This was the only combination rifle and shotgun made in the USA. This would bring a unique twist to the American arms market. Several European rifle makers did make combination rifles and shotguns and they were very popular in Europe and Africa.

Baker -PM. Savage used to make what they called the Four-Tenner's which were. Cancel Changes.

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Savage Shooters is in no way affiliated with or endorsed by Savage Arms. The sole purpose of this site is to provide an online community for those who wish to interact with other Savage firearm enthusiasts.

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