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A year and a half into the relationship, I had become very insecure, clingy and jealous and it was really turning her off. So, she went out with her sister and some friends, cheated on me and then dumped me over the phone the next day. I got dumped back in the time before the internet had people online who were helping each other out, so I was basically on my own. Eventually, I got to a point where I was sick and tired of missing out on sex, love and relationships with beautiful women. What is wrong with me? I usually spent my weekends alone at home or catching up with my one and only friend to talk and hang out. Months and then years of my life wasted away, while everyone else around me was enjoying love, sex and relationships.

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After many years of popular seminars and hearing so many success stories back from attendees, it was time to hold the Dating Power seminar. Listen to the track below to hear the full story behind Dating Power and how Ben, Stu and I developed it.

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As you will discover, we spent countless nights out in bars and clubs, showing guys how to approach and naturally attract women. Along the way, we worked out how to get any guy to transform and become the type of guy that naturally attracts women.

Dating Power is now available on video. It is 8 hours of jam-packed information, techniques and methods for success with women in the modern dating environment. For this seminar, we focused more on online dating because it had been a popular request sent to us via the site.

Once again, it was a great seminar and the attendees learned exactly what they needed. To our surprise, the seminar room was packed with attendees eager to hear about our latest techniques and ideas. After the release of my book The Flow, myself, Ben and Stu from The Modern Man began receiving requests from guys to take them out into bars and clubs and show them how to approach and naturally attract women.

We did this every weekend for approximately 3.

Dan bacon dating expert

I knew, right then and there, that this what exactly what I was supposed to be doing with my life. Before I had improved my confidence and abilities with women, I was a socially anxious guy who would become extremely nervous and tense if I had to speak in front of any number of people. My heart would be beating a million miles per hour. Yet, when I opened up the seminar for The Modern Man, my heart was at peace.

Why did I approach so many women and become so skilled at attracting women and thus having my pick of women? After about one and a half years of enjoying a lot of fun times with women, I realized that I was now very confident in myself, had my choice of women and even had women trying to pick me up when I went out on the town.

My other passions focus on the deeper side of life. This passion has led me to learn a lot about the future, nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, the universe, near death experiences, robotics, love, existentialism and many other fascinating topics that swirl around us in this amazing reality.

Get the Specific Answers and Solutions That You Need to Succeed With Women

I also have a lot of friends now I never used to when I was socially anxious and unattractive to women and love to spend time with them. Although I had a bit of a rough childhood, I now have a great relationship with my parents and family.

I just want to help make this world a better place, one person at a time. Share the love. Name required. Email required. I need to know how to get my true love back. I need to know how to get her to want to hang out with me so I can get her to like me again. If you could suggest me videos to watch that would be great and even direct advice would be the best.

Dan is it possible that me and my friend get on the phone call together with you? We have enough to pay half each although neither of us can afford a full session on our own.

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Hey broI just wanted to say thanks for the sesh last week. It was good talking to you and I finally got the answers that I needed. The chick I told you about just called me. I sent the text you recommended and it started from there. You know your stuff bro! I also helped a friend of mine and taught him some of your stuff. He was strugglin with the ladies too and I told him a few of your mindsets and he is right into it nowhe wants to get his game on too.

I told him to get your Mastery mindsets program. Okay bro thanks again and I promise to post up a success story soon about this chick cos I should be seeing her this weekend. This is the second time I write you. Thanks for replying so promptly the last time.

I hear Melbourne is one of the best places in the world to live. I think you call them Lifestyle Courses or maybe Bootcamps. Anyway, if you could get back to me, I would appreciate it. Be sure to get in touch if you ever come to Australia because I will be running some seminar workshops in the next years. For now, I am focussed on making new programs, helping phone coaching clients and trying to answer all the comments across this massive site!

Instead posting a schedule months in advance and having to live by that, I prefer to leave my days open so I can take care of other things going on in my life too. So, the way I do it is allow a client to book and then I give my availability for that week.

Is there any discount for existing customers? We provide discounts on our pre-recorded programs for existing customers, but for our live time. Hey dan! Hey you wanted a success story? The first one was in class. Remember how i was saying that I was not good with comebacks and not in the Alpha mindset during class?

Well I was late to class one day because of court, we had a test that day so I was the last one to take the test because I was late, when I walked in the class everyone was in the class going over some lecture and someone asked me what I got.

I know he was really just kidding and there was not harm meant by it but I still wanted to have something good to comeback with. I guess I was in the Alpha mindset because I thought to myself that I know for sure my GPA is higher than his because I have heard some of his test scores and mine have always been higher.

Now on to women, I have approach one 18 year old girl and got a number, i felt like i created some good sexual tension between us, I will see when we hang out and ill let you know.

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I also ran into a girl I used to date like 2 years ago, I broke it off with her because I never really liked the way she acted, have talked to you about her before. So i approached her and she seems to be a lot nicer and more pleasant to talk to so me and her are going to catch up.

Now best for last. I went to a concert tonight. She knew what I was doing so she gave me a little dance then I gave her a nice slap on the ass.

Her friend was getting jealous i could tell because She was getting closer to me and kept looking at us talking. So I created a little more sexual tension with those two girls. Then finally at the end of the concert I saw a girl who fit my type of girl exactly. She was really the kind of girl that I am looking for as far as looks go.

And she ended up being really cool as well. So I had to give her a go. I asked her how the concert was for her. She looked at me with a huge smile and we talked about past concerts, and bands that we like, the security guard was trying to get us out of the building so he directed us to the exit.

After that I started tickling her and was calling her a trouble maker. I set her on top of this small rock because I said that I wanted to make her taller, when she was standing on the rock we made out a little.

So then we cruzed up the street I said that I had to get something to drink so I stopped at a gas station to buy something to drink and condoms. Later we drove and I parked somewhere. I remembered what you said about how am i going to be the type of guy who grabs her head really makes her go for it or not, so I grabbed her hair pretty tight and then had a lot of fun!!

I guess i really created a lot of sexual tension with this girl, because our conversation was not really that long before she put my hands around her waist, maybe like 5 mins or less. I guess you were right about my age really not being a problem this girl was 18!

Aug 30,   Men of the Internet: Please Don't Ever Listen to Any of This Guy's Advice. Slate's L.V. Anderson has broken down exactly why Dan Bacon's advice for attention-seeking men so abjectly Author: Chelsea Hassler. Dan Bacon. Dating Expert, Modern Day Philosopher. I just want to help make this world a better place, one person at a time. The more enlightened I've become, the more I realize that love is infinite and we don't need to hide from it or keep it all to ourselves. Share the love. Twitter; Facebook; LinkedIn. Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship expert and the author of The Flow, an eBook that teaches you the easiest way to get laid or get a girlfriend. Dan has been helping new men succeed with women for more than 14 years. Founder and CEO of Featured Articles. of Single Women Want You to Know This.

No, the details are great - it helps other guys get the picture of what actually goes on. You pulled off some pretty advanced moves that night.

Nice work! I finally gave in she was to important for me. However, I have now helped 1,s of guys to successfully get their ex back, so you will have a great shot at getting her back by using my advice and strategy.

At the very least, you will be able to get her to begin having sex again for a while. After that, things should begin to open back up between you. Someone in your situation needs to learn more about what it really means to be a man for a woman in a relationship.

My program will help you do that. I would rather do it for real and get realtime feedback. How do we set this up? I would love to coach you in person, but I am no longer doing live courses because I am now in a committed relationship.

Dan Bacon: Dating and Relationship Expert

Sorry to say, but there is only so long that a guy like me can keep rejecting perfectly good women who want to settle down with me. Just wondering if Ben and Stu are still doing Lifestyle Courses? Stu is currently in a relationship and Ben is seeing multiple women at once.

If you want some 1-on-1 coaching, I am here for you via phone coaching and we can usually get started within 48 hours. My phone coaching clients have been enjoying a lot of amazing, high level success with women e.

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Some of my clients can also now do things with women that only guys at my level can. Many clients tell me about transformations that have been happening for them with weeks that took YEARS for me to accomplish.

Before you get started, I would recommend that you watch this free video. Thanks for the chat last week! I guess it was a maturity thing. You have a loyal fan and customer for life now. Thanks for coming back to post up your success! Most guys just send me a private e-mail, so I thank you for posting this up on the site for others to see.

I doubted my love for her and if we were compatible, so I took her for granted. No doubt she sensed this, even though I kept it to myself. I was calm on the phone call that I initiated when it happened. I realize now that I fully love her and I fully accept her. I asked her to call me the day after that, said I needed to tell her something so I could get it off my chest.

She did immediately. And that I know now that i love her fully. She was crying. Then she said I need time. And I said okay. I never cried in front of her or broke down or actually begged. I know I want her. But I love her.

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I also made the mistake of asking a mutual friend if there was a chanceyeah. What do you think? She is asking for space, so you should to give her that, but you should not just wait around and do nothing while you are giving her space. You have to get her to feel a combination of painful and positive emotions that will get her to change her mind and want to be with you again.

If you want to get her back, you have to take action that will make her feel what she needs to feel to want you back. Waiting around and hoping that it changes by magic is not a good strategy. Do you still offer live coaching in Australia? Hit me back if you would. Thanks, Phil.

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I will be making announcements about a seminar later in the year. BTW: I have a number of phone coaching clients who get 2 phone coaching sessions per month, which means that they are able to get 4 months of coaching for the price of a weekend course. Those guys are doing tremendously well e.

How to Get a Girlfriend if You Have No Friends to Go Out and Meet Women With

Note: After purchasing one phone coaching session, you will get a discount on all future sessions i. Idk wat to doplz help. I really do need your help, since despite getting numbers from women that I find attractive. It never results in a date even though. Stay tuned for some advice on the blog. I did recently get a number from a hot Chinese woman from a bar this past Saturday.

What do from there: Call her, make her feel attracted on the phone and attempt to arrange a date. You have to believe in your attractiveness to her.

Dan Bacon Dan Bacon is a dating and relationship expert and the author of The Flow, an eBook that teaches you the easiest way to get laid or get a has been helping new men succeed with women for more than 14 years. Dan Bacon In the media 0 I'm often asked to provide expert commentary on radio about dating and relationships. When I became an expert on the topic of success with women, I realized how little most men knew and how much of a man's "strategy" for success with women was based on hearsay, random comments from people and even Hollywood. Aug 31,   Dan Bacon, the Australian self-proclaimed "dating and relationship expert" behind website The Modern Man, has rightly earned mockery for his smug, .

Women are attracted to the emotional strength in men and turned off by the weakness. You have to have the balls to call and push forward to get a date. Does she have your number? If not, she is probably just screening her calls. Was trying to get in touch to say hi. Have a great day. If you had kissed her and exchanged numbers, she would have been more likely to answer right away or at least text you after missing your call.

Some of them screen calls and some live a busy lifestyle. Remain confident in your attractiveness to her and follow through until she is bed with you. Hi Dan. However I have one question. What to do? Any of the audio books to recommend perhaps? According to psychologists and I agree toohere are the 4 stages of learning:.

Conscious competence: You can do it correctly, but you have to think about it while doing it. Unconscious competence: You can do it correctly without thinking about it. With a bit of practice, you will reach the 4th stage and it will become natural and automatic for you. I need help. I am thinking about purchasing your program but I want to know if you think my relationship with he ex can be salvaged. When we were good we had a great chemistry.

But I was often insecure and needy. Something that happened at the end of the first year that forced me start over. Instead of taking it like a man I let depression consume me and stayed stagnant. We ended up breaking up in September last year and were apart for 4 months.

And got back together in December. I had convinced myself and her that I changed. But in the end I was all talk. I resorted back to my needy behavior and she pushed me away. As she pushed she clung harder eventually ending it again last week.


It really opened my eyes to what I have been doing all this time. Had I focused my time into myself and career I would still have her. Instead I lost myself in her and became a total beta male.

I found out today she is sleeping with someone else. I successfully pushed her into the arms of another man. Is there any hope? Yes, my system will help you. After that, I help you to become more emotionally strong and ready to talk to your ex, but in your case because she is sleeping with someone now you will need to complete a couple of additional steps before you are ready to contact her and get her to agree to meet up with you.

I then made matters worse the next day by going around again and then trying to apologise and retract everything when I still saw her so upset!! But now she has said she needs space to breathe for a few weeks because of how I hurt her, and says that there is a possibility she might NOT want to come back. Is there more HOPE in this situation? Please let me know ASAP mate!!!! Her saying that she needs space for a few weeks means that she is planning to move on if she can.

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