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Jump to navigation. Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia dropped a bombshell on fans on Monday morning, when they announced in a joint statement that they were going their separate ways after two decades of being married. The word on the street is that the couple had been growing apart for a while, and six months ago, they came to the conclusion that their differences were irreconcilable. Four months ago, Arjun packed his bags and moved out of their sea-facing duplex to a rented apartment. Mumbai Mirror reports that the reason they took so long to go public was because they were waiting for their daughters, Myra and Mahikaa, to come to terms with the separation before they announced it.

The actor finally released a statement sharing his thoughts on the entire fiasco. Yes, we have worked together, but there has been no meeting in private. Thats the truth. Pls prove dis is photoshopped iHrithik. Both are rumors. The way of glorifying reasons of divorce by issuing statements only prove tht.

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PV won't post ths comment I knw. Hrithik never hooked up with Kangana. All her claims are false that's why she fails to proves it. So don't try hard to turn your lies into truth. Also kareena Barbara thing is false.

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There is no truth to it. Hehehe what a bizarre story. Your fav Ms Stalker has been unable to prove her own affair in last 3 years n you want to talk about other affairs. Hv some shame. This suckssss!!!! I still remember Arjuns interview with Karan Johar when he said he looked real hard but could not find any rumors or link ups while most stars had many and Arjun said I don't need to because I have a beautiful wife at home.

Bollywood gets to everyone, everyone changes. He was a beautiful and handsome man with a beautiful and strong women but now he looks like a druggie and it cannot be just age. They were so so sweet together and were together for so long. This couple used to deal in drugs. Flopstar Arjun used to brainwash the cash-rich starwives by instigating them against their husbands n lure them into drugs. Now, Karma hit his own marriage.

I only feel sorry for his kids. Am glad now, Hrithik is staying away from this dirty gang.

Arjun rampal dating suzanne

They were not his friends in any case. He was there only bcoz his wife was friends with Arjun n Gauri. Hrithik's friends are the ones from his childhood like Vickey Oberoi, Kunal Kapoor, Goldie, Abhishek with who he is always spotted at family lunches, vacations n movies. All of HR friends are cultured, lead healthy lifestyle and behave like matured adults. Now, the joke is on them.

Better to be boring than to be irresponsible potheads behaving like overgrown teenagers. I dont know if they had affair, but something about Arjun behavior must hv pissed off Hrithik. He completely cut all ties with him since his divorce.

There must be a reason for it. This is the Real reason for Hrithik marriage breakdown. If u notice, he cut all ties with Arjun sinceunfollowed them and even removed him from his talent managemt company as he didnot want to cross paths. He went into depression, hired a life coach who travelled with him bcoz people feared he was suicidal. It has been 5 yrs and he has still been unable to move on. He just got so disillusioned with everything n just doing his parental duties these days.

Bollywood - what a failed society you are!

Too much money for average talents, too much showoff of that money and talent, narcissists, cheaters and liars. Ironically you are called the role models for the youth. Hamara desh mahan!

Honestly, not that marriages in the outside world are great, but if you are really looking for something true and good, dont marry someone from bollywood. And people here thought Kangana was mad calling out on Hritik!! She said what we all knew was truth!!

Wat rubbish! This just confirms beyond doubt that HR divorce actually had nothing to do with Kangna at all. She was never even in the picture until he became single!

Dont marry actors unless you are looking for money and not love. Love, trust or morals dont exist or last forever in Bollywood.

May 29,   By mids, Hrithik Roshan and his then-wife, Sussanne Khan were the last of the powerful Bollywood friends of Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia. In , Arjun was asked 'things that interest him' by a men's magazine, to which he answered, "One girl who makes smoking look feminine is Sussanne". Oct 05,   She is hinting at Sussanne Khan's alleged love affair with the Daddy actor, Arjun Rampal. The reports of the two celebrities were in a relationship made major headlines in Author: Rashmi Mishra. May 29,   Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia dropped a bombshell on fans on Monday morning, when they announced in a joint statement that they were going their separate ways after two decades of being married. The word on the street is that the couple had been growing apart for a while, and six months ago, they came to the conclusion that their differences were irreconcilable.

Kangana is not a stalker. Its hrithik who could not digest the fact that his clean image was ruined and his family image was exposed.

Hrithik too cheated many a times on sussanne. Hehe, tell Kangana to prove her allegations or be quiet.

Saying a lie times does not make it true OR how about this: Husbands, please be a loving and considerate husbands so that your wives don't fall for Arjuns. It's isn't always the wives fault!

Hrithik Roshan's Ex-Wife Sussanne Khan & Arjun Rampal SPOTTED On A Secret Date! - Bollywood Gossip

We 'ordinary" people have better lives than these 'drug-addicted' celebrities. Yet for some reason we are obsessed with them following them on social media and reading about them. They are not happy at all. Juhi, Madhuri, Shilpa n Raveena. They made good choices in life n live fulfilling lives. Perhaps back then man and woman were more cultured as compared to now?

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I may be wrong. But i do feel that way tho. Srk,Arjun ,and HR used to be buttbuddies too bad this happened. Btw their wives knew about it but they kept their mouth shut for money and so called fame.

George Clooney once said that when he attends celeb weddings, he only sees PR couples. I doubt cheating is the main reason for divorce. It is often a combination. When people have invested all their youth in a marriage and have children together and had many happy years together, they don't usually divorce because a third person suddenly appeared in life.

The marriage may suffer badly, but they tend to fight or wait for the spouse. I know many people, men and womenwho has forgiven affairs, though these matters are hushed up. Marriage is not just about sex. Children, money, propertysociety a lot of things are involved.

People divorce when it is very difficult to live with someone.

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I suspect these people may have been adjusting for a long time and then it became too much to bear. When ordinary couple have problems, everyone knows from beginning.

SECRET IS OUT: Suzanne Khan secretly dating Arjun Rampal

Bollywood couples pretend to be romantic in public, so when they break up one fine day we are shocked and we think one of them cheated. But divorce may be an outcome of years of fighting. I am sorry. A this wasnt a one night stand, it was a continuing affair.

Arjun and his wife Mehr Jessia also attended Suzanne's new store launch. According to a leading entertainment website, Suzanne is definitely seeing someone from Bollywood but it . Oct 05,   The ambiguous tweet is targeted at Sussanne and Arjun Rampal being in an alleged relationship. - Hrithik Roshan's Ex-Wife Sussanne Khan Had an Affair With Arjun Rampal? Kangana Ranaut's Sister Author: Rashmi Mishra.

The best thing these filmi parents can do for their children is to send them to boarding school. They will have a far greater shot at a normal life than being mentally traumatised by their parents shenanigans on a daily basis.

Good luck girls.

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Gauri-Suzanne-Mehr were all friends. They got into drugs when their husbands started cheating on them, Srk with PC, Hrithik with Barbara and Kangana, Arjun with many people including guys since he's a bisexual as confirmed by Dia Mirza. This is like Heroine movie real life. Arjun confessed he is Bisexual. And cut the crap. These rich stars are all recreational druggies.

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Suzanne entire family is into drugs. And Kangna was not even in the picture until HR got divorced n she started stalking him one sidedly much later only in n When and where did Dia Mirza confirm this?! Watch Sajid superstar shows when Dia and Arjun came together.

Arjun said "there's no smoke without fire". SRK is no dhood ka dhula When he realized his affair would come out in public, he left Arjun. To be honest, they all are alike, using and pulling down one another. Arjun Rampal is a hardcore junkie. Just look at his face, it's surprising to me that his wife even stood by him thru years and years of drug abuse. There's a difference between getting high once in a while than abusing drugs on a daily basis which is what the Roshan and Rampal camp did.

Susanne's siblings were also a part of this mess and nothing good came out of it in the end.

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It's hard to manage a relationship when there is an addiction plus affairs taking place at the same time. Well, there is no smoke without fire and something is definitely being cooking up between Arjun and Suzanne which the duo refused to make it public at the moment.

The couple might be waiting for the right moment because Suzanne is a free bird but Arjun is yet to get legally separated from his wife Mehr Jessia.

The man in question is none other than the Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal. 9xe made the sensational revelation that the man who is dating Suzanne is Arjun Rampal. The duo who is . Oct 17,   Who knows?!? Certainly not the media. Here are 3 possibilities: 1. Suzanne and Arjun had an affair: they were close, regularly seen and photographed together in the lead up to the Hrithik-Suzanne divorce. However, also as part of those outings was. May 31,   Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jesia have ended their 20 year old marriage. They announced their decision to split two days ago. There were rumors about their marriage being on the rocks since

It is also said that the couple has file for divorced at Bandra family court. Suzanne Roshan Khan At Pe Suzanne Khan Arjun Rampal. Suzanne Khan. Arjun Rampal.

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