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Please note this is a visitor forum page. If this is your first visit to this site I recommend reading my Aquarius and Aquarius compatibility article on this relationship first. I also have a Aquarius man guide and Aquarius woman guide which contain a lot of questions and answers related to this relationship. If you would like to post your own experience or question please use the form at the bottom of this page. Somehow our veryunconventional relationship just works!

Might not be anytime soon, but eventually their behavior repeats, unless they truly learn something. Good friends but he is very talkative and I have my faults of debating social issues. We dated while teenagers he cheated. We have been together for 7 years now.

I love him with all my heart! Hope you have a long happy life with him. Lol aquarius woman. I met an Aquarius man who was born one day before me and so far, this is the most intense, amazing time of my life. We are on the same wave length so much it is actually frightening me, since I left a year marriage to a Libra almost a year ago. I have never dated an Aquarius man before, btu I find myself so deeply attached to this man in such a short time it is making me a little crazy.

We have talked about everything under the sun and are enjoying exchanging sexual fantasies- finally, a man who is as open to new experiences as I am, after a very vanilla marriage!

Your Astrological Guide to Dating An Aquarius Aquarius Man & Woman Characteristics Birthday & Personality. According to dating an Aquarius facts, those born between 21st January and 20th February belong to the zodiac sign Aquarius ?.Their life goal is to be original and Betty Crawford. Dec 13,   This dating article on the Aquarius woman is very tongue in cheek, but it should still prove useful to those men trying to figure out an Aquarius woman they're dating. All of my best girlfriends (and my closest guy friends) have been Aquarius and I know a thing or two about how they interact with the opposite sex, so let me share some secrets Author: Isabella Snow. Aquarius Man And Aquarius Woman Compatibility - Pros The Aquarius Man will most likely meet a Aquarius Woman at a community meeting where someone is talking about the needs of the local area. The Aquarius likes to be involved in humanitarian efforts and Author: Erica Garvin.

I think this is some what true, but I was with my husband for 8 years until he past away 2 years ago. We never had a dull moment he was my all n I his. We talked about everything and yes we both had our ways, but we understood 1 another and I miss him terribly. As far as sex was concerned we did reach the highest plateau and damn i never got tired of it, we knew each other very well.


Love yourself n 1another. Blue Tears.

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Dating An Aquarius - Aquarius Dating Compatibility Between Zodiac Signs

Toggle navigation. Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility in Health and wellness are the constant refrains of your relationship at present. Like 6. Share this. Ethan December 9th, Like 0. Beatha Kabanza April 9th, Nycc explanation Like 0. Mike November 5th, KR, Mike Like 0. KR Mike3v Like 0. TheChickNextDoor September 3rd, Thanks Like 0.

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July January 14th, Just curious is all. Freja November 21st, KaCee November 17th, I am female of course Like 0. Patience Olomu-Disi November 9th, So confused Like 0. Jo November 23rd, Glenda Thrift Harding October 9th, What if an Aquarian man and woman have same birthday? Cammy V.

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October 7th, Asad July 20th, Ally June 9th, Jaliah June 19th, Miracel Abordo May 9th, CoCo May 25th, Sumaiya April 5th, Clemen April 6th, You can handle this. Let him free. If you really care.

5 Things You NEED To Know About Dating An Aquarius

Monica April 1st, Etho March 25th, Love it an hate it but I love her never had anything like this Like 0. Selby February 14th, Sabrina October 7th, You cheated too Like 0. Both the Aquarius Man and Aquarius Woman will be thinking the same things at the meeting and will most likely start off in conversation right as soon as the meeting is over.

They will both want to volunteer for the organization but will first take a moment to talk about all the cts of the group before making a final decision. The two Aquarians think alike so it is not surprising when they understand what the other one is thinking after they have both heard the same bit of information.

They want the same things in life but are willing to take the time to think over a situation before making a final decision. They will both enjoy someone who can truly understand their true self and be willing to help them in their earthly quests.

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Try The Karma Quiz Now!! When an Aquarius man dates an Aquarius womanthey are able to create almost anything that comes to mind. They are both creative and intuitive to emotions but are still able to operate on an intelligent level.

In a friendship between the Aquarius male and Aquarius female, both are realistic but sentimental. They will help each other stay on track when it is common for the Aquarius to get side tracked or switch topics before finishing the first one. The Aquarius considers love-making as a competition. They like to prove themselves in the bedroom and will often surprise their partners with creative new methods. If you ever divorce, he is the kind of person who will leave you secured.

Let you keep the house, your cars, everything he gave you, you will get to keep them. He will even make sure you will be finantially secure for years to come.

When I divorced my Aquarious men, he left evrything, he is the kind of person who helps you out even after the divorce. I am an Aquarius woman who received a random phone call from a customer at work about 6 months ago. I helped him with what he needed and we joked around and chatted for about 30 minutes.

He called again the following week with something else I needed to help him out with.

Aquarius man dating an aquarius woman

After that, he would send silly e-mails or ask me what I was doing for the weekend and how I felt about the November elections. One thing has lead to another and now we talk every day - mostly e-mails- but we chat after work and plan on meeting for the first time in a couple of weeks. Our only problem is a big one.

He's in an unhappy marriage and I am unhappily engaged. Not sure what to do now but I can't resist this man. I am an Aquarius woman who was in a relationship with a Aquarius man. We met on the train and we just clicked. We got so much in commen. We want the same things in life but there's only one problem, his family.

We were so in love and still are but we not together at the moment. He got married to his ex because she was pregnant with his child while we were in a relationship. They were not involved at the time we met each other. With a lot of fighting and arguments I decided to stick by him and go ahead with the relationship because we wanted to be with each other.

We were together for 1 year and 2months then we broke up. In the meantime they got devorced and his ex moved with the child to JHB. Its been a bid hectic because his family is blaming me for everything. We still love each other very much and want to get together but he is afraid of his family. What I want to know if two people love each other so much how is that they can't find their way back to each other?

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I am an Aquarius Woman and for a short period of time I was dating an Aquarius man. I thought we would be compatible, but we were too much alike we couldnt get along in that sense. Since we weren't committed to one another he and I still dated other people, but I guess on the plus side none of us got jealous.

What I'm trying to say is that these two signs are not always the best sign to match up with. I met my Aquarius online last month on a site where I love to talk on the forums. I hadn't been there in a while and almost as soon as I logged on I received a message from him. He a strikingly good looking puerto rican and me a black girl whom many men consider attractive but it takes a lot to hold my interest. We decided to go out on a date and the moment our eyes met that was it.

We talked for hours in that resturant and we didn't want the night to end. We ended up at his place none stop talking and was really nervous for me to see his place because it was a true bachlor pad. We couldn't fight the chemistry and that first night truly felt like love making. We have not been a part since. No matter what we do or where we go we have a great time. It's like a magnetic pull when we're together. We can literally kiss for hours.

His expectations

I've never felt this connected to a man before in my life. He's so much like me but different if that makes any sense. I feel as if our souls met in a past life. I can never get him off of my mind no matter how hard I try.

May 23,   Aquarius man, Aquarius woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship As we mention in our Aquarius compatibility guide, Aquarius is the most umarionfoaleyarn.comedictable zodiac sign. In some cases, an Aquarius man and an Aquarius woman will like each other from the Cynthia Thinnes. Dating A Aquarius Man: Overview. The Aquarius man is the most unconventional of all the zodiac signs, for he truly walks his own path. So what is it like to date an Aquarius man? Is it easy or tough? Find out in this article. Improve your love compatibility by getting free dating tips and Donna Roberts. The Aquarius man is a friend as well as a lover to his Aquarius woman, and, sometimes a friend MORE than a lover. As long as they have significant qualities in the common everyday living, they are sure for a good and lasting relationship with each other. He is not only a great friend with loads of support but also has goal reaching abilities to.

We're both independent so when we see each other after a few days we embrace and don't ever want to let go. I was so afraid of all the emotions I was feeling for him that I ended things stupid I know and he was so angry with me. And I ended up doing something I had never done I showed up at his house apologizing and told him the real reason why and he yelled at me but I could tell he was relieved in the same breath because he knows there's something truly rare between us.

His only words to me was "Please don't give up on me.

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I'm still afraid but taking it slow helps which is what we're doing now. I'm an Aquarius woman, I've dated an Aquarius man for more than 6 months, but finally it turned out that we're not compatible. The main characteristics of an Aquarius need for freedom, stubbornness, high ambitions, etc.

Both me and my boyfriend had our ambitious dreams and we couldn't give them up for each other. Now its over, gotta find someone more understanding.

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I'm an Aquarius female dating an Aquarius male. We've been together for 2 yrs and 3 months.

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We plan to marry very soon. Although we argue sometimes, we still manage to love each other unconditionally.

Feb 25,   The Aquarius man in love The Aquarius male will probably say he's not capable of falling in love, but that's not the case. Okay, so it will be unlikely that he'll reveal an overly romantic side, or be the most passionate of lovers, but he has the capacity to . Aquarius: The Water Bearer- (January February 18) Men born under the Aquarius sign are likely to be social and friendly. Before dating one, you will probably become fast friends and that's nothing to be worried about. Having an instant connection with an Aquarius man is easy because he's just so nice. I am an Aquarius Woman and for a short period of time I was dating an Aquarius man. I thought we would be compatible, but we were too much alike we couldnt get along in that sense. Since we weren't committed to one another he and I still dated other people, but I .

I mean, doesn't every couple argue at times? I've dated other signs, but he is the perfect one for me because he's the greatest listener in the world even if he's busy doing something and he cares so much about me. If he's wrong, he'll admit it. Overall, once you've gotten an Aquarius man to fall in love with you, he's the most loyal, loving, funniest, and sensitive-yet-macho man you'll ever meet.

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