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Think, that adsense disabled dating possible fill blank?

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apologise, but

Discussion in ' AdSense ' started by lovematch4 , May 26, Log in or Sign up. Social Buttons. Digital Point. It was running in just 3 days and then account is disabled! This is horribly insane! We guarantee that no invalid clicks at all.

If you are a blogger, and you feel like you are going through the worst phase of your journey. Then do try to fathom the depths of my despair. And then yesterday, I got a mail saying AdSense had been reinstated!

Them feels, some of my blogger friends know it!

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Take up your game to the next level. If you know that deep within you are a blogger.

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A true writer with a penchant to share something with this world. Just remember what Rocky Balboa said. Stay Inspired to rise! Keep visiting for more. When he is not busy blogging he loves to write poetry, compose his own songs and has a taste for music!

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And watch my videos on Youtube. Hey brother just read the whole post and really got inspired by it, you are a rising star, well i have a small query did they mentioned any kind of violation in the email you got from them, as my adsense recently got disabled and i tried to appeal and they rejected it, so could you provide some help onto this.

I was really inspired and motivated by your post. I was recently got disable with my AdSense and my life went crashing it is like my dream crashed or something. I get to sad and depress sometimes thinking about it. I tried appealing it but it did not reply to me back.

I just started to join the adsense not even a month and few weeks later a got the horrible message.

Adsense disabled dating

How did you end up getting your account back because I sure am that I would not give up getting my account back and proving to them that the invalid activity is not by me. Please help me. There are others like Nishant Sethi from TechnoKick who got his account back by following our guide. And above all keep re-appealing, I got reinstated when I had re-appealed for the 18th time, and I did it for 18 months.

But once you think you have spent enough time on the AdSense program leave it then and there, because you can focus that time on earning from Affiliate marketing, selling your own product or doing CPA. Google AdSense is not the end of money making online. Every time you re appeal how long usually it takes them to reply back?

apologise, but, opinion

Also every reply to you they say that they are not going to reinstate your account? I might re appeal again after a month of appealing because I have not heard back from them since. And will that be okay doing that? They only replied first time that my account re-appeal was rejected.

Ramu bro if your account has been disabled then you need to understand that you need to reappeal against this, you would have received a mail from Google. Check it to know how to reappeal and find the reappeal form. I hope it helps you! I also got my adsense account the back but not by undermining I went instruments inventions problems with check form and then spoke with adsense support representatives who examined the bill and returned it to the appeal form usually does not work!!

What did you answer there. Thank you. Sir, my adsense acoount is disabled because I clicked my ads. I filled appeal form but from there it is denied.

Most Popular Online Dating & Social Networking Site for Disabled Singles. Find Like-minded People with Disabilities Locally for Love, Dating, Friendship, Relationship & Romance. With Google AdSense, you can earn money from your online content. May 27,   We were running google adsense in our worldwide online dating website. It was running in just 3 days and then account is disabled! This is horribly insane! We guarantee that no invalid clicks at all. We checked statistics, in this three days, we have ONLY less than 15 clicks, how come we have violated adsense policy?

Razi brother you should not have clicked on your own ads in the first place. I guess the best bet for you would be to work on a new site afresh and make a separate gmail account with no details matching from the previous one and then after a month or so apply for AdSense account for that domain!

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The problem with that, is the the bank account info would have to different as well as your name. The only way I can see around this would be to setup a company, with separate company bank account. Nopes man, one can have the same payee name, just the home address and other details need to be different. Try to change as much as possible but yeah banking info can be same, still it can put you in a risky situation. My AdSense account has been disabled.

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I think the reason for the ban was the referral from adtiger tk, a spam site, which I discovered in Google Analytics. Please help me to get my AdSense account reinstated.

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Me and my bro using adsens acount in same ip adress but he has different acount with diferent home address. Hello Brother! Hey bro i am a blogger. I was stopped doing ex after finalize my account earningand i have real traffic for daily too referral and organicdaily 2k visitors after 10 days finalize of earningmy account disabled but i hope they may give my account back as i have daily traffic from all country.

Now i appealed a form too.

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Here you told something about ip and traffic logs i didnt get that can u say me what type of data i have to tell them to get back and how many time they will take for solve this problem? Invalid activity means lots of fake clicks or the traffic that you received might not be real people but bot traffic!

Google will never ban while i never verify my address and when i verify my address after that google ban my adsense. Same traffic all the time. Been trying to get back on for close to two years. I am about to give up.

apologise, but

Thanks for the inspiring story. So unfair.

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Sir my account is disable. Any one suggest me please. My adsense account has been disabled automatically. I just got a finally email that my account disabled due to invalid activity. And i appeal to get it back. Can you please tell me how will i get my adsense account back.? Hello Sir, My account has been disabled too within 1 week.

Hello Sir, This is just a superb blog I ever read, I would like to appreciate your work. This is not issue currently but I catch your blog when finding Inspiration post and got this.

You are really doing amazing work, Can I contribute to this blog if you like, I have also a blog shoutervilla. You can check that blogs if you thing. I will write a great content according to your website categories.

I am looking for your further response. Thank You Sir.

Expert Dating Tips for the Best Disabled Dating Websites. Posted in: News & Press. Dating when you have a disability is often a little scary and intimidating, but it doesn't have to be so stressful. Whether you're adventuring off into the dating world first time or rolling back into it, this article can help ease your worry and empower you. Publishers disabled for invalid traffic are not allowed any further participation in AdSense. For this reason, these publishers may not open new accounts. Google reserves the right to disable an account for any reason, including invalid traffic from any source. My account was disabled for being related to another disabled account. Best Google Adsense Alternatives List. Here are some of the best Google Adsense Alternatives for your website without using Google Adsense (but some of them can be used along with Adsense to increase revenue), and I'll tell you how they work and why you should consider them, so let's start: Amazon Associates.

My adsense is disabled, and all my traffic is wasted in the same. Please guide me how can i get an adsense again. Nath, my Adsense account was recently disabled due to Invalid Activity. What could this really mean, am i being considered or my application is still in review? OK thanks for the response. After a decline in US users last year as a result of an unpopular redesign, user growth in the US is expected to be up by 5.


The total number of Snapchat users in the US will be over 80 million for the first time. By comparison, Instagram is projected to grow its US user base by 6. The fastest growing demographic for Snapchat is users ages 12 to The number of users ages 35 to 64 is also growing in double digit percentages.

Lastly, eMarketer points out that Instagram has a greater share of the digital ad market compared to Snapchat. The company still recommends using static HTML as much as possible. For some sites, over half of their indexed pages have unindexed JavaScript content. Thank You in advance Please help Not certain if it is disabled on dating sites per se. Microsoft Advertising Introduces Sponsored Products Smart recommendations to make Google Ads profitable Opteo continuously monitors Google Ads accounts for statistically significant patterns.

Sponsored Products After a decline in US users last year as a result of an unpopular redesign, user growth in the US is expected to be up by 5.

The total number of Snapchat users in the US will be over 80 million for the first time By comparison, Instagram is projected to grow its US user base by 6. We use cookies for various purposes including analytics.

May 08,   Adsense account disabled, a nightmare for every blogger out you ever did blog, then you do know about AdSense program for publishers with good content. It allows bloggers and independent content creators to monetize their content with Aditya Nath Jha. Not certain if it is disabled on dating sites per se. However rules regarding adult content exists so most probably you need to check on that. Twitter says there has always been an inactive account policy in place, which was not consistently enforced. May 28,   This also happened with me, google disabled my Adsense Account in April 14, , I'dont why google do this, whereas I never do invalid click in my blog, or ask people to do click. I have tried to appeal but google refused me. Not only google adsense, Google Affiliate with work with adsense also shut down. Thank for your Spencer Haws.

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