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This has been a fast and loosely defined in terms of subjective sexual market value SMV between men and women and the ratio of disparity between those valuations. Many a despondent Beta picks up on the principle and uses this to justify his failures to connect with women. Many a despondent Beta picking up on this dynamic will use this assumption to disqualify himself from Game or give up in futility. More on this later. But for purposes of understanding how the Pareto principle applies to intersexual dynamics we must focus on the latent purposes for it to exist.

But Christian Carter has finally written something that makes sense to me.

80 20 Rule Relationship - The Pareto Principle Applies To Dating Also

I have found this especially to be true with the exception of a very interesting and eloquent man I have been communicating with lately. I know the misery of being with someone who has a limited capacity for thinking and expression. Occasionally, my native Southern accent makes its way into my word pronunciation.

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It is very cute when it happens, I am sure. It was funny the first time he said it. The second through fifth time he said it, it was sort of an inside joke- an attempt at creating intimacy, perhaps.

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By the 20th time it was annoying and I asked him to stop. Or they simply lack a decent command of the language. Of course that was not all that was problematic in the relationship.

Sep 08,   In theory, the 80/20 rule for relationships sounds great, and it is! But to understand what the 80/20 rule is, and how it helps relationships, it's important to learn how it works and how it doesn't. From what I can tell. If your a top 20guy then your got the power to choose and women will compete for your attention. The next 20are going to do alright not as much power to choose but your going to get positive results when you ask women out. After that the dating game gets a little brutal. The bottom 10just give up and play Pokemon. Dec 21,   Its true. However, its only true for casual romancing / short term activities (STR) There is a thing called SMV. Sexual Market Value. Men with higher SMV can attract more women. SMV depends on many things like looks, personality, authenticity, job.

I mean, just get a little more creative, will you? But I digress. He claims it is how women interact with them that counts.

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But for purposes of understanding how the Pareto principle applies to intersexual dynamics we must focus on the latent purposes for it to exist. In the prior thread the conversation centered on the mistaken idea that the Pareto Principle is not universal or is only observed in some systems, but not in human sexuality. Usually this gets trotted out as an equal-for-equal argument that presumes, again, that desire should necessarily translate into consolidation.

Oct 19,   Wrong. This is what the 80/20 rule teaches you. Generally, when in a relationship you get about 80of what you want. This sounds pretty good because it's such a high percentage. However, we are also craving that other 20%. We fight over it, break up over it and complain about it because as we already went over, we always want what we can't Kayley Nugent. If you don't know what this Rule is, it is the idea that the top 80of women only really go after the top 20of the other 80of men are left to compete over the bottom 20of women. This mostly comes from the uses of online sites as it pertains to dating and meeting people. Feb 23,   The Sexual Freedom model mirrors the 80/20 rule, while the Regulated model is representative of an idealized structure designed with the intent to evenly justify pairings according to a distributive monogamy. As I mentioned earlier, men have an instinctual understanding about how the 80/20 Pareto Principle applies to women's Hypergamy.

A third common mistake, made mostly by women, presumes the goal-state outcome of intersexual dynamics should be to arrive at a monogamous state. Thus, the Pareto principle applies.

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High value Red Pill aware men have the leisure to exploit Hypergamy and low value Red Pill men aware of their Hypergamous role risk denying women of the resources to provision them in the long term. I have to have my shit together better than the vast majority of men. This of course gets distorted once men begin to become Red Pill aware and over-exaggerate the abstract concept of Alpha and how it applies to themselves.

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I could point out that the Regulated model above is very representative of an egalitarian model for monogamy based again on the like-for-like presumption, but Hypergamy being what it naturally is will always confound that ideal.

Remember, 80 percent of our difficulty with other people comes from our own experiences, which we learned as children from society and family. The good thing about these troubling patterns of thought is you're capable of changing them.

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For example, men and women who you meet or date may behave in ways that you find offensive. Their actions are theirs, you cannot own them, you cannot change them, you can only process them in your mind.

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You must go inside to realize that your interpretations are from the past, not from the current reality. So, during a date, if something doesn't go as planned or the way you thought it would or should go, you can chalk it up to experience and get clear that these behaviors are something that you don't want in a relationship. Or, you can take it personally and never want to date again.

They're trying to find someone who's going to make them feel good.

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