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I'm 17 and this is my senior year in high school. Or no? I'm kind of thinking no cause of how it sounds but I like him I broke it off after a month or 2. I basically did not experience properly.

I'm kind of thinking no cause of how it sounds but I like him I broke it off after a month or 2. I basically did not experience properly. If you were 18 or 19, it wouldn't be a bi issue, but 17 is still a miner. I would say no.

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It doesnt sound like that much of a difference but its illegal first of all and you dont want to be with someone who preys on younger people. That could turn into something more serious as he gets older and im talking child molester.

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Dont do it. Break up with him and find someone whos mature enough to date people his own age.

A 17 year old is a minor in KY and under the custody of her parents. A minor does not reach their age of majority until you reach 18 years old. If the adult (age 23) is forbidden to come around you, this could be a basis to claim custodial interference under KY law by your parents. 17 year old girl and 24 year old boy Being Friends with year olds and crossing the line? Is 24 too old? Right-wing hypocrites attack gay love story age you would date someone Is it wrong for a 17 year old to be in a relationship with a 26 year old. Jul 13,   i think it's fine even though its 6 years different:) it's the age you're both at that makes it okay, different if its a 16 year old dating a 10 year old, but there's not a lot of difference between being 17 and being 23, anyway thats what i personally think, again totally different story if it was 16 and 10 etc hope i helped a little.

Do what you want. You are your own person.

17 dating 23 year old?

But be careful that he's not using you. Age has no barring on relationships and does nothing to deminish or define love. I dated at 18 to a man 42 yrs my senior.

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Was my best friend all the way through, loved him. Yah I would say it's definitely wrong. Not only from a legal stand point where is so close to the line of under age.

I'm 17 & I'm Dating a 30 Year Old!!!! - #WheresMyTea MiniTalk Session

Is the statute 18? Not only because of the taboo of a growing man trying to date a teenage girl.

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I was a different person when I was 17 and I'm I mean it like a totally different person and I wouldn't have ever been able to know that when I was 17 you see what I mean? What she wants now will not be the same in a year or in 3 or in 5.

Not in life or in relationships either. Now I have to ask what is it that draws her to you? Typically men go after much younger women because they are mentally very immature and women their own age don't have much in common with them.

17 year olds have literally nothing intellectual to offer a 23 year old. You just amuse him and are good for sex and an ego massage. He didn't go to uni and I do plan on going, so if . I've been in that exact situation so I think I'm qualified to answer this question. I was seventeen years old. I had pulled out of school to pursue my career in arts- I knew exactly what I wanted to do in life. Not many seventeen year olds can say. I'm 25 and I'm starting to date a 17 year old, I wonder if it really is wrong.? my concern is that both of us are in 2 different places in life shes thinking of collage while im thinking of my.

I think that is where you need to focus your attention. Look at the people in your age group and see why it is you are so different from them? I don't mean to be insulting but I do find there to be a major power imbalance when a grown man wants to date a younger girl. Maybe you should also look into where that is stemming from. It could be dangerous or it could just be a preference which isn't condoned by socially.

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I personally think it's wrong. If she was 20 and you were 29 that would still be tough but it wouldn't be wrong.

At that age she would be more able to at least decide that she wants to pursue an older man. At the age of 17 our brains aren't even matured enough yet to make that decision.

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Think of what she'll miss out on in her life by not doing things with people her own age? She'll have to grow up quick or she'll miss the building blocks of social groups her own age and won't be able to relate.

Im 17 and dating a 23 year old

I'm glad you asked us it shows some insight but I think you should move on. After all you are THE adult in this picture, the only one.

Ask a New Question expand. Anonymous Why would a guy you are getting to know say about a past girl "all we did was smoke pot and have sex. Anonymous My boyfriend suffers from depression.

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Anonymous Should I test him or am I being petty? Anonymous Does he miss a friendship or just trying to make things work for the sake of our child?

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