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When Alex was seven, he had to start cleaning up his drunk and drug addict father. At that point, he became the adult of the family as his mother was schizophrenic. Alex described himself as being "raised in a bar" and that his father never took him to the park or camping. As a kid, Alex was fat. In 5th or 6th grade, the other kids started to pick on him for it. He was called names and pranked and even shoved in a locker once.

Gabriella's father was an immigrant cleaning offices for a living and he made too much money to qualify for state coverage for the surgery, which was too expensive for Luis to pay. Meredith then put Ellis's name down on the paperwork.

Before they headed into surgery, Jo found Alex and told him she had found a donor for Gus. He called her a good luck charm and gave her instructions to prepare Gus for surgery. After Gabriella's surgery, during which they found cancer, Alex found Jo sobbing in Lori Carter's arms.

Alex took Jo away and found out she had mistaken a phone call from someone calling to see if Gus could donate blood as someone responding to their needing a donor. Alex met with Bailey in her office and vented his despair over the situation, not knowing what to do with Jo. Alex then made arrangements with Meredith so that she could stay at the loft to get through to Jo while he helped out Amelia and Maggie with her kids. They finally found a donor for Gus from London.

Alex sent Levi to go pick up the donor, who was severely agoraphobic, at the airport. However, when her therapist was arrested by customs for a problem with his visa, Frances Pinfield fled back onto the plane and refused to leave.

Alex then sent Owen to help Levi out. Gus's parents grew frustrated while waiting. In between, Alex checked in on Gabby, who was doing well and spending time Andrew.

Josephine Alice Karev

Soon after, Gus had a heart attack and they managed to pull him through, but the need for transfusion only increased.

While in the room, Owen FaceTimed Alex so Frances could meet Gus and his parents to convince her to get off the plane. That worked, but the car got stuck on the highway due to fog covering the city.

With Gus's number rapidly worsening to the point of impending organ failure, Alex decided to took Gus to the hyperbaric chamber to guarantee maximum oxygen. Meredith, having reached a breakthrough with Jo, joined him in the chamber so they could talk. Meredith told him that Jo was the product of rape and that she had been told she looked just like her father, which sent her into a depression.

Meredith had convinced her to get a proper leave of absence so she could ge the help she needed. The news made Alex think about the day she left for Pittsburgh. He was worried about what she'd find, but she told him that the worst that could happen was that her mother did not want to see her and then she'd just come home to him and at least she'd know. He thought he should have stopped her, but Meredith told him he couldn't have. She also told him he had tried to help her as best as he could, but she needed professional help.

While in there, they were informed that the insurance company had found out about Meredith's insurance fraud and that Andrew was taking the fall for her.

Meredith couldn't stop him since she was stuck in the chamber, where Gus started coding again. Alex started CPR and started to lose it, saying Jo had disappeared and now Meredith would be going to jail, leaving him all alone.

Grey's Anatomy 15x06 Alex and Jo Kiss and Make Up After a Fight About Liver Transplant

Meredith told him he wasn't alone yet and took over. They pulled Gus through and Jo arrived with the blood right when the chamber was decompressed. Alex is fired along with Richard and Meredith for covering up the latter's insurance fraud. While Meredith took Gus away, Jo finally told Alex that she was not okay. She knew how to rise when she had to, but she needed help. Alex promised her they would figure it out. Richard then came to get Alex for Meredith's problems. The two of them went to back her in the meeting with Bailey and Catherine, which led to all three of them being fired by Bailey.

Afterwards, Alex went to make sure Gus was fine, and then took Jo to the in-patient psychiatry ward. He said goodbye to her with a kiss and watched her check herself in. Bailey stood by him and as they left, he asked if he was really fired. She said it hurt her more than it did him. After dropping Jo off at the psychiatric department, Alex went out for drinks with Link to inform him about Jo.

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Alex confessed he was scared that the treatment wouldn't work, as it had failed to help many other people in his life with psychiatric problems. Link told him Jo was a fighter and that she would come out stronger. However, when she did come out a week later, they decided to commit her to a day program at a psychiatric facility.

Alex dropped her off. Before heading in, she said she didn't want to be another name on his list of crazy people. He was convinced she would come out fine, but she reminded him that they weren't legally married and that she would understand if he were to take that out. He didn't reply and she headed into the facility. Two weeks later, they met with Jo's doctor present. She told him that when he tried to talk to her in her depressive episode, she felt fear, shame, and pain.

She was ashamed that she was unable to receive the love that he was giving her. She pushed him away and feared that she would never be able to regain his trust. Alex admitted he was scared, too. She knew he had had enough crazy for a lifetime and that he deserved more than someone weak who breaks like glass.

The doctor said she was actually stronger than most for coming to the facility, but Alex didn't answer. A week later, Richard came by for a visit and noticed that Alex's life had fallen apart with Jo gone. Alex was hesitant, but Richard pointed out his life was a mess and that he needed to give Jo a reason to come back home. Alex then gathered himself and applied for the job, which he got.

He then went to pick up Jo at the facility. He got down on knee and admitted he had thought about leaving because he was scared, but he had realized he was stronger with her by his side. He didn't care that she wasn't magically cured and proposed to her again, which she accepted. On Jo's first day back to work, Alex offered Jo a job at Pac-North so she could start with a clean slate, even allowing her to run her own fellowship.

On Richard's first day at Pac-North as director of the general surgery program, he came to complain to Alex about the two only residents being terrible and to demand an office. Alex reminded him of the hospital's terrible rankings and the need to turn the place around. He called her to tell her to stop doing that and then checked in with Jo, who told him that Bailey made her the exact same offer as him. He then countered with an offer to make her general surgeon as he needed the extra hands.

Alex was pulled onto an emergent case with Richard of a man who nearly died in the ER's waiting room. During surgery, Richard talked about missing working at Grey Sloan as he had imagined himself dropping dead one day in OR 2, which made him happy.

They managed to save the patient. Afterwards, Alex told Richard that he had dreaded working at Pac-North, too, given the legacy he inherited at Grey Sloan from Bailey and Richard himself. However, he was convinced that they would be able to turn this place around so that failure was no longer the culture there and made Richard see that it could provide him with a new legacy other than dropping dead in Grey Sloan's OR.

He came home to Jo, who told him she had used his offer to demand the attending position at Grey Sloan. Alex understood it was the better move for her and congratulated her. Together, they started turning the place around. Alex arranged a new MRI machine for the hospital but they had to wait for the right software in order to be able to use it. A tough situation arose for Alex when Richard accidentally took a misidentified patient off of life support.

With the basics at Pac-North set straight, Alex and Richard started teaching the two residents at the hospital. He ran into Owen, who delivered a patient who had refused to be treated at Grey Sloan because of the article, and offered to give him a tour after learning he had taken up paternity leave to avoid having to work under Tom Koracick.

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During their tour, they came across a woman shouting for help from the ICU as one of the residents failed to deliver adequate help to her hemorrhaging husband. Alex and Owen jumped in and took the man to the OR, where they talked about the situation at Grey Sloan. Alex acknowledged that Bailey, like everyone else there, didn't deserve to work under Tom and inquired if Owen was tired of sitting at home yet. Alex then offered him the position of Head of Trauma Surgery, allowing him to structure the department as he saw fit.

Owen accepted the position. One day after work, Alex came home and learned Jo had had a rough day. She didn't want to talk about it. He didn't want her to keep it inside like before. Instead, she started to throw toys at the wall to calm herself down, which she had learned worked for her while being treated for her depressive episode.

She invited Alex to join her and he admitted it felt satisfying. On Halloween, Jo tried to scare Alex while he was getting ready for work but he was too occupied with his meeting with investors that day. Alex and Richard led the group around the hospital. To distract them from a chaotic ER, Alex wanted to take them to the construction site of the new research wing, which was on budget and ahead of schedule, but a construction worker came to get him for something he had to see first.

Alex left the group in Richard's hands and went with the worker, who showed him they had come across skeletal remains while digging. They discovered it was a mass grave, a remnant of the hospital's past as a psychiatric facility, and decided to stop construction. Alex informed Richard, who took it upon himself to keep the investors busy while Alex handled the administrative load.

Jo showed up with fake blood in another attempt to scare Alex but he was informed that multiple patients were crashing in the ICU. Jo suggested the hospital was haunted, which started a rumor amongst the nurses. Alex and Owen traced the source of the problem back to a broken fridge in the ICU's blood supply. He issued an order to only use Central Blood Supply from that point forward. Afterwards, Alex overheard the gossip and loudly announced the authorities had been informed about the mass grave while assuring everyone the hospital was not haunted.

His announcement came right when Richard walked in the with the investors. Alex took the investors to his office and explained the situation properly. They were impressed with his ability to handle chaos and approved more funding. Jo dropped by his office and he wanted to celebrate the good news with her.

He thought it was a good time to get legally married and they went to the courthouse. During her vows, she finally managed to scare him by claiming she was pregnant. She set the record straight and the ceremony continued. Some time later, Maggie arrived at Pac-North with Richard's brother and niece, who needed surgery to remove a myxoma. Alex granted Maggie privileges so she could perform the surgery there and introduced her the stuff, expressing his hopes that she might decide to come work there, which had worked before.

Maggie lost the patient and panicked as she had convinced the family to let her operate against their initial wishes. Alex comforted her and let her vent her feelings before they went to inform Richard and his brother together. Alex took the day off for Meredith's hearing before the medical commission and was one of the few people to follow the entire hearing. He testified that Meredith made him a better surgeon and person.

When the prosecutor brought up the delay in Zola's adoption, Alex refrained from mentioning her kidnapping but the prosecutor pressed him and asked if it had anything to do with her brief firing at the time. Alex hesitated and wondered why Meredith's family was relevant to the hearing. Paul Castello pointed out she seemed pretty cavalier about the law in both her professional and personal life.

Meredith then saved Alex from having to answer by lashing out at Paul, the man who had killed Derek, for not remembering her and thus not having the right to judge her. Paul then had a seizure and was taken away. The judge wanted to postpone the hearing but Alex loudly objected. He had brought together a whole group of people who had been treated by Meredith and had all come from all over the country to testify on her behalf.

He read Cristina's out loud and offered to keep going but the judge had heard enough. The panel voted to dismiss the entire case, meaning Meredith would get to keep her license. Alex congratulated Meredith with the rest of the staff who had come out to support her.

He said that he was staying with them in Kansas and wouldn't be coming back to Seattle. Despite the callous image he projects, Alex is particularly affected when he treats addicts and abused children because of his childhood background. He initially refused to install a central line for a Demerol addict because he did not want to feed his habit.

He was also able to connect with a teenage boy whose abusive father hit his mother. He hides his pain behind a mask of aggression and bad attitude. For a while, he pushed everyone away, but since going into peds, he's showed more of who he really is. After Cristina left, he acted as Meredith's person, which shows a different side of his personality, which shows him as sweet, caring, and compassionate. Izzie realized that Alex was not as insensitive and cruel as he portrayed himself to be.

She began a tentative friendship with him, to the shock of MeredithCristinaand George. When Alex found out that Izzie was an ex-lingerie model, he obtained a copy of her advertisement and proceeded to paste copies all over Seattle Grace. Alex eventually asked Izzie out on a date.

However on that very day, he found out from the Chief that he failed his medical board exams. This caused him to suffer from a crisis of confidence, leading him to treat her shabbily during their date. His confidence took another blow when he froze up during a makeshift emergency surgery in an elevator during a power outage, and George had to operate on the patient himself.

Izzie, still furious from the horrendous date, refused to speak to him. However, their sex life hit a bump when Alex had difficulties performing. Meanwhile, his confidence in his medical skills further deteriorated after he accidentally administered a wrong dosage saline solution, paralyzing the patient. In a moment of vulnerability, he slept with Olivia and was caught in the act by Izzie, effectively ending their relationship. Izzie subsequently found out about it and blew up at her friends for helping Alex.

She eventually forgave him but ruled out getting back together with him. Alex passed his re-test and became a full-fledged doctor. During the code black, the dire situation of a bomb scare caused Izzie to realize that she should act on her feelings. She accosted Alex and the two proceeded to have sex in a linen closet.

They continued to sleep together several times over the course of the day. She confronted him, and he told her that she cannot get involved with her patients. However, Izzie realized that she didn't have to settle for Alex.

On your very best day, that 'corpse' is twice the man you will ever be. You're not good enough for me, Alex. You're not good enough for anyone.

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When Denny died from a stroke, Alex picked up a devastated Izzie and told her that the dead man was no longer Denny, the man she once loved. Alex realized that his feelings for Izzie had not diminished since she dumped him, and impulsively kissed her in the stairwell.

Izzie had yet to get over Denny and told him she cannot commit in a relationship with him just yet, and he understood. However, Alex claimed his lack of interest in Izzie and has appeared to have gotten over her. His feelings for Izzie eventually came back and when she gave him an ultimatum to pick between the nice Alex and the jerk Alex he chooses nice and they begin to go out again. He starts dating Izzie exclusively and after winning his solo-surgery he tells her he loves her.

Are alex karev and jo wilson dating in real life

Following the revelation of her cancer, Alex snooches in a cup as they harvest Izzie's eggs in case they ever want a child. When Izzie is discovered to have an inoperable tumor, Meredith and Derek gave their wedding to Alex and Izzie and the two marry.

He meant to protect her but Izzie didn't think so and she left Seattle, leaving Alex with unpaid medical bills and no ideas of where she was. Alex remained worried for weeks trying to join her because she had to treat her cancer and she didn't show up to her round of chemo. When she finally got back, to get some help for an old teacher, they didn't manage to work their problems out and Izzie left once again.

Izzie eventually sent Alex divorce papers, and while Alex signed them and had committed to Lexie, Alex still loved her. He called out for Izzie while he was delirious after getting shot.

Alex, thinking Lexie was Izzie, expressed his glee that she returned and begged her to stay with him. Over time, he started dating other girls and his love for Izzie faded. A couple of years after Izzie's departure, Alex entered a committed relationship with Jo Wilson. When a patient showed up that reminded Alex of Izzie, Jo told him to call Izzie to find out how she was doing.

He decided to go meet them, which reignited his romance with Izzie. They are currently raising their son and daughter together in Kansas.

George contracted syphilis from Alex through Olivia. It was revealed that Olivia was already dating Alex when George asked her out. Olivia subsequently broke up with Alex after realizing how much she liked George. Furious at the revelation that Alex was the cause of his syphilis, George punched Alex in the face. That night, Joethe owner of Emerald City Bar was admitted to Seattle Grace Hospitaland in discussions with Joe, it was revealed that Alex was a regular at Joe's bar every night and that he and Joe had become close friends.

When George finds a way to pay for Joe's hospital bills, the animosity between George and Alex is dissolved after Alex gives George a hug. A mixer was held for the new interns, and it was at this mixer that he met and presumably hit it off with Nurse Olivia Harper, as he is shown leaving the event with an arm around her.

To some degree, Alex was also attracted to Addison as they subsequently shared frequent meaningful looks. Later, during the day trial with Mark SloanAddison sleeps with Alex, breaking the deal. However, he later told her that he only wants to work with her professionally, and is not interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with her. It was his work with her that led Alex to no longer pursue plastic surgery as a specialty but spark an interest in pediatric surgery.

During a ferry accident, Alex found a severely injured pregnant woman crushed under a pylon. He rescued her from the debris and encouraged her to stay alive. The pregnant Jane Doe subsequently became hysterical after realizing she could not remember anything, and turned to Alex for support, thinking that he was her husband. Alex showed much concern for her and constantly checked on her progress, bonding with her in the process. He also helped her pick out a new face for reconstruction, as well as a new name "Ava".

As Alex spent more time with Ava, he became increasingly attached to her, spending most of his time checking on her progress and doing research. This led Addison to accuse him of being too emotionally involved with a patient, but he countered saying that he was just being prepared. In the heat of the argument, Addison kissed him and pushed him into an on-call room, where the two had sex. However, Alex rebuffed Addison's subsequent advances, after learning she wanted a committed man to have kids with, something which he was not ready for.

She was taken to a psychiatric ward and Alex was forced to move on. Alex decided to not wait for her and he slept with Lexie Grey just before Izzie came back home. She tried to convince him that they could start over but he had moved on and he decided to break up with Izzie. So Izzie left Seattle for apparently the last time, telling she couldn't stand it. Later, she sent the divorce paper to Alex, with her name signed on it.

Alex then signed his name, kissed Lexie and they walked out of the hospital, hand-in-hand. Alex was shot in the hospital by a grieving deceased patient's husband, but survived with the help of Lexie and Mark. While undergoing treatment, he mistook Lexie for Izzie. He apologized to her and continued by telling her "[she] came back" and tearfully begging her never to leave him again; Lexie, declining to correct him, assured him that she never would.

Following the shooting, Lexie had a mental breakdown in front of Alex. Mark asked Alex to help her but he refused and walks away. He returned to being very promiscuous and refused to have the bullet in his chest removed, saying that it was his "war wound. Alex is left speechless. Alex and Callie slept together after a big surgery involving reconstruction of a man's legs was successful. No one knew at the time, but the relationship was later revealed when Callie gave her speech on Lecture Day.

At first, Lucy strongly disliked Alex after he called her patient a turnip, but after discovering they shared an equal enthusiasm for college basketball, she liked him slightly more. Eventually, they began a romantic and sexual relationship.

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Lucy was disappointed because as Alex was considering that opportunity, he didn't even think about Lucy. She shook it off by saying it didn't matter what she thought. Arizona approached Alex and asks him if he wasn't taking the job because of Lucy, as she didn't want him to do the same thing she did and run back to Lucy once in Africa. Alex told Lucy he was not taking the job in Africa because she was "a factor.

She told him she took the job - not at Baylor, but Alex's proposed job in Africa. She assured him it wasn't personal. Not long after that, she walked into Joe's and said to Alex, "tell me not to go to Africa.

While still planning to go to Johns Hopkins HospitalAlex was known as a "player" amongst the new interns and also as the attending who sleeps around with all of the interns because he didn't plan to stay at Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital. One of the interns, Jo Wilsonstarted up a close friendship with Alex.

They bonded at Bailey's wedding as they talked about their hard upbringings. Jo and Alex began to separate as she and Jason became a couple and Alex tried to avoid his feelings for her. After Alex told Jason about Jo's past, Jo yelled at Alex and told him that she shouldn't have trusted him.

Alex admitted his love for her to Cristina not long after that. The two avoided each other almost entirely after their fight. One night, Alex witnesses Jo and Jason fighting.

Not long after, she shows up at his doorstep and he begins to argue with her for being unavoidable. She turns her face toward him and it's clear that she has been hit by Jason.

Alex takes her up to his bed and tucks her in. After that, they began dating. They hit a bit of a rocky patch when Alex's dad came into the hospital from a car crash related to drugs. Alex asked Jo to do a paternity test, and he said he didn't want to know at the same time she said, "he's your father.

He then told her what was happening and they worked it out. After his dad returned to the hospital trying to get clean, Alex said goodbye for a final time. At April's wedding, Alex proposed to Jo, without actually saying that he wanted to marry her. When Jo realized that he proposed to her, she declined. However, they stayed together.

Although Jo didn't accept Alex's proposal, he still knows that he will eventually marry her. Alex proposed to Jo for the second time two years later. At the same time, Jo was trying to dump Alex for spending too much time with Meredith. Luddington tied the knot on August 17,to longtime boyfriend, Matthew Alan.

The pair already have a daughter together, Hayden, who is now two-years-old. We were just missing Alex. So many more pics to come but link in bio to the article. Our first wedding location was destroyed in the Malibu fires and we had just 4 months to replan and organize an entire new wedding! It was a dream to wear.

Hair justinemarjan makeup melissa. He said kids can ruin you, but they can also give you a reason to live when life tries to ruin you.

She then visited Alex's office and told him that she was terrified of passing on her genes because she didn't know anything about her biological family's medical history. While she had learned to live with it, she didn't want that for their kids, which is why she decided to have her genome screened. When she got her test results back, she asked Maggie to open them with her. She turned out not to be the carrier of any major genetic diseases and the test also revealed the name of a probable first cousin of hers.

Intern Casey overheard and offered to look her up and possibly her relatives. Later, she stood in the audience as Maggie gave an interview about finding her biological family in Seattle, which Jo took as a sign to find her own biological mother.

Speaking from experience, Jackson warned her that it can also make for a negative experience. For him, it only created more pain. After saying goodbye Alex and Helen as they left for their trip back to Iowa, Jo looked up Casey and asked if he could find her birth mother.

He said he could and asked if she wanted him to.

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She said yes, after which he revealed he couldn't help himself and had already found her. He showed her a picture and told her her name was Vicki Rudin and that she lived in Pittsburgh. Alex was worried over what would happen, but she told him that the worst that could happen was that her mother wouldn't want to see her, and then she'd just come home to him and at least she'd know.

In Pittsburgh, Jo went to Vicki's big house and introduced herself. She immediately discovered that Vicki had two kids. Thinking she was a saleswoman, Vicki tried to end the conversation, but Jo name dropped Emerson Hospital. Vicki started to give directions, but Jo clarified that that was where she was born before she was left at a fire station on 47th Street. She then told Vicki she was her mother. Vicki told Jo she couldn't be there, at which point Vicki's husband and dog came back from their walk.

Vicki claimed Jo was a Mormon and her husband took the dog inside. Jo then asked Vicki for one conversation at a diner nearby. Vicki didn't answer and just closed the door. Jo went to the diner and waited for quite a while. Just when she gave up and got ready to leave, Vicki showed up. Reluctantly, she sat down and told Jo she was late for work at the Mayor's office. Jo then brought up her big house and family.

She told Vicki she didn't need money. She told Vicki she had always thought that her mother had a terrible life and had no choice but to leave Jo. Vicki told her that she wanted a better life for Jo than she could give her. Jo inquired about Vicki's kids and husband, who Vicki told her was not her father.

Jo then threw in her face that she never found that better life Vicki had wanted for her. No one found her adoring parents and she lived in foster homes so bad that as soon as a man told her he loved her, she believed him so bad that she couldn't see he was abusing her. She sincerely hoped that whatever life Vicki had, it was worse than that.

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Distraught, Vicki got up to leave. Jo commented at least she was consistent. Vicki then told her she succeeded if she came here to punish her. Jo said she just wanted to know where she came from. Vicki sat back down and talked about her heritage and family medical history, but Jo got all that from the DNA test. She wanted information that that test couldn't provide her with.

Vicki sarcastically dashed out some trivia about herself. Jo then asked about her father so she could find him, to which Vicki coldly replied that he died in a motorcycle accident 10 years. She had hoped for a more painful death after all the hurt he had caused her. Thinking Vicki was just bitter because her childhood sweetheart didn't pan out, Jo got up to leave. Vicki then clarified that the man hurt her. She begged Jo to sit down.

Jo complied. Vicki shared that he was a TA when she was a freshman in undergrad. He chased after her for weeks for a date and serenaded her with flowers and proclamations. Finally, she said yes to the date. Then she said no on the date when he started to kiss and touch her, but he wouldn't take no for an answer.

Nine months later, she had Jo and five days later, she didn't. Vicki told Jo how she managed to hide her pregnancy. Years after the rape, Vicki found her way to therapy, which is the first time she ever talked about it. It was only then that she came to terms with the word rape, because she had consented to the date. Somehow, because she knew the man, she thought that what he took from her didn't matter, but she found a way to realize that it did and to move forward.

Jo questioned why she never once tried to find her. Vicki said she was petrified every moment of the pregnancy. She had to see that man every day in class and she was terrified Jo would be a boy who would have his face and voice. Every movement of Jo as a fetus reminded her of where the baby came from. But books and movies and magazines talk about this instantaneous love you feel the minute your baby is born.

She kept telling herself that as soon as she had the baby in her arms, it would happen to her, too. She gave the hospital a fake name and on the same day as giving birth, she went home with Jo because she had get out of there. She wanted it to be the two of them and stare at her and hold her until that love came. It did come. Her heart cracked wide open, but it was never just the two of them. Everything about Jo reminded her of him.

That's why she had to give her up. Jo talked about being abandoned caused her to leave people that loved her before they could leave her and that every moment of her life, she was waiting for her mother to find her and tell her she was sorry about that.

Vicki said she did the best she could. Jo replied that would have been to find her a loving family instead of tossing her aside like garbage. Vicki said it's easy to look back and see what she could have been done better, but she was a different person back then. She wasn't in her right mind. Vicki shared details of her rape and said that was the night she lost her right mind. He stole that for her and for nine months, she pretended she was fine.

Oct 15,   'Grey's Anatomy': favorite couple, Alex Karev and Jo Wilson must be together off-screen. After the touching proposal in the season premiere of Grey's Anatomy Season 16, .

The day Jo was born, she could feel again for the first time since the rape, but her mind took years to come back and part of it never did. Vicki admitted Jo deserved better, but she really didn't have better to give her. Jo shared how she was seven weeks pregnant when her ex-husband cracked her ribs and threw her across the living room floor.

She decided in that moment he could never know about the pregnancy. She couldn't see a way out back then. She knew leaving him would mean he'd kill her and she couldn't raise a kid in that fear and danger, so she had an abortion. She had never told anyone. Jo tried to take Vicki's hand to comfort her, but Vicki pulled away.

Jo then asked if she looked like her father. Vicki admitted she did, a few features aside. Vicki apologized and said she was still doing the best she could. She then walked out, leaving a distraught Jo behind. She pretended to be asleep, but as he got ready for bed, she continued crying.

She started to avoid Alex by going to work while he was in the shower. He found her at work and told her she could tell him what had happened, but she used a grant application for her fellowship as an excuse to go find Bailey, who would resume her Chief duties the next day. Jo and Dahlia got ready to stitch up her face lac, which she claimed was caused by a cabinet door. However, as soon as Andrew showed up with a message from Bailey, Abby tightly grabbed Jo's hand upon seeing him.

Jo caught that there was something going and had Andrew tell Bailey that she would be a while. After noticing that Abby was experiencing abdominal pain, too, Jo had Dahlia close the curtains and sent her away. Abby then revealed bruises all over her body and Jo promised her she was not going anywhere. Dahlia and Jo took her private exam room and Teddy joined them. They asked if they could call someone, but Abby didn't want to bother her husband on his business trip. Teddy got consent to check for internal injuries with an ultrasound.

Jo held her hand throughout the procedure. Teddy diagnosed a tear in her diaphragm, which would require surgery. Abby consented as she really wanted it to be over. Teddy asked Jo to speak privately, but Abby refused to let her go. Suspicious of a possible sexual assault, Teddy had Dahlia book an OR and inform the nurses to hold off on antibiotic prep as to not erase any evidence.

The doctors offered to get her a counselor, but Abby didn't want any more doctors. Abby continued to make up excuses for her bruises. Jo then bluntly said she thought her husband was abusing her, possibly sexually assault. Abby firmly defended her husband and asked to be taken to the OR. Jo stressed that that would mean washing away all the evidence. Abby denied she had anything to report. Jo informed her they could gather the evidence and seal it away until she was ready to report the assault.

Abby said women are never believed. She admitted she was raped after getting drunk at a bar after a fight with her husband with laundry, but the short skirt and tequila would make it all her fault while her rapist's drink would be his excuse. Abby broke down and said the kit wouldn't prove that she wasn't flirting or that she wasn't making this up to cover up her cheating on her husband.

Jo, still holding Abby's hand, then shared how her husband abused her for years. She, too, was convinced no one would believe her. She never had the chance to hold him responsible so she couldn't imagine what Abby was feeling at the moment, but one day, she might feel different and want justice. Jo just wanted her to have everything she would need to get it. Abby said her husband could never find out and then consented to the evidence kit. Jo continued to hold her hand as Abby consented to every step of the kit.

As soon as it was over, Abby started shaking and sobbing and Jo comforted her. With Abby's condition worsening, they had to take her to the OR, but Abby started panicking. She couldn't bring herself to leave the room. She said every man had her rapist's face. It's all she could see. She begged the doctors not to make her see his face. Jo promised her she wouldn't have to. She came up with a plan and asked female staff to line the hallway from the room all the way to the elevator up to the OR floor.

She held Abby's hand as they wheeled her all the way along the wall of women to the operating table. Jo promised Abby she would stay by her side. She held Abby's hand while Teddy fixed the tear. Teddy shared that she had seen many rape victims who had no clue how to talk about it. What Jo did today was not protocol, but she thought that it should be.

In post-op, they informed her the surgery had gone well and that they would keep the kit here until Abby decided to report it, if ever.

While that decision was hers to make, the doctors urged her to talk to someone. Abby talked about she kept going through the night to see what she could have done differently to avoid it. Teddy firmly said it was not her fault. She did nothing to deserve this.

Teddy left Abby with Jo. Abby said her husband would look at her and see a broken person. She thought that would be all he'd ever see if she were to tell him. Jo told her this did not define her. Whether she would tell people or not, she was a survivor. Jo shared that men in expensive shoes still make her nauseous because that's how Paul made her kidney bleed. For years, she thought she got what she deserved, that was responsible, that she could have avoided it if she had done some things differently.

Abby told her that was not her fault and then realized the same was true for her. She then asked Jo for a phone to call her husband and asked for Jo to stay with her. Jo promised she'd stay as long as Abby needed her to.

Later, Jo stood in the doorway as Abby gave her statement to the police with her husband by her side. Alex caught up with her and asked to go out to dinner to celebrate his no longer being Chief. She told him she had had a rough day and didn't feel like celebrating. She wanted to go home and crawl into bed. Alex wanted to join her, but she told him to go celebrate with Meredith.

Alex tried to get her to open up about her birth mother, stating he wouldn't judge given his family history, but Jo insisted she didn't want to or could talk about it. She said she needed to go home alone and sleep and walked off without him. The whole Pittsburgh experience triggered her abandonment issues and it made Jo clinically depressed.

She kept Alex to leave her alone if he loved her and she claimed that she was sick so she could stay home from work and lie in bed all day.

Worried about her, Alex sent over Link. He came by with chicken soup and forced her to let him in. While he grabbed bowls and spoons, she just climbed back into bed, disinterested in anything he had to say. He then started doing laundry for her.

She told him to go, but he recalled a time a girlfriend dumped him and he drank for three days and he was so miserable, but she wouldn't leave him then despite his objections and she did his laundry for him, too. Jo then fetched a bottle of vodka from the freezer.

They got drunk together and she told him that that girlfriend had done him a favor by dumping him. She said she had done many people that favor, too. She talked about dating this guy named Logan while working at another restaurant.

They dated for a while and the first time he told her he loved her, it made her feel the opposite of what it should. She felt like he was wrong for loving her, that she could not be loved, so she left, moved to another part of town and got a new job like none of it ever happened.

She did the same thing to a guy in high school. And then she met Paul. She said her mother was and is a runner, too. She claimed she loved Jo, but she couldn't stand to be in the same room as her.

She briefly tried to talk about her father, but she teared up and instead got another bottle of vodka. When Alex came home, he found her laughing hysterically at a cartoon.

While he thought she was doing better, Link told him she was in a rough shape unlike anything he'd ever seen before. He was convinced she needed help, but he didn't know how to help her.

Alex convinced Jo to come back to work but her colleagues couldn't behave normal around her. Jackson found her buried in a mountain of work in her lab as a result of Bailey's being Chief again and her absence. To take her mind off it, he invited her to help him out on his spray-on skin project.

She accepted, but continuously called the work boring and shut down every attempt Jackson made at asking about her birth mother, only telling him that he had been right to advice her not to do it.

He pointed out she must have needed it to try since she did it. Looking back, she didn't understand why as she had everything to be happy and she just threw it all aside for nothing, and now it felt impossible to get that happiness back. She was convinced talking to Alex would only hurt more.

Alex Karev

Jackson revealed Meredith had asked him to check in on her. Jo says her coming to work was a sign of her doing her best. He knew that she came to work drunk and had vodka stored in her water bottle. He was glad she at least had the decency to do research instead of see patients today. He invited her to talk, but she declined. He told her she would not be met with compassion if she came to work drunk ever again.

Alex found out about her being drunk at work and threatened to go to Pittsburgh himself to find out what happened. She told him she would leave him if he ever brought that up again and again told him that she would talk to him when she was ready to. They made a deal that he would tell Bailey if she came to work drunk again, so she promised not to do that anymore. While she was building with Gus, a nurse came to fetch Jo to answer a call from the Head of Trauma at a hospital in Winnipeg.

The doctor told her they had an Rh-Null patient and found Gus in a database. Excited, Jo told the doctor that she would find Alex and call her right back. She ran into Lori on her way to find him and shared that they found a donor. She also told Alex, who called her a good luck charm and gave her instructions to prepare Gus for the OR. Jo then called the doctor back and found out that the doctor was calling to see if Gus could donate for her patient, not the other way around.

Upon returning to Gus's room, she overheard Lori making a call to her husband to share the news. Jo broke down and ran off. Ben found her sobbing in the hallway and tried to comfort her, but she ran off. She found Teddy and told her what happened and begged her to call in a favor from the military to correct the mistake.

Teddy told her it wasn't a matter of jumping the line; there was no line to jump. Teddy tried to calm her down but found that Jo kept spiraling, so she asked Jo if she was doing okay. She offered to come talk to Lori with her, but Jo declined. Jo delivered the bad news. Lori lashed out because she had to call all these people back with bad news.

think, you will

Jo then broke down and Alex and Bailey found her sobbing in Lori's arms. Alex took her away and left her with Ben, who comforted Jo while Alex vented his despair over Jo's state of being in Bailey's office. Alex switched places with Meredith in hopes that Meredith could get through to Jo.

Meredith was determined to stay at the loft until Jo talked to her and ignored Jo's attempts to push her away. Meredith talked to her about understanding of pain, which came from deep experience, in an attempt to make Jo see that she would be able understand her pain.

Jo told her that unless her father raped her mother and she looked just like him, she couldn't understand this. Jo then finally opened up and shared this experience of watching a girl who hurt herself in the playground be comforted by her mother. Ever since she was a kid, she imagined that her mother would hold her like that mother held her daughter if she ever found her, but now she knew that would never happen. She said she never should have existed in the first place and that everything that Paul had put her through was just her birthright.

That was proof that violence was not her inheritance but something she had overcome. She told Jo she had an enormous heart and capacity for survival.

She had survived something dark and used that experience to help other people, and if her mother couldn't see that, then that was on her. Meredith told her about her drowning and how she gave up, but the people who loved her pulled her through.

That's why she was there with her. She asked Jo if she wanted to stop or if she just needed a few more days. Jo replied the latter.

Meredith then told her they were going to talk to Bailey and Alex to get her a proper leave of absence so she could get the help that she needed. They arrived at the hospital and found that Bailey and Catherine were in a meeting. Jo asked Alex to go talk to Alex as she couldn't bring herself to do that, while she would wait for Bailey to finish her meeting. Meredith ordered Andrew to stay by Jo's side, but Bailey called him into the conference room.

Meredith's insurance fraud was discovered and Andrew had taken the fall for her. With him arrested and several attendings out, Bailey asked Jo if she could work. Jo said she could and went to the ER. She and Link waited for ambulances to bring in victims of the car pile-up that was caused by the fog. Link used the fog as a metaphor to tell Jo that despite her current state, the sun would shine again.

They laughed at how bad that was.

think, what serious

Bailey soon joined them and she agreed to talk with Jo later. The first ambulance brought in Owen and Frances Pinfiel Gus's agoraphobic blood donor from London. Jo and Levi took her to get her blood drawn and Frances talked about how there was something freeing about being forced to walk through your worst fears. Jo then took the blood to Gus in the hyperbaric medicine lab.

After the transfusion, she stayed behind to tell Alex, whom Meredith had informed about the cause of Jo's depression, that she was not fine despite her knowing how to rise when she had to.

He promised her they would figure it out. He took her to the in-patient psychiatry department, where Dr. Olivia Fowler got her checked in after she said goodbye to Alex.

During her checking in, Jo was rid off all things that might be a danger to her and she brought to her room, where she lied down and cried. After a week, she and Alex decided to have her committed into a psychiatric facility. Alex dropped her off and she told him she didn't want to be another name on his list of crazy people.

She reminded him they weren't married and offered him an out. He didn't respond, so she just walked away and checked herself in. She met her therapists, one of whom was Carly Davis.

She failed to mention how it illuminates your capital T, trauma, so Carly made her stay.

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